HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 37

Extra Arc: The Legend of The Metal Slime’s Brides’ Strength Part 3

The Demon Beast Forest.

In the garden where flowers of the four seasons all bloomed simultaneously, Anastasia took a deep sigh.

She put her palm on top of her chest and recalled Sartolyn’s chest. After a short while, her eyes turned teary under her blindfold.

“…This must be why Onii-chan…didn’t take notice of me…”

During the tea ceremonies held twice a month, she had gotten acquainted with Sartolyn some time ago.

The former demon lord, Natasha Erigaul, became the popular topic of conversation, and then the next hot topic was “the mysterious one.”

Upon inquiry, it seemed that she had encountered him as well.

Sartolyn had talked about how she gave the giant amethyst necklace, which decorated that chest of hers, as a present.

And she also talked about the linked promise about sleeping together in the future.

“Ooh..why me…why my chest…”

She rubbed her overly-small chest, and took a deep sigh once more.

‘However…’ Anastasia thinks.

―I have a loved one. It’s fine for Onii-chan to just be my Onii-chan. Yeah, that’s fine.”

However, there were in fact some things she was thinking about.

“If…my chest grew big…what kind of reaction would Onii-chan have…”

She shook her head left and right to reprimand herself.

“I have some I like. But…this isn’t cheating on him… Love and admiration are different, cheating and being serious are different from each other, well, I think cheating is still bad…”

While mumbling to herself, she crouched down and held her head in her hands.

Upon hearing Sartolyn talk about her special relationship with him―several emotions centering around jealousy stirred within her heart.

To make matters worse, her hopeless chest size gave her a shock.

“Aaah, ugh, I don’t even know what’s going on with myself!”

It’s as she had said―a maiden’s mind is a complex thing.

As an aside, since there is no male idol business in this world, she could not put her thoughts in order very well.

To put it briefly, love and admiration are similar, yet different.

In other words, the feelings she has towards Yuuki are similar to the minds of fanatics chasing after popular people, it was not something she could be blamed for.

However, in the love affairs of such a pure girl― she wants to remain earnest towards the boy she’s with―so she’s been troubled over such a naive thing.

And at that moment, the boy crouched over to the flowerbed and called out to Anastasia,

“Anastasia? What’s wrong? You’ve been mumbling for some time…”

The boy, while blindfolded, slowly approached her.

“Y, y, you didn’t hear me, right? You didn’t hear what I was saying to myself, right?!”

“No, I didn’t hear it…”

“I, I like you, right? That’s true, right?”

“Is something wrong? Do you have a fever…?”

“I have no fever and no chest!”

“Um…chest? Are you sure you’re okay, Anastasia?”

The boy could not quite understanding the situation, but realized that Anastasia was feeling down.

So for the time being, he decided to give some words of encouragement.

“Anastasia…if it’s about your chest, then it’ll probably grow bigger once you get older.”

“…That’s right, when I get older…”

As she said that, Anastasia noticed.

Generally, one year for a demon corresponds to eighteen years for a human. Right now, Anastasia appears as a thirteen year old.

That means by the time the boy grows to fifty, Anastasia will have slowly reached the appearance of a fifteen year old.

“Fifteen is still in the developing period…right? So considering your age…I feel like in ten years from now, my chest probably will need to grow big in various ways by then.”

“I’m not very good at talking about these kinds of things…Well, I’m sure it will be fine.”

“In a human’s sense, that’s only half a year, you see? In other words…in that time…there’s not much room for my breasts to grow, you know?”



There was an uneasy silence.

“Alright Anastasia, be sure to drink some milk.”

“I’ve been drinking milk every morning…”

“What about massaging?”

“I’ve been doing that every evening…”

“You’ve been doing that?!”

“…Ugh…I mean…you’re also a boobs-lover, right?”

“Anastasia?! Using vulgar words like boobs-lover is bad…”

Since Anastasia was growing timid, the boy forcefully ended the topic.

“Anyways Anastasia, a letter arrived.”

“…A letter?”

“Ah, it was a letter from Sartolyn sent super-express by a gargoyle.”

“Super-express…? I see, could I be alone for a bit while I read?”

Confirming that the presence of the boy disappeared into the mansion, she searched her surroundings further.

Confident that there were no signs of living beings around, she loosened her blindfold.

Upon opening the envelope, there were two letters inside.

One was about the charges against a masked mantle-wearing man.

―Huh? Onii-chan’s a con-artist thief…? With him having such power…there’s something a little off about that…

She thought while having a dumbfounded face.

It seems something happened to put him on the Lindahl Emperor’s wanted list.

Even when he came to Anastasia’s mansion, he already knew everything from the beginning…and he resolved everything.

Thinking about all the actions he did, she wondered what course of events happened this time.

The contents of wanted poster were quite rage-inducing, but the gentle Anastasia understood and held back her sour stomach.

Then when she read the other letter, her expression turned pale.

―So, Anastasia. Let’s thoroughly trample down that human country. I await your participating from the bottom of my heart.

“Wai, wait! Sartolyn is really angry!”

I wasn’t like she didn’t understand Sartolyn’s feelings. In fact, she herself felt angry about the Lindahl Emperor who falsely accused the man.

However…at this rate, Sartolyn’s military movements would cause harm on the general public.

In a panic, Anastasia took out her pen.

Once she finished writing her departing letter to the boy, she began running towards the gate.

―At this rate…innocent humans will get caught up in the attack, and many lives will be lost.

The only one able to stop Sartolyn would be a fellow demon noble. There was no time to waste―so she broke into a sprint towards the Lindahl Empire using all of her strength.

After she took off from the flowerbed like a storm, the boy found the departing letter left behind.


―I’ll be away from the house for a little while. There are lives out there that can only be saved by me. I’ll be back within one week so don’t worry.

Author’s Note:

If the Oil Baron and Sartolyn were left alone, they’d probably eradicate the citizens of the empire without a second thought…someone needed to play the role of the stopper so that people other than the foolish emperor would not suffer cruelties.

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