HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou v1 Chapter 4 Part 7

Once again Yuuki sent his right and left arms towards Ryuuzaki’s face.

It was the same as before, holding back—giving pokes.

However, since the parameter for his attack is Nayuta, they were certainly death blows that any kind of living being wouldn’t be able to dodge.

The vibrations from the blows made his brain shake like pudding, the inside of his skull was struck many, many times.

Ryuuzaki, who lost his sense of balance, fell down on the spot.

“Hey, Ryuuzaki? You already understand, right? Or perhaps…you want to keep fighting against me?”


“So, what are you gonna do, you wanna keep going?”

With the sound of Yuuki’s fists, Ryuuzaki let out a scream.

“Ha…Haa…stop…already…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

While at his wit’s end, Ryuuzaki said his pleads on the spot, making himself to be like a turtle.

“Alright. With this it’s all over. However…Ryuuzaki. I—sympathize with you.”


“It’s about your way of thinking…when it comes to harems. It doesn’t matter much to me…but it seems like the other version of me…is adamant about having one. Well, all that matters to me is if everybody is bright and happy.”


“However, you made a big mistake. And…you’ve hurt women. So that being the case…it seems you lack a sense of respect.”


“I’ll be on my way after this. But…I’ll continue to keep an eye on you. From now on, if you force women, or possibly just other people, to do things against their will—at that moment, I’ll drive my fist into your face. I’ll do it…using my full power.”

With those words, Ryuuzaki’s shoulders jumped and trembled.

“Pl, please…stop, stop this already…”

“Don’t worry, the other version of me and you…are perhaps, really just two of the same kind. Well, perhaps you’d even be acceptable in my eyes. Actually, what you’re doing may be senseless, but were times where…the points you made were tolerable. In the end…whether it be the activation of a Charm Skill or the path of a typical romance…there’s little difference between the two in triggering love.”


“However, it’s different if you’re treating women like objects. Though, I understand your feelings. So—if you change your ways, I won’t particularly do much. Okay? As you know…my fists can get a little heavy. So, prepare yourself if that happens.”


Ryuuzaki could not say any further words.

Originally—Ryuuzaki was just an ordinary Japanese man.

He had a good sense of morals. Just like an ordinary person.

However, he had conformed to the environment of this world and thoughtlessly obtained a half-baked power, as was the case for many humans who have the potential for their senses to be be warped.

Then a maid, who saw the whole thing from beginning to end, spoke,

“Hey, Lydia? I think your brainwashing will soon be broken. I’ll entrust this person to you. Do however you please…but, don’t kill him.”


“I think there should probably…someone to watch over this person and help him know respect.”

There was silence for a while.

After giving it some thought, Lydia spoke,

“—I understand, fellow maid.”

While picking up her frilly skirt, she made a look of satisfaction towards Yuuki.

While nodding in approval, Yuuki turned his attention to—Natasha and the other girls.

“Alright, that’s one issue solved. That being said…I’ll take my leave here.”

Everyone had their breath taken away, then spoke out as they pleased,

“You…! You’re going to leave under this situation? Even though it took great pains to meet you again…”

“Onii-chan…don’t. I want to…talk with you a little more…”

So there, Sartolyn, Anastasia, and Natasha held out their hands.

“Do you…have something you need to do?”

Yuuki nodded his head in agreement.

“For someone like you…if you say that you have to depart, then we will not stop you. So—it’s fine to do as you want.”

Sartolyn had added on,

“These women have fallen in love with you. You’re going to take responsibility, won’t you?”

Yuuki once again laughed towards Sartolyn with a devilish smile.

“This is frightening…Well, I get it. So, girls? Bear with me, okay?”

So, after they all turned their eyes towards him, Yuuki have a mischievous smile.

“I’m not someone you can catch so easily..After all, I’m a Metal Slime, you see?”

As he turned his heel, with his hands behind his back, he began to move forwards.

“Sartolyn—Why did you let him go—Oh…he left…Don’t leave us behind!”

“You’ve been quiet, Natasha. He’s like the wind. And—he was able to dispel our hearts that had stagnated and decayed. Wouldn’t it not be elegant to force ourselves onto him?”


Sartolyn laughed, nodding her head.

“He appeared like a storm, and left like the wind.”

Then, she continued,


“—A Metal Slime, I wonder what kind of creature that is?”


With those words, Natasha gave in, gazed at his retreating figure, and reluctantly bustled about.

“Certainly…there’s that. And, when we encountered each other—he had brought me down with a single critical hit……Such a man…would be hard to acquire.”

“I see. Then, since he’s not easy to get, our hearts will be further ignited—But, Natasha?”


“We both love the same man…and although we’re friends, I won’t go easy on you, okay?”

“Hmph, I won’t fall behind from the likes of you.”

“Right…We’re both riled up, and…we won’t even step down…not even once…”

And like that—the three of them watched his retreating figure for as long as they could.

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TLN: There’s still an epilogue left

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