HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 36

Extra Arc: The Legend of The Metal Slime’s Brides’ Strength Part 2

Demon nobles.

That’s the general term for balance breakers in the world of Alszard who destroy the concept of war.

When compared to the conventional military forces of humans, rather than one being a match for a thousand, it is no exaggeration to say that the power of one is a match for ten thousand.

Just the swing of an arm can destroy a large boulder, and the chant of an incantation can incinerate a forest.

Any kind of blade will only give them a scratch, and they hunt lives on the battlefield as if stepping on ants.

The fact that humanity hasn’t been wiped out is one of the reasons why demons don’t take well to humans dominating the lands.

However, there is a primary reason for why they hold little interest in humans.

In the same way that destroying an ant nest is just playtime for a child, they utterly destroy human countries on a whim―but their basic stance is that they will not oppose a human they cannot win against.


Demon nobles.

They are equipped with the Spiritual Body Skill―making them a species that are exactly like demigods.


Two-thousand kilometers north of the Noranouk Kingdom was the Demon Lord’s territory of Rosebelk, an self-governing country.

The mellow scent of tea leaves drifted through the queen’s private room within the succubus’ palace.

The stylishly dressed Sartolyn, during an afternoon tea time, sighed lightly as she held a tea cup close to her mouth.

There were some women beside her―and she glanced at a certain person within her close associates.

“…It really seems you all can only act on assumption.”

The associates, who received Sartolyn’s cold glare, shook while their shoulders jumped.

“Your Majesty…is there something you’re not pleased with…?”

“A wench’s kiss…it’s a poison with mandragoras as the primary ingredient. Although the toxin is strong, it has a slight bitterness to it. I’m sure that it would be most suitable for slipping it into milk tea with plenty of sugar added.”

“You Majesty? What are you speaking of…?”

“―You’ve always had kept watch with several spies around you.”

“You Majesty…? I have no idea what you’re talking about…”

“What an unsightly comment. If you truly are innocent, then take a sip of this milk tea.”

The woman associate could not move even a fingertip after Sartolyn said those words.

“This is already the third time this month…Indeed―it seems you just shuffle from one ploy to the next…”

The faces of the associates already lost their color in fear.

Since all was exposed under broad daylight, they resolved themselves.

“Sartolyn, they may be your orders, but…I do not believe that the policies for the emancipation of humans are a good idea, the palace is filled with dissatisfaction from the opposition.”

“Heh heh heh…I see.”

“What are you laughing about…?”

“It seems this country is not unified. Sure, there are places to think about the emancipation―but what I like is to bring the opposition out into the open, don’t you agree?”

“What do you mean…?”

“My aim is to prevent a tragedy arising from the chain of retaliation. Hence, I’ll bear the full brunt of the dissatisfaction.”

“Assassination―I’ll take on the ploys of the people that prefer to play foul. That’s what I concluded in my cleaning up of the palace.”

“Sartolyn Marques…how naive…you will definitely be assassinated by a member of the rebellion.”

“The people that you’ve passed over your life to―I’m aware of even the big-shots behind your back that you don’t know about. When you guys screw up, you evade blame by pinning it onto a subordinate and abandoning them, making it difficult to formally overthrow you.”

She continued,

“It would be easy to eradicate you all through assassination, but then nothing would change.”

Sartolyn let out an elegant smile while saying “Besides.”

“There is nobody who can poison me. I am―a woman who had killed my biological sister, and at that time, I had firmly decided not to relax my guard around anybody.”

With a sudden raise of her hand, the succubus’ personal guards, who were on standby, took the woman into custody.

“Shall I employ a formal trial to get you to pay the fines for assassination?”

Sartolyn thinks, seeming lonely, while looking at the former associate being dragged away.

She said she wouldn’t relax my guard around anybody…but even now, her heart feels like it’s breaking when thinking about him.

―The tainted path does not suit you.

As he had said, she had been walking a thorny path.

No matter how much time passes, nothing will change if she stoops to as low of a level as assassination.

So, she had been fighting. The succubus had been fighting against assassinations and calamities for the sake of establishing order through law.

Once she strengthened her determination again, she found some official papers on the corner of her desk.

―What is this…?

There was a depiction of a familiar face and attire.

There was a necklace around his neck…It was what she herself gave to him as part of her promise.

“What’s happening?”

Reading the listed charges, she began to chuckle and laugh.

“With him having so much power―just being on the level of petty thief…is way too shallow of a joke.”

Her laughing was getting even stronger, but she was not laughing at all within the depths of her eyes.

She did not understand what was happening with these powerless humans that were doing as they like.

“However, these false accusations placed on my future spouse…are much too unpleasant. Lilith?”

Sartolyn struck her palm with a clap.

One of the associates walked in front of Sartolyn’s view.

“I am here…what would you like?”

“How many succubus-kin can be called for war preparations within twelve hours?”

Lilith answered while concealing her eyebrow that was cocked in bewilderment,

“The opposition will probably prepare excuses for the call and not abide. Taking that into account…let’s say about 100…out of 150?”

“Good. Gather everyone.”

“…What do you mean?”

“I will stand in the lead and attack the Lindahl Empire.”

Lilith had a flabbergasted expression.

“The Lindahl Empire? A human country? If you plan on crushing them to pass the time, just a few associates and yourself will suffice…Right now, the Great Sage Signum and any other hero with power shouldn’t be in that country…”

“Don’t worry about that, call everyone. I’ve decided to have some fun and be showy about it.”

“Are you sure about everyone…? The opposition will remain in the palace…I think? If things don’t go well, this would give them a chance to start a coup…”

Sartolyn gave a nod.

“If that happens―then I can just crush them once I return. Since this is in the battlefield, things will be resolved much faster than a poisoning. Nonetheless, those folk don’t have the courage to oppose me face-to-face. Well, setting aside the coup jokes, this really would be a good opportunity for me.”

“Forgive my imprudence. Indeed, your power far surpasses the achievable limits of a succubus. Thinking about that, the force of a coup is hard to imagine, and… what do you mean by a good opportunity…?

She took a fan out of her bosom, and unfolded in one swipe.

“I have my personal connections―we’ll let them know…exactly what kind of people are our friends.”

“Are you talking about the former Demon Lord, Natasha Erigaul?”

“Her influence was weakened since she is now only a ‘former’ holder of the crown. So now it seems some factions that oppose her are becoming a thorn in her side. However, Natasha’s power doesn’t change.”

She continued on,

“Recently, I’ve also met someone delightful, you see? There’s this lovely witch living in the Demon Beast Forest―she’s also a precious friend of mine.”

“The medusa? Is that what Your Majesty is thinking…?”

“So, in order to show my authority, I’ll use my friends for a bit. I’ll show them how close we are at this critical moment…Besides―I need to burn that Lindahl emperor to a crisp.”

“Are you saying that you’re establishing a united front with them? I don’t think Natasha Erigaul is interested in human countries, and the medusa is quite gentle…”

She closed the fan and lightly tapped Lilith’s cheeks with it.

“They are going to participate for sure. Heh heh. Well, please leave everything to me. I promise to make things flashy.”



Like that, gargoyles delivered two copies of a letter to the Demon Beast Forest in the south and to the desert in the west.

Normally, as Lilith had said, demon nobles would not have interest in human territory.

What Sartolyn was asking to do with the humans was akin to gathering adults together to crush an ant nest, it was something too trivial.

However, if the ants are constantly swarming towards the food inside the house, that’s a different story.

Indeed, Sartolyn was confident that those women wouldn’t remain silent about this matter.


After all, they all admire the same man.

Author’s Note:

At last…it’s time to write about Anastasia…

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