HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 35

Extra Arc: The Legend of The Metal Slime’s Brides’ Strength Part 1

TLN: With the LN out of the way, it’s back to the WN where we left off.

The polished, selective-picked marble was dazzling in the afternoon sunshine.

In a room surrounded by luxurious furnishings, the Lindahl Emperor was running his pen through official documents.

He stopped his pen momentarily and made a puzzled face.

After thinking for a bit while stroking his beard with his hand, he inquired a thin man who stayed by his side.

“A criminal wearing a mask and mantle…?”

“It seems that he stole a jewel from the Duke of Marta’s residence.”

“I see, it is strictly forbidden in our Lindahl Empire for commoners to oppose the nobles. This is certainly a felony.”

“However, since it’s this particular noble we’re talking about…we don’t know which gem was the one that was stolen. In other words, it’s a bit questionable whether this person’s a criminal or not.”

Before those words were finished being said, the emperor had completed the signing of the official document.

“Okay, on to the next document.”

“Is this really okay? This is a document convicting him of charges across an entire continent.”

While swinging his stout and fat double-chin, the emperor laughed.

“It doesn’t matter, why are you being a man speaking for the commoners? From the bottom of my heart, I say that whatever circumstances surround this individual are inconsequential. Whether or not he’s innocent is of no concern…It’s time consuming to double check official documents and veto them…If you just approve it automatically it’s much less of a trouble.”

“Do as you may.”

“So, on to the next document.”

Shaking his head left and right to the emperor’s words, the slim man stood up.

“Well, Your Majesty, the next duty concerns a representative of the farmers requesting an audience.”

“Oh, come to think of it…there were arrangements for a meeting or something like that.”

With the clap of the slim man’s hand, about twenty knights wearing helmets and armor pompously entered the room.

Half of them stood along both sides of the emperor, the other half spread out in a line to form a wall in front of him.

Then, a shabby man entered the room.

The wall of knights surrounded the emperor, leaving a ten meter gap between them and him.

In order to prevent the farmer from committing a sudden act of treason, they formed a flesh wall―it seems.

While leaning his elbow against the desk, the emperor let out a yawn.

“You there, if you have an appeal to make, then state it as quickly as you can.”

“Lindahl King…if this over-taxation continues…our people won’t be able to sustain themselves.”

“Denied. And that won’t change for as long as humans are inferior to the demon race.”

The man began to speak, refusing to back down to the emperor who said it bluntly,

“Are the heavy taxes going to armaments?”

“Indeed. You know that our Lindahl Empire is part of the Agstoria Alliance, which is headed by the Noranouk Kingdom, don’t you?”

“However, Your Majesty, the humans can’t defeat the demons…or rather, the demon nobles. And it’ll probably be harmless…if you get the people to pull back in the war.”

“The Noranouk King and I will not tolerate that. If humanity only makes a half-baked effort then we will be wiped out. Humans overlooking demon nobles―such a situation cannot be tolerated.”

Lightly nodding his head, the man glared at the emperor.

Or to be more precise, he was glaring at the ten half-naked ladies standing behind the emperor.

A bed was installed into the office, making it so that they could comfort the emperor at any time.

“―What’s going on with those women? Are they on duty?”

The emperor laughed scornfully at the man.

“Would you understand me if I say that I tend to favor the beauty of heroines?”

“Anyway, in my village…there continues to be a bad harvest…we had to abandon the elderly and the children in the mountains to reduce the amount of mouths to feed. It’s all because of these heavy taxes.”

With an obvious hint of anger in his voice, the man’s shoulders began to quiver.

“So, what’s the matter? At this point I’ve already let a representative tell me their story already. My generosity for this is something to be praised for, not criticized.”

“I’ve heard about how you keep 500 women to yourself―Do you know much the costs of operating your harem is causing us citizens to starve?”

“Don’t speak to me like that. My fancies to a farmer’s starving―are not even comparable.”

While clenching his fist, the man shot up while grumbling,

“―I understand, Your Majesty…Since that’s the case, allow me to do what I planned to.”

The man’s eyes changed to that of a scarlet hue.

His body grows and his clothes tear.

Silver fur covered the surface of his body.

He had a large mouth with teeth the size of a finger, and a red, drooling tongue hung out.

The man was a werewolf.

While accelerating with carnivorous intent, he made a beeline towards the emperor.

The knights in helmets and armor that were between the emperor immediately drew their swords, but they could not keep up with the speed of the man and one after another, their swords swung only through air.

He made a short hop, and using one of the knight’s shoulders as a stepping stool, he leaped.

The emperor and the werewolf―the difference between them was only one meter.

If he managed to sink his teeth into the neck of the emperor, it would be checkmate right then and there.

“A werewolf, how…”

“I was picked up when I was a baby. It was by a poor, but kind-hearted farmer…and so they constantly treated me like a member of the family…”

The man continued,

“But then my sister-in-law grew weak from malnutrition. During that she caught influenza and died. It’s all because of you and your heavy taxes.”

Understanding the circumstances, the emperor stroked his beard.

“You…I won’t you get away with this rude behavior.”

The man smiled with a grin.

“Yeah, I’ll be killed. But you’ll also be killed by me. I’m fine with that.”

“You’re fine…with that?”

“If you drive even a slave to a corner, they will bear their fangs. Then, by putting their life on the line, the slave will easily kill their king in one thrust―if you all can understand that, then your children will be treated at least a little better.”

“I see. Though, don’t you think your acting careless? Do you think this is going to work?”

From the corner of the room, small shadows immediately emerged and stood behind the unsuspecting beast-man.

Then with a flash of light, a glittering sword was drawn towards the beast-man’s neck.

Actually, it was at three places, the beast-man’s right hand, his neck, and his heart.

Unaware that he was surrounded by three entirely black men, short swords were thrust towards the beast-man’s weak points.

The beast-man got into a panic.

It was unlikely for his swiftness to be dealt with by a human, he knew that with confidence―He did not know how he got into this predicament.

“There shouldn’t be anything this fast…what the heck…?”

A man clad in black, who aimed at the artery on the beast-man’s right hand, replied,

“―We are the Noranouk King’s elite force, those on the lowest seats.”

The man continued his words behind the beast-man,

“Although I say lowest seats…the pure fighting strength of the three of us―can match the Great Sage Signum.”

The beast-man let out a shocked voice,

“A power equal to a legendary mage?”

A man in front of the beast-man, who seemed like the leader, began to speak,

“Well then, it’s curtains for you.”

With those words as a signal, the beast-man collapsed onto the floor, afterwards leaving behind three fountains of red.

Emperor raised an voice of admiration while applauding,

“As expected of the Noranouk King’s prized people that I borrowed…This the first time I’ve seen you guys in action, but what a performance it was…That beast-man hunted down those chivalry troops…Wasn’t he on par with a high-risk demon?”

“―With the amount of power we have, it’s about as trouble-less as taking candy from a baby.”

The emperor laughs joyfully in satisfaction.

“If you people covered me, do you think you’d also be able to handle a demon noble?”

“If talking about one of the lower ranks…we can bodyguard.”

Although he asked about demon nobles as a joke―he got an immediate answer.

The emperor sensed a faint chill.

In the long history of humanity up until now, the record for the number of times a person was able to win against a demon noble can be counted on both hands.

Yet, the men in front of him claimed that they could do it.

The Noranouk King said that he was using heroes from another world to investigate how to earnestly exterminate the demon nobles.

Perhaps, these three people were battle weapons produced as part of that.





As of now, the documents, that were carelessly handled, on top of the desk in the emperor’s office room were now arranged for the continent the following day.

It took about three weeks for the crimes of a masked mantle-wearing man to spread around the whole continent.

Of course, that information also entered the ears of those women:

The Succubus Queen,

The Medusa of the Demon Beast Forest,

And the former Demon Lord.

When hearing about that information, there was one common thought among them.

That human had been unjustly incriminated with false charges

Those women either had awakened partially to a love towards Yuuki or just harbored admiration for him.

The girls felt that the person they placed their faith into had been dishonored―The two more aggressive individuals especially got into a fit.

When the former Demon Lord, Natasha Erigaul, heard the news, she made a smile and declared,

―Alright then…Lindahl Emperor, this means war.

Author’s Note:

I plan on having this take three or four chapters.

Though, I don’t actually have a clear idea about how long the extra arc about these women will take.

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