HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 34

The Making Of A Broken Character Epilogue Part 2

TLN: Warning: a lot of weirdness happens in this chapter.

Brawny men were laying on the floor.

Their numbers―totaled to around 20.

While dismayed, a man standing on the spot just in front of Higure Takeshi began to ponder,

“So this is…the unbreakable, absolute defense…being able to endure…the persecution of 19 people…”

Higure gave a smirk,

“Indeed, this my unbreakable, absolute defense. Whatever skill…or tool you use, it will all―just be absorbed.”

From the fallen men, a groans were audible.

With half of them losing conscious, it’s likely that a fierce battle had taken place.

The other half seemed to be struggling in remaining conscious.


“What’s with…this…guy…”

Following those words, the giant man prepared his weapon while breaking into a cold sweat.

“Well now, how do you plan on torturing me? Can you land a decent hit?”

“I sure can…First, I’ll go the orthodox way…and torture you like this!”

The giant man swung down the ‘Whip’ he held in his right hand towards Higure.

Higure was―bound to a post of wood like he was being crucified on a cross, and was made immobile by rope.

Having been immobile, the giant man’s whip hit him.

The giant man held a candle in his left hand.

It’s likely that―he was going to use it after his whip.


A fishy scent had filled the room.

All the people had fallen over where brawny men―and were nude.

Their playing went too hard, just how many extremes had been reached…for just one person?

The breathing of all the people who were sleeping seemed like that of exhaustion, but they all had a look of satisfaction.

This place was at a red-light district in the borders of the Noranouk Kingdom.

The name of the store was―SM Club & Gay Bar: Takeshi’s Mayonnaise








It was two weeks ago.

Higure was looking at the blue sky while lying on his back.

“…I can’t even tell which specific part of me hurts at this point. What’s with that masked guy…”

At that time, Higure had been the victim of an extra-large home run and was blown away to here.

He himself didn’t even how how he managed to survive, but it seems that with his 255 defensive skills, mainly Spiritual Body which made physical attacks ineffective, he managed to succeed

However, the damage was serious.

After all, he had been looking up at the sky for seven hours now, and could not even move a single fingertip.

To add on to that, the self-repair process of his Auto Recovery isn’t activating. He had lost his ability to activate the skill, so it was reasonable to assume that it wouldn’t work.

He closed his eyes and checked his status screen again.


Level 99
HP 445 (Current Value: 2)
MP 191
Attack 142
Defense 175
Agility 111
Magic 97
Skills: None
Bonus points: 1429


―It seems that all of the souls escaped.

There was the obvious dramatic decrease in his status, but there were other changes too.

Naturally, it was necessary to have bonus points to acquire skills, so presently, he has no skills.

Right now, the points that Higure possesses were earned on his own by leveling up.

From the start, he had already distributed them each time he leveled up, and normally it would be impossible to redistribute them.

However, as a result of the souls escaping, everything seemed to have been reset.


‘For the time being…’ thought Higure.

If he could skillfully distribute his remaining points, he could possibly escape from this situation and return to the Noranouk Kingdom.


―Well then, what do I do?


If he allocated his points to HP, then he could increase the maximum rate of his recuperation. By doing so, this may be the better choice in that he can reduce relative damage.

However, as he had lost in such an unsightly way, the Noranouk King probably wouldn’t let him off.

It was highly likely that he would treated like a trash heap, similar to all those other heroes.

While grinding his teeth, Higure was put into thought.

Then, he came a conclusion.

In the end, in order to survive, he had no choice but to obtain a broken status on his own.


―That masked man…the secret to his power…I can’t grasp how he allocated his points. Though, it’s clear that I can exclude skills.


So…perhaps it was an ‘Attribute’ after all.

There were too many cryptic attributes, but instead of putting points into an attribute that he had already allocated points to before, it would have to be one of an uncharted territory.

The secret to the abnormal power of the man masked man must be hidden there.

With conviction, he opened up the status screen.

For seven hours, Higure thought and thought while looking at the five contenders.


・Smell Fetish Attribute
・Hard Gay Affection Attribute
・Beast-Lover Attribute
・Married Woman Fetish attribute
・Harem Attribute


There was one in five probability of a hit, the rest would be a miss.

Higure continued pondering.

That guy’s attire was horrible. An ordinary person would not have that kind of fashion sense.

Perhaps…that guy just lacked common sense, so he become broken by selecting something that had little meaning.

In other words―among the five, he would have to pick the most unusual choice.

Higure resolved himself.

“The Hard Gay Affection Attribute―I choose this one!”




And so, Higure awakened to love.

They say that homosexuals are people with very gentle hearts.

They don’t like conflict, they hate violence. It’s unknown whether or not this personality is a result of them having a low male aggression.

At any rate,

Higure, who acquired Hard Gay Affection: Level 10, completely changed to that kind of character.

In that moment, he felt torn from the cruel acts he committed up until this point, and shed tears.

Then Higure thought,

―From this point, I will become a man that will give love and comfort.

So, he thought about running an SM club for homosexuals.

He would take the role of an M, receive the daily pent-up anger of the S men, and thus heal them.

―This is the only way I can think of atoning for the dead people.

Having made a firm decision, Higure stood up from his spot, turned towards the Higure Kingdom, and made a run in the style of Run, Melos! (TLN: Run, Melos! is a Japanese short story)

When he finally arrived at the castle, the king was taken aback.

Higure at abruptly appeared all of the sudden and said he wanted to open a gay SM club in a red-light district.

He talked for 15 minutes about love and world peace.

Noticing how overwhelming Higure’s mysterious vigor was, the king consented to it right then and there.




Back to the present.

Higure had kept company of 21 guests today.

The giant man had been satisfied by their extreme play, lied down on the floor like the others, and sprawled a smile of ecstasy.

Basically, Higure’s style of receiving torture worked by having groups take turns, so the people who had just finished their turn were now waiting for their next one.

“Come now, hit me as much as you’d like. My unbreakable, absolute defense can take it all. Strike me with all of your daily pent-up anger and be comforted.”

A man with a shaved head came into this establishment for first time since today.

Some men then confronted Higure…and came for some eccentric play, toning things down a bit.

“I saw the playing that you did with those guys on the floor…and you’re really a ridiculous guy…taking such a tool into your ass…are you really okay?”

“This is why I have an unbreakable, absolute defense. It’s no problem.”

The man nodded his head and swung a whip down onto Higure’s back.

“Well then…let’s start our playing!”

The dry sound of a *smack* echoed throughout the room.


At that moment―an unusual phenomenon occurred in Higure’s brain.


Originally, Higure was not a homosexual.

He was forcibly made homosexual by an attribute.

To be specific, the attribute’s power worked on the brain, putting Higure into some kind of state of confusion.

In brief, it seemed like the kind of abnormal state of confusion that Yuuki had.

Simply put, it was something like a suggestion that made one think that they were gay.

So within the abnormal state of confusion and illusions, taking on the blows and pain to comfort others on a regular basis―Higure snapped back to his senses by the pain of the whip.

“Wait, wait, waitwaitwaitwait!!!”

“Heh heh, setting up this kind of mood again is quite nice, ain’t it? Each and every time we start our playing you do it like that…Even though I know you’re acting it still gets me fired up.”

“No, I’m not acting, I’m not acting!”

“Even when you say things like that, every time…at the moment it ends you go back to how you were before like nothing happened.”

“I’m saying it’s not what you think! The moment it ends…my head gets all broken…”

As if there was no use in arguing, the man reached towards rear-end with his hands.

“Well then, let’s have some fun.”

While shedding a vulgar smile, the man put Higure on his hands and knees.

Then the shaved head man went around to Higure’s back.

It was the so-called rear entry.

“Wait! Wait…STOP…a…AAAAAAAA!!!”




There was a red-light district on the outskirts of the Noranouk Kingdom.

There were absolutely no limits, no holding back, and on top of that there was a thin, handsome young man who had the catchphrase ‘Love & Peace.’

SM Club & Gay Bar: Takeshi’s Mayonnaise

Having to make reservations several months in advance and given how crowded it was, it’s said that there was always a waiting list.

Author’s Note:

So with that…this long arc is finished.

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