Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? Chapter 2 Part 2

Since I knew about the circumstances of Ryuuga and the others, my position slightly changed starting from the next day.

Though I say that, my foolish talk and my reports on the data of the girls is the same as before. It’s just that I have to add “worries about Ryuuga and the others” as well.

“All things considered…I still can’t believe it. Ryuuga and the others are people that use unusual abilities.”

It was currently the break between classes. After doing my usual indecent talk, I threw in that phrase as well.

I don’t want to mention these things if I can, but it would be especially unnatural to avoid the topic of the “unique individuals.” Because of that, I was planning on just lightly touching on the subject when the bell rings so that the mood doesn’t turn serious.

Of course, I didn’t neglect to be alert of my surroundings so that nobody can hear us.

I also lower my tone of voice. I make sure not to use up a large amount of air when speaking.

“You were doing a lot of difficult things in the shadows. I wasn’t aware of it at all.”

“It’s difficult, but this is my duty…I also have reliable companions, so no need to worry.”

“Hey Ryuga, is there anything I can do for you?”

“Your sentiments are enough. The “Apostles of Hell” are opponents that are no match for ordinary humans. If an apostle appears, don’t hesitate to run away.”

He ended it with that. Ryuuga was sitting in his usual seat while having a promising smile. For some reason, whenever the seating arrangement changes, he’s always still in that spot.

This guy really is a protagonist.

I understand each position well. I’m being careful not to pull myself out of the main story too unnaturally.

(Now I have to worry about being worried. Ugh, I really made a big blunder, didn’t I.)

…Turning my line of sight, I saw Elmira soundly sleeping in a distant seat.

Her deep crimson hair is vibrant today as well. For a moment, I thought that the desk was on fire.

“By the way, Ichirou.”

Leaving aside Elmira, I brought my attention back to Ryuuga, whose expression suddenly darkened.

“There’s still…something I’m hiding from you, Ichirou.”

“Is this thing you’re hiding something you can’t talk about? If so, I won’t force you to say anything.”


“No matter how carefree I am, I understand the weight of what you’re carrying. You don’t need to talk about it until you want to.”

“…Ah. Thank you, Ichirou.”

I’d be an idiot to say “Why are you so distant! Tell me! Spit it out!” Since Ryuuga is drawing a line, I’ll gladly comply with him.

There’s no way I’m going to intervene with the story any more than I already did. I’ve already learned my lesson. I just barely kept my position as a friend character, I don’t want to it go to waste.

This position is my life’s calling. I’m attached to it.

I don’t want to stand out, but even if some guy like me was added to the cast of main characters, I would have no merit to the story.

I wouldn’t even appear in the “character introduction column.”


Afterwards, the days continued peacefully (for me) during the week, and I had gotten accustomed to my current role as well.

I actually came to think “it seems things went okay in the end, right?”

Of course, I didn’t spectate battles anymore. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t know about the course of events in the main story.

That’s because I’m in a position to open ask Ryuuga about “today’s progress” now.

“Ryuga, how have you been? Any dangerous apostles show up?”

“I’m alright. The enemies are gradually getting stronger, but I won’t lose.”

“What happened to the previous incident with ‘the souls of women getting captured?'”

“Oh, that wasn’t a demon, but an apostle. I defeated it three days ago. I had to ask Shiori and Rei to be decoys.”

“Did some flirting go on after that? The heroines all kinda get jealous, were they trying to compete for you?”

“Huh? No, but…heroines?”

Just like that, I can easily hear about each episode. He can simply tell me about what I missed out on in the series.

(I wonder if I’ll happen to be present in a battle part again one day.)

Of course, Ryuuga is not a guy that would let me dragged into a battle before his own eyes. However, cases where “an apostle appears accidentally,” like that time at the karaoke center, could be considered.

What should I do when things like that happen? Is it fine to just get flustered again? As a friend character that knows about their circumstances now, is it fine to just take care of the victims?

Something an ordinary person can do to not participate in the battles but not be a hindrance either. I may need to search for a solution to this.

For example──what about being live commentator?

I could say some flavorful things like “W, what’s with that opponent! I thought it was translucent for a moment, but Ryuuga’s attack went through!”

Or something like “Wow! Ryuuga clad his whole body in flames while also cladding it in void, and now he’s leaping high into the sky?!”

Or “D, do you know the ability of that apostle, Elmira?! That apostle’s ability is…”

(No, that won’t work. If I held such a position, then I would have to be present at the battles everyday. I shouldn’t intrude like that.)

I should be persistent in staying within the daily life part.

Now that I have this position, there must be something I can do that was impossible beforehand. I’ll place my efforts in whatever that is.

For example──perhaps there would be an episode where Ryuuga loses his spirit and I would have to give him encouragement.

I could say some flavorful things like “You idiot! What are you being like this for!”

Or something like “This world is hanging on your shoulders, Ryuuga! You are the hopes of humanity, no actually, the hopes of all things alive and living!”

Or “I want to fight alongside with you! But that’s impossible. I’m powerless…damn it…damn it all…Ryuga, don’t let Elmira’s death be all for naught!”

Hmm. This is a pretty appealing role. My popularity would also soar.

There’d be people going “Kobayashi has been passionate lately,” “He’s a little pumped up,” or “I wonder if Kobayashi is getting more screen time.” It’d be just what I need for my character ranking.

Moving away from my delusions, Elmira is sleeping soundly at her desk, as usual.

Like Ryuuga had told me, she seems to be weak in the morning. Not because she’s a vampire, but because she has a low blood pressure.

Sleep peacefully, Elmira.

Don’t take a photo of her sleeping face, Satou.


However, the opportunity to encourage Ryuuga never arrived no matter how long I waited.

It’s seems he’s been defeating the “Apostles of Hell” without problems. Even when the heroines get into a bit of a hard struggle, things generally turn out alright when Ryuuga makes a move.

“H, hey Ryuga. Did you meet a dangerous apostle? Did you lose your spirit?”

“Oh, things are going well.”

“Are you getting tired out from fighting, both in mind and in body? Do you curse your own fate?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Thanks for your concern.”

“Was Elmira killed in battle?”

“Elle is sleeping at her desk.” (TLN: Ryuuga shortened her name in this sentence. I guess that’s her nickname)

…I knew this already, but Ryuuga really is that kind of person. The so-called “overpowered” protagonist.

I won’t say that that’s bad, but if the protagonist is one-sidedly unparalleled, the excitement of the battles takes a toll. I’d like it if the “Apostles of Hell” put in more effort.

“Anyways Ichirou, even though you know my true nature, I’d like you to interact with me in the same way as always. Truthfully, I’ve been thinking…about if we should keep some distance.”

“Don’t be like that. No matter what happens, I’m your buddy. A friend of Ryuuga.”

Those feelings aren’t a lie. Even though I had just told the “Apostles of Hell” to try harder.

However, Ryuuga’s expression didn’t clear up after I said my words. He stared at his desk with a complicated expression while muttering “A friend no matter what, was it?”

Perhaps Ryuuga still has some kind of surprising setting that’s beyond my imagination.

However, I dare not to know about it.

My duty is to make Ryuuga happy during the daily life parts. Aside from the moments where I have to act worried, I basically behave in a humorous and comical way.

Sooner or later, Ryuuga will face a huge crisis when the “Evil Spirit” revives. Perhaps even a new heroine will make an entry.

Day by day, I’ll support the protagonist, full with his ups and downs, in a well-behaved, cheerful, and safe manner from the daily life side. I’m not going to make a second blunder.

“Ough, guh…!”

Ryuuga suddenly clutched his chest and groaned in pain. It was the “Dragon King.”

In the past, I just acted carefree about it, but I can’t do that now. I now have the qualifications to go with the normal reaction, being seriously worried.

“H, hey Ryuga! Are you alright!”

“Agh…simmer down, you little…!”

“You hear that? Simmer down, “Dragon King!” Don’t bother Ryuga!”

I’m pretty sure my complaints didn’t have influence, but the “Dragon King” soon stopped running wild.

Ryuuga’s dripping with sweat while exhausted. This spasm(?) occurs at intervals of about one week. From now on, I need to keep memos of which days of the week and which hour they happen on.

(However, as usual, the heroines don’t come rushing to him…even though Elmira’s just a short distance away right now.)

Staring at Elmira with dissatisfaction, she really was sound asleep. She’s wearing an eye mask and there’s drool coming out of her mouth.

You, are you trying to make light of what it takes to be a heroine?

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