Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? Chapter 2 Part 3

A few days had passed by. There’s one concern that’s been on my mind.

For some reason──Ryuuga’s been a bit cold towards me.

His attitude didn’t change that much from before. However, he doesn’t make eye contact with me even when we’re talking, during break times he vanishes off into someplace, and the amount of times we walk home together has decreased. When I try to tell him about the three sizes of the girls, he refuses by saying “Enough of that.”

(Ryuuga, what the heck happened? Haven’t you been keeping your distance from me?)

…Don’t tell me he’s already chosen a heroine? Perhaps he’s been going out with her?

No, that would be fine by me.

What I should be worried about is the possibility that “another friend character” appeared.

If true, then that would be a matter of life and death for me. If that fellow is more interesting than me, more thoughtful than me, and even thoroughly researches the three sizes of girls to the point that they also investigate the color of their panties…then even just thinking about it would make me shiver in fear. My knees would tremble.

(There’s no way that can be right! Can there even be two perverts?)

When I had asked him about it, Ryuuga replied with “There’s no friend closer to me than you, Ichirou.” Whew, that’s a relief…no such pervert exists.

With that being the case, there’s only one thing I can think of as the cause.

I suppose it has to do with when Ryuuga had previously said “There’s still something I’m hiding from you, Ichirou.”

If that’s the reason, then there’s nothing I can do. It would be unwise to investigate the matter or do anything of that sort.”

Ryuuga’s probably hiding that secret from even the heroines. Having me know about it before they do is very problematic. No matter how close of a friend I am, I should understand my position as a sub-character.

(That being said, it’s pretty lonely being without Ryuuga…)

Today, Ryuuga disappeared without waiting for 2nd period to end. He left his bag, but there were no signs that was he was going to return to the classroom at all.

Elmira is still in the classroom. It also doesn’t seem like Yukimiya or Aogasaki are with him.

That being the case, perhaps this is an episode where Ryuuga goes solo. Or perhaps he’s meeting with a different character.

(Perhaps──a new heroine has made an entry?)

It’s possible. The battle scenes are getting plain, so perhaps she’s there to spruce things up.

It wouldn’t be unusual for another fighter to join at around this time. Furthermore, such a person would probably be given preferential treatment in the beginning. The “spotlight for her debut” or something like that.

She’d have a big part in the battles and would also inevitably get tangled up with the protagonist even during times of peace. Depending on how things go, it’s possible that she could leap forward into the position of the heroine that’s most likely to win.

New characters have an advantage. They leave an impact. Even that new heroine could get outdone by a newer one later down the line…

Hey, Elmira. This isn’t the time to be sleeping. Your position, along with Yukimiya’s and Aogasaki’s position, is about to face its greatest crisis.

(A shrine maiden, a swordswoman, a vampire, what’s next? To balance the current party of four…perhaps an underclassman character?)

As a friend of the protagonist, I have to predict every possible element and make preparations accordingly. At any rate, since I’m now established as a person that knows about the circumstances of Ryuuga and the others…the likelihood that I’ll get involved with the new heroine is pretty high.

So I decided to slip out of the classroom before 3rd period began, go somewhere to calm down, and continue thinking about measures to take. After all, there’s no point in being in the classroom when Ryuuga isn’t there.

This is far more important than classwork.


For the time being, I decided to feign a headache and head to the school infirmary.

It’s quiet over there, so I can lie down and think. I’ve been there several times before and the school nurse is always absent. It’s a good place to skip class work.

(When it’s lunch break, I’ll return to the classroom. Perhaps Ryuuga will be back by then.)

I headed towards the school infirmary, and sure enough, the nurse wasn’t there. The homeroom teacher, Minegishi, should follow this person’s example when it comes to motivation.

…Things are fine up until that point, but a particular problem has appeared.

Unfortunately, someone’s already there.

The school infirmary has two beds. Someone was already using one of them.

(Darn, did someone have the same idea as me?)

Since the curtains surrounding the bed were closed, I’m not sure who’s inside.

Since I can hear the faint sounds of someone sleeping, they’re probably napping right now. Perhaps they might actually be ill right now.

(It would be bad to wake them up, so I’ll be quiet.)

I approached the other bed as quietly as possible, took off my shoes, then lied down onto the bed.

The other bed isn’t even a meter away. I have to be careful not to make any noise. Though, I’m just going to be thinking about “the movements and measures concerning the new heroine,” so it should be fine.

(Well, even though I’m talking about new heroine, I might just be needlessly worrying. There’s the possibility that Ryuuga’s going through a training event in order to control the “Dragon King”.)

While I staring at the ceiling and thinking of such things, I heard the noisy bustling of students coming from the distance in the school grounds.

It’s definitely from my home room class, but was 3rd period PE? I forgot my gym clothes today, so skipping class worked out pretty well.

(Come to think of it, Ryuuga always skips out on PE, doesn’t he…oh right, I should close the curtains as well.)

Thinking about doing it, I sat upright.

…Then, I noticed a slight gap in the curtains of the neighboring bed.


There, I caught a glimpse of a schoolgirl’s chest.

It looked soft, but also elastic, they were a pair of hills with a good form.

Unable to sleep well, it seemed that the buttons on her upper-half were undone, similar to what Aogasaki was like that one day. Since her blouse was big, her cleavage was visible. Judging by the skin tone, perhaps she’s in the sports club.

(O, oh…)

It seems she’s taken off her bra, this sight is pretty risque. However, the gap in the curtains is only a few centimeters, so no matter what angle I try to view through, I can’t see her face.

(Not good, I can’t see…it would be super wonderful if those breasts belonged to a youthful face.)

I realized that I was kneeling on top of my bed.

Despite thinking that I shouldn’t look, I had entered a posture that was better for staring.

Honestly speaking, I don’t like “women” that much. However, I do like a “woman’s body” very much. That’s to be expected though since I’m a high school boy going through puberty. Who can blame me?

For a bit, I was paying close attention to her cleavage, and then she made a slight groan.


It was a bit erotic, and my heart gradually began to beat faster. It just kept rising. Who can blame me?

It looks like the “lucky stroke of lewdness” is happening to someone other than the protagonist.

…If Ryuuga was here, I’d have to do my job earnestly.

I’d hand over this special seat to Ryuuga and say “Look. Breasts,” and let him take a good look at them.

However──I’m the only one here right now.

Places where Ryuuga isn’t in are just the story’s backstage. So this girl in the bed isn’t a heroine/candidate.

With that being the case, it’s okay if I take a look, right? It’s okay to take a look from time to time, right?!

(It seems that they’re an E cup? No wait, an F cup? Ah, God…never let me forget about this scene)

I offer a word of thanks in my prayers.

Suddenly, her body stirred quite a bit. Next her sleeping breaths stopped, and it seemed like she was rubbing her eyes. It appears that she’s woken up.

I would have loved it if it had lasted for an hour, but it looks like it’s time to stop. In the first place, I didn’t come here to admire breasts.

While she’s not fully awake yet, I close my curtains.

Just as I did that, she began to slowly get up. Unexpectedly, I could peek into her face from the gap.

In the end, God gave mercy upon me by letting me see her face. Thank you! I’ll be your disciple from now on!

(Ooh, she’s pretty cute and──)

However, in the next moment, my thoughts halted.

Once seeing her face, my brain completely stopped working.

(…wait what)

A beautiful girl with a well-figured nose, long eyelashes, and free-flowing hair. However, for some reason, she was wearing a boy’s uniform. I thought she had a blouse, but on closer inspection, it was actually a collared shirt.

She may have had a youthful face. On the other hand though, she gave off a gallant feeling that was unbefitting of a girl. She had a particularly powerful glint in her eyes. She had a way of looking straight forward without any hesitation.

I recognize this person.

Or rather, I’ve been with her everyday. I’ve even invited her to my house.

(No way.)

It was──Ryuuga.

My close friend. The protagonist of this story. The boy secretly fighting peculiarities, who had the “Dragon King” dwelling within him──it was definitely Hinomori Ryuuga.

“*yawn*…Jeez, it’s already this late?”

While I was frozen, Ryuuga yawned and spoke to nobody in particular. There was definitely cleavage on Ryuuga’s chest. There was a valley of breasts there when there shouldn’t be.

Hey, God. What the heck is this? What is this supposed to mean? What did you do to Ryuuga?

“…Huh, Ichirou?”

While I had turned into Jizo, Ryuuga noticed me before long. With the usual smile, Ryuuga sat on the edge of the bed and turned towards me.
(TLN: Statues of a figure named Jizo are common in Japan. You know how you can turn into an immobile statue in Super Mario Bros. 3? That’s a Jizo statue. Ichirou is basically implying that he’s frozen stiff)

“What now, did you skip out on class as well? That’s not good, you know? Knowing you, you’re probably organizing data about the girls ri──”

There, Ryuuga seemed to have finally realized the chest that was exposed.


Ryuuga immediately looked down at that E cup (my estimate) and froze for a brief while. At the same time, quickly turning pale from the realization.


Ryuuga’s line of sight then turned towards me. A little while later, Ryuuga looked back to that chest, then back to me.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t say a single word. I even forgot to breathe.

The sound of the clock on the wall seemed to grow louder…then soon, Ryuuga took a deep breath.

“Ky, kyaaaaaaaaaa!”


Immediately after, Ryuuga made a shriek in the school infirmary. It was a high-pitched shriek that I was hearing for the first time, it was something that I didn’t even hear before during the battle parts.

“Don’t look! You can’t look! You’ve got it wrong! This isn’t what you think!”

“?! ?! ?!”

Ryuuga fell into a panic. I was also in a deep panic.

I couldn’t understand what was happening, and could only go “?!”

“I don’t have breasts! I have a flat chest!”

Ryuuga was frantically trying to fasten the buttons, but was violently trembling and couldn’t do it. All the while, Ryuuga’s feet were facing inwards.


“I don’t have a bust! Because I’m a man! A man among men! A male!”

Even if you say that, that thing is clearly there. It’s more splendid than even Yukimiya’s.

“Stop it already! I said don’t look!”

Did Ryuuga say “Stop it already” just now? (TLN: Not too experienced when it comes to this stuff, but I believe Ryuuga said it in a more childish way)

“Argh, Ichirou, you idiot!” (TLN: The legendary ‘baka’ was used here)

Ryuuga threw a pillow straight into my face.

However, I did not make even the slightest of movements. I didn’t even blink, I just kept staring at Ryuuga as if my soul was sucked out of me.

To be more precise, I was staring at Ryuuga’s breasts, which were jiggling with energy.

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