HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou v1 Epilogue

Epilogue~The Place of Beginning and End~

Three thousand kilometers northeast of the Noranouk Kingdom—there exists a location said to be the land’s end.

In the past, during the end of an ancient magic civilization, the final war between the gods of Alszard’s land broke out.

Micheal tore the mountain ranges into pieces, the Sun Goddess caused the same amount of heat as a sun to emerge—creating a nuclear heat, and Odin made deep ocean trenches in a flash using Gungnir.

It was an apocalypse of the past.

The heavens filled with angels.

The mortal land filled with devilish beings.

Currently, it could be said that… Saitou Yuuki was standing in the scene of where the final war had taken place in the past.

A barren ground.

On one side, a scorched ground continued on for as far as the eye could see. The large-scale destruction of the terrain were the traces left behind of events that transpired more than a millennium ago.

The bangs of Yuuki’s forehead were gently brushed by the wind.

It was so.

Although there was wind, rain, and even sunshine, this place was barren and vegetation did not grow.

Due to the contaminating magic material brought during the time of the final war, neither plants nor wild animals approached.

These contaminants had built up over the ground for several meters, causing not a breath of life to appear. It was exactly—a wasteland from hell, or perhaps calling it a barren land was enough to describe it.

While standing in such a wasteland, Yuuki glared at the southwest direction.

“…The reason why Ryuuzaki turned so crooked was because of Noranouk’s horrid king…Well, I was also driven out by him too…Besides, there’s no doubt that there were many other victims.”

He took a deep, deep sigh.

“…I’ve obtained this power. Honestly speaking, I don’t like having to do bothersome things, but I can’t stand a dictator who spreads misfortune…”

In the southwest direction—he glared at the Noranouk Kingdom, and clenched his fist.

“This world’s peace and order…is just in shambles. Well, that’s from my point of view anyways. —Now then, with that in mind, it’s time—to start taking out the trash!”

With just those words, Yuuki began to step forwards.

At that moment, there was the sound of a boom.

It was the noise of the sound barrier being broken, causing a shock wave to spring out.

Mach 3, Mach 10, Mach 40—In an instant, Yuuki’s speed had turned into one that needed astrophysics to calculate.

And then,

There was something unnaturally placed in his direction—a banana peel.


He slipped.

He slipped magnificently.

Then—he made a headbutt towards the ground.

There was a violent explosion as he made a headbutt into the ground at an incomprehensible speed, one that couldn’t be comprehended in Mach’s.

In that moment, there was an ear-piercing roar—where several thousands of meters of earth and sand had burst upwards.

It was a large-scale natural disaster.

If a satellite were in orbit, it may have been able to accurately see this event, but perhaps not what happens in the center of explosion’s neighboring vicinity.

Amidst the cloud of dust and soil pouring onto the ground, Yuuki squatted at the center of the crater he himself made.

The begin with, confusion is a state that is cured by blows in an RPG.

In the end, Saitou Yuuki of seventeen years, slipped with Nayuta-level vigor—and went back around to his normal state as a result.

“Ouch…I think…I was fighting against Ryuuzaki…and then my memories past that point are drawing a blank…? What the heck happened?”

Then, he was at a loss for words.

Taking a look, there was a crater with a radius spanning dozens of kilometers, and he was in the center of it.

“Yikes…what went on here…?”

While astonished, Yuuki double-checked his surroundings, and thought and thought, but could not come to an understanding of what had happened.

Then, for a short while, he froze on the spot, and bustled about with a blank expression.

“Eh, whatever!”

If someone was there, they would have retorted to that and reprimanded him, but such a thing is impossible since he was traveling alone.

“Alright, for the time being…perhaps I should head towards the nearest city…”

While saying that, he turned towards the Lindahl Empire, where the Adventurer’s Guild was, and began to walk.


After that,

Rain began to accumulate over on the crater Yuuki himself made, and became a lake.

Yuuki had blown away the contaminants.

In the world of Alszard, several hundreds of years after the current timeline of events, a paradise with dense greenery and life would form due to the lake being an abundant water source. Once at that period, the location would be called something else:


The location that marked the legend of the strongest being’s starting point.


From this point onward, Saitou Yuuki will continue to carve the legend of the strongest being in this other world of Alszard—Though right now, nobody knows that.

TLN: And nobody will ever know, not even the readers, because the novel got axed.
Anyways, that’s it for the LN. I’ll continue the WN now.

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