Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? Chapter 2 Part 4

I was at a loss in face of this unprecedented emergency.

Even after Ryuuga ran off from the school infirmary on the verge of tears, I stayed absentmindedly on the bed for nearly an hour.

(What did…I see?)

I, who had earned a reputation through my reactions, could not make even one response.

Even now, it felt as if it was all just a dream. However, it’s unfortunately a reality. The ripples on the sheets of the other bed, the other pillow that lay down beside me, both told the truth.

(Was that really Ryuuga? I didn’t mistake one person for another?)

However, she definitely called me “Ichirou.” She knew about me collecting data about the girls, and she also said that catchphrase of “Jeez.”

──Hinomori Ryuuga is the protagonist of this world.

He’s supposed to be a hero that makes a harem out of beautiful girls that fall in love with him.

Ryuuga isn’t supposed to say “Kyaaa” or “Stop it already.” There’s no way that what was on Ryuuga’s chest was just fat hanging down. There’s no way my heart would start racing over that.

How am I supposed to come to grips with, comprehend, and understand this situation?

…I don’t get it. I really can’t judge the meaning of this event. I can’t see a duty that’s required of me here at all.

This incident was shocking, abrupt, and perplexing. Personally, I’d say that this is way more of a rapid development than if the “Evil Spirit” were to suddenly revive.

(Perhaps, Ryuuga has a twin?)

With my head still in a turmoil, I’m trying hard to search for answers.

Maybe there was a boy-girl set of twins, and today the girl came to school…perhaps that was the aforementioned surprising setting?

(Or perhaps, it’s the work of the “Dragon King?”)

As the price of lending such a mighty power, Ryuuga’s chest swells? It would the
“Dragon King’s” curse of ample breasts…no, that’s pretty absurd.

(I got it! It’s an “Apostle of Hell!” An opponent that holds a gender-swap ability!)

If it’s that, then it’s pretty convincing. So that’s why Ryuuga has been avoiding me recently. He thought that I would rub them, or to be more precise, massage them, if he told me about it.

…At any rate, I should move away from this topic of touching them.

I think taking a passive attitude would work the best. I’ll wait until Ryuuga tells me about the truth. If he tries to deceive me, then I’ll just obediently play along with him.

After all, I’m just a friend character.

I shouldn’t get deeply involved with the main story.


Afterwards, when I returned to the classroom after lunch, Ryuuga had left early.

Instead, surrounding Ryuuga’s seat were the three major heroines. The people in the class had gotten used to that recently and didn’t get excited by it. At most, they took a glance with interest.

Or rather, from the start, I was the one making the uproar whenever the heroines appeared.

“Oh, Kobayashi.”

Yukimiya bows after seeing me.

Recently, she’s been adorning a pink ribbon near her bangs. It’s a lovely article in the shape of a petal and it seems like she got it from her previous date with Ryuuga.

“Huh, what’s wrong everyone? Did Ryuga have things to do? I’m also looking for him.”

“So that means he wasn’t with Kobayashi…”

Anticipating this would happen, I feigned ignorance. Aogasaki then had lifted her chin and groaned.

…It seems that they really don’t know what’s going on with Ryuuga. It’d do well to stay silent here.

“I wonder what’s going on with Ryuuga. He’s been a little odd lately. I feel that he’s always getting lost in his thoughts and that he hasn’t been paying attention.”

Elmira rested her head against her palm and sighed. The other two also did the same.

Well, if someone’s chest suddenly expanded, anyone would be dumbfounded. They likely would just want to stay in bed at the school’s infirmary.

(Ryuga right now has larger breasts than Yukimiya at the very least. If she realized that the person she’s in love with has a larger cup size than her…Yukimiya would surely turn over to the dark side.)

Not being aware of my inner thoughts, Yukimiya had an expression full of sorrow and softly stroked Ryuuga’s desk while muttering something.

“Recently, I’ve felt like Hinomori’s been shouldering something by himself…I wonder why he won’t talk to us.”

“He’s probably trying not to worry us. Though, the result of that is fruitless. In fact, we’re all completely worried about him now.”

“When asking the people in class, Ryuuga seemed to have returned to the classroom for just a moment before 4th period began. However, he took his bag and quickly left again.”

“Did you notice anything, Elmira?”

“I was sleeping.”

After hearing Elmira say that without ill-intent, Aogasaki and Yukimiya exchanged glances and both sighed.

It’s very rare for the heroines to get involved in places that Ryuuga isn’t at.

Happening to be present here, my duty would probably have to be telling Ryuuga how much they are worried. If this was my duty, then I would understand these courses of events, but I can’t feel that’s the case…

For a short while, the heroines were stuck in contemplation while making serious expressions.

Then, Yukimiya suddenly hit her palm with her fist, and raised her voice.

“I see. To cheer up Hinomori, how about we all prepare a feast for him?”

“A, a feast?”

“If he eats tasty things, his attitude will turn positive. I’m sure Hinomori will feel like telling us about his troubles then.”

I thought it was nice, heroine-like idea, but the other two disagreed.

Aogasaki’s face turned stiff after hearing Yukimiya. She looked unwell somehow.

“Shiori. Let me confirm this, but…when you say ‘delicious feast,’ you mean one of those dishes you’ve made yourself, right?”

“Right. But this time, let’s make it together. Of course, since I’m the one proposing this, please entrust the supreme command to me!”

“It’ll turn into a funeral!”

Elmira was also shaken up, which was rare. Her crimson, wavy hair swayed as she shuddered. So she could do such a thing as well?

Well, enough of that…I get the gist of what’s going on.

The righteous heroine, Yukimiya Shiori, has the “meal disaster attribute.”

Thinking about it, it’s a perfectly natural setting for her, who’s a daughter of a high-class family. Hey Yukimiya, don’t you have a mischievous side to you? A wicked side?

“To the tell the truth, recently I’ve learned how to make beef stroganoff. When my butler, Sebastian, tried it, he toppled over and had a spasm from how tasty it was!”

Yukimiya definitely brought along a homemade lunch that she made herself during that time she went on a date.

I’m sure that Ryuuga would try to eat it all though. Imagine trying to eat something giving off a purple miasma while holding a refreshing smile.

You really are amazing, Ryuuga.

“Elmira, what do we do…what do we do to get out of this crisis before our lives?”

“R, Rei, can you not shake me. I’m very sorry! Even though vampires have posion resistance, there’s still a dose that’s lethal for them!”

In front of the “The Shrine Maiden of Life,” “The Swordswoman of the Beheading Dance” and “The Blood-kin of Eternal Darkness” were holding an emergency meeting.

To be honest, I’m not really in the mood for comedy, but since they’re main characters, I’ll watch.

I’ll probably go ahead and say “Ryuuga really is a lucky person” or something of that sort, thus ending this scene…but as I was thinking about it, something happened at that moment.

This time it was Elmira that hit her palm with her fist.

It’s probably some plan to avoid their fate. A measure to avoid having to face death due to the beef stroganoff. Well then, do keep amusing yourselves.

“O, oh right! Shiori, how about having Kobayashi Ichirou taste your cooking to check it first?”

I’m about to beat you up, you damn vampire.

“I, I see. I do think that a boy’s sense of taste and a girl’s sense of taste differ. This is the chance for Kobayashi to be the victim..err, I mean, to be the consultant.”

You as well, you Holstein swordswoman?

The protagonist’s friend does indeed suffer through some disasters. I would gladly let anything come my way if it meant making the daily life part more amusing. However, I’m going to refuse for this particular case.

After all, the crucial character in this episode, Ryuuga, isn’t here!

This is just a game of torture that’s happening backstage!

Don’t drag me into this! I’m aware of the heroines’ secrets, but that’s all to it! I am not friends with you people!

I can’t forcibly bring these courses of events to a close anymore.

I was supposed to say “Ryuuga really is a lucky person” and end things. Yet, before I could do that, these people went ahead and raised pointless flags!

“Ryuga really is a lucky…”

“Kobayashi, you’re a man, so show it to us. You need to do this to make up for what happened before.”

Don’t hide your intentions behind your words, Aogasaki!

Also, don’t raise a flag by saying that!

“Ryuga really is…”

“I have expectations for you, Kobayashi Ichirou. In the end, you’re a human that Ryuuga really trusts. You’re surely not an ordinary person.”

What are you saying, Elmira!

I am an ordinary person! I’m the incarnation of an ordinary person!

“Ryuga really…”

“Kobayashi. I’ll let you talk about how delicious it was. But, I won’t let you eat me. Hee hee.”

Yukimiya! You can’t say that, even to Ryuuga! No matter how much of an airhead you are, you can’t do that!

I don’t need that kind of wickedness from you! Also, your butler’s name is Sebastian! As expected, that’s way too cliche so fire him!

(Not good…at this rate, I’m going to end up having more pointless interactions with them)

This position of “playing around with the heroines” is reserved for only the protagonist. If I arbitrarily take part in a food-sampling gathering with them, then I won’t be able to show my face to Ryuuga as a friend.

Leaving that aside, Ryuuga’s chest probably hurts right now. That collared shirt looked tight, so it’s probably causing pain towards the chest area.

I should probably refuse…was what I thought, but Aogasaki put her hand on my shoulder.

Then she said the finishing blow on behalf of the heroines.

“Kobayashi, you really are a lucky person.”

That day, I genuinely got a headache, so I left early just like Ryuuga.

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