HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou v1 Chapter 4 Part 4


Medusa: Anastasia was organizing an afternoon tea ceremony.

The clear weather had not a cloud in the sky, there was the aroma of herbal tea and the scent of various flowers, it was a time for relaxation.

There were over twenty guests at the table in the garden, and each of them had their breath taken by the flowers of the four seasons all co-existing.

However, during that time, there was a critical situation with a threatening air surrounding the one table.

“It’s been a while, Sartolyn…you lewd Demon Queen.”

“It’s been a long time, hasn’t it, former Demon Lord Natasha. Nice to see you.”

Directly emphasizing the word ‘former,’ the succubus—Sartolyn took out a fan from her bosom and elegantly unfolded it.

Through the slits on her dress which had black undertones, her white skin shined.

And with a devilish grin, Natasha raised an eyebrow towards Sartolyn.

“What’s with you? Have you forgotten that your breasts are the only thing you have that outrivals me…you lewd demon queen?”

In contrast to Sartolyn, Natasha was wearing an unusual leather bondage-type armor that exposed her figure.

With a chuckle, Sartolyn answered to such a woman,

“I heard that you had stepped down from the crown. Nevertheless, your small breasts are the same ever…isn’t that right, Natasha?”

As if to show off, Sartolyn threw out her chest and gave a mocking glare towards Natasha.

Natasha’s breasts, which Sartolyn was looking at, were roughly an E cup, they were not something that could be classified as small breasts.

However—Sartolyn’s breasts, which Natasha was looking at, were overwhelming.

—Who invited ‘Rocket-Tits?’

It was if her enormous breasts were bursting out and heading towards the sky. Up there was the universe of a man’s dreams and those breasts could take off towards there—That was surely the case.

Specifically, they were the roughly the size of a G cup.

Furthermore, they were going going boing, smooch, boing.

The skill Sartolyn held—Charm Skill Level 8, was not just for show.

“I’ll say it again…you lewd demon queen who’s nothing more than a feudal lord of a remote rural district. What’s with you? The food you’re eating isn’t going to your strength, but your chest instead…”

Ignoring Natasha’s words, Sartolyn kept asking questions while throwing out her chest,

“By the way, what have you been doing recently?”

After keeping silent for a short while, Natasha responded,


“You’ve been digging? What are trying to do?”

“It’s a desert.”

“A desert…? How were you digging…?”

Thereupon, Natasha’s cheeks turned just a tad red, and spoke bluntly,



While trembling little by little from trying to hold back her laughter, Sartolyn continued to ask,

“W, w…when you doing that…Natasha, why a desert….?”

“……In order to find my dream.”

Right there, Sartolyn began to laugh while clutching her sides.

“Pfft…Hah…the Demon Lord…digging…barehanded…in a desert…haha…I can’t…this is too much…my stomach hurts…”

There, several veins appeared on the temple of Natasha’s forehead.

“You! Did you already know that and were just asking those questions on purpose?

While sticking out her tongue, Sartolyn let out a crude smile.

“Anyways, hearing your circumstances…it seems you’re partially jobless—How fitting for someone with tiny breasts like you. Though, I hold the position of the Succubus Queen. I wonder if I could hire you?”

“You…once I meet that boy again…we’ll join hands like we had promised…You’re only child’s play for that man after all. Anyways, breasts aren’t just about the size, but also the shape, right?”

“My, oh my, is the sore loser trying to argue with me? How sweet. And…surely, you haven’t actually promised anything in particular upon reuniting—You have only just been given the chance to start anew. Besides, breasts are about size, not shape. All breasts cannot exceed past a certain limit.”

“You’re the one that’s been doing the arguing today. I see—it’s jealousy, isn’t it? He’s probably out there wearing my mantle and taking care of it.”

“No, I hear that he’s wearing my jewel as his most valued item.”

With the buzz of electricity, their gazes clashed with each other.

A battle between fellow young maidens was unfolding.

“Wrong! My mask that I gave as a present…Onii-chan is treating it as his most important item!”

“A mask…?”  “What are you talking about…?”

‘No, it couldn’t be. There was no way,’—was what the facial expressions of the two told.

“I think…there are some various complications in terms of your age.”

“Anastasia, I think its…a little too early for you to be talking about this.”

The two were focusing on her chest at that moment—was what Anastasia thought.

Natasha was an E cup.

Sartolyn had reached a G cup, something that could be called a dream.

And then there was herself…too early to have a cup size…as she had very small breasts.

“Aauuugh! What do you two have against me? Stop it!”

With a sneer, Natasha began to speak,

“It seems that three people here—have all been captivated by him. As expected…of the man that will be my spouse—Something like that does not trouble me, though.”

“Also, Onii-chan…told me to call him Onii-chan, I was asked many times!”

“To call him Onii-chan?”

“I see, I get it now, he saw you as a cute little sister.”

With a snicker, as if something was funny, Natasha began to laugh.

“However…Anastasia. Don’t you already have a special someone?”

Anastasia clasped her palm over mouth while going “Ah.”

Upon seeing how the two were talking about him belonging to them—she had immediately barged into the conversation for some reason.

“No, my…feelings for Onii-chan are a little different from the feelings you two have, it’s complicated.”

Before she knew it, Anastasia’s cheeks were dyed as red as an apple.

“How can you say that when your cheeks are red? You’re still in the middle of your growth period…Well, I don’t even understand my own feelings either. I also had such a phase. A maiden’s heart is…a complicated thing.”

Natasha pinched Anastasia’s cheeks and stretched them.

“Aauuugh! Don’t treat me like a child!”

“Now now, aren’t you cute…Alright, from now on I’ll let you call me Onee-chan. Since you call him Onii-chan, it’s only natural for that to be the case.”

Getting carried away, Sartolyn also began to pull on her cheeks.

“You’re skin is soft like mochi, isn’t it….? Oh, Anastasia? You wouldn’t mind if you think of me as a sister, right?”

Anastasia was being treated like a toy by the two, or rather, she was being recognized as a mascot by them.

Natasha put both of her hands around Anastasia’s torso and held her up in the air.

“You’re really…such a quite creature. Alright, Onee-chan will go buy lots of clothes and sweets for you. How about it, will that make you happy?”

With a grin, Natasha began to shower Anastasia with a storm of light kisses on the cheek.

“It seems like we’re alike after all, isn’t that right, Natasha? To be honest, I want to take this child back with me to my castle…I feel like doing some naughty things with her…”

Natasha turned towards Sartolyn with a dumbfounded expression.

“You still haven’t lost your lust for women?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already gotten over that since long ago—so it’s fine if I only do this much, right?”

While being completely toyed with by the two, Anastasia’s shoulders began to tremble.

“You two…please stop…”

It seemed she was just a mascot to those two.

In this competition for him—she was completely disregarded.

Well, she already had a special someone, so if that’s how things are then that’s fine, but…

Still, the fact that she was not seen as a woman struck deeply into Anastasia’s heart.

She placed both of her hands onto her blindfold and spoke with a firm tone of voice,

“You made me mad…My blindfold…I’ll take it off, you know. I’ll stare at you. I’ll use my devastating power.”

“M, m, my apologies. It seems I got too playful. Forgive me.”

Sartolyn continued on in a panic,

“Uh, um, we went overboard, didn’t we, Natasha?”

——Petrification: Level 10.

It was something even the former Demon Lord wouldn’t be able to escape from—it was a skill that inflicted the worst status abnormality.



At that moment—a gust of wind blew.

Natasha soon noticed that there was an uninvited guest, and a few moments later, Sartolyn turned to face the man.

She directed her gaze towards that man.

“…Who are you?”

At her line of sight was a human whose body weighed over a hundred kilograms.

He was a man that was about 160 centimeters in height, wore black glasses, and on his cheeks were numerous acne scars.

“How unsightly…and more than that, you have a hideous scent of lust—It’s much too unpleasant.”

Then, Ryuuzaki raised his voice and laughed.

“Succubus Queen, was it…? That attitude towards me—is quite cruel, don’t you think?”

Thereupon, Natasha sighed deeply.

“I don’t know how you did it, but judging from appearances, it seems like you’ve broken through the status’ upper limit—65535. It seems that in this world, you can accomplish anything in someway or another with enough power.”

Ryuuzaki whistled as if in astonishment.

“As expected of the former Demon Lord…You took the words right out my mouth. You’re correct, for the most part.”

“However…leaving aside Sartolyn, your power is far from reaching mine. Leave while you still can without getting hurt.”

With a nod, Ryuuzaki spoke,

“Right you are. Indeed, my strength…has been heightened drastically by my Skill: Soul Eater Level 10. It surpasses S-rank adventurers, or possibly even demon nobles, as my stats have been amplified to surpass 65535, but even so—among the beings that surpass the max limits, I’m no match for you, who’s ahead of the game.”

Skill: Soul Eater

The soul—it’s a taboo skill that can be acquired in exchange for 90% of one’s remaining lifespan at that moment.

It’s a skill that lets one far exceed the limits of their body and draw out power, so in other words, after using it, there’s a resulting overexertion of the body and a rupture of muscles among other things. If handled improperly, it can result in bodily impairments.

However, because of that, there’s a tremendous effect, and now Ryuuzaki, who had been declared unfit by the Noranouk King, had worked his way up to a level where Natasha had to say “leaving aside Sartolyn.”

“Hmph. If you understand then that’s fine. This is a gathering meant for admiring the flowers. It’s not a place for people like you to let out their repulsive vibes…hurry up and go!”

Ryuuzaki laughed sneeringly.

“My strength is not up to the task—so, how about this?”

From Ryuuzaki’s skin, a luring scent drifted.

Despite being a Succubus Queen, Sartolyn, who held a Charm Skill, immediately frowned, as the level of it was of different scale.

Then, someone got up from their chair on the spot.


She tried to grab a hold of Natasha’s shoulder in order to restrain her.

Her eyes lost their sanity, a slight drool spilled out from her mouth.

“Natasha’s…already…being manipulated…Guh…This is why hate…meatheads like her!”

Sartolyn tried to strike Natasha in the jaw with a left hook, but it was the former Demon Lord she was up against.

Although she specialized in magic and was a high ranking demon noble—the difference in strength was clear.

Despite taking a clean hook to the jaw, Natasha was unfazed.

Instead, Sartolyn’s movements where were restrained as her arms were pinned against her back.

Ryuuzaki slowly waked towards her way, then looked around at his surroundings.

All the ladies attending the tea ceremony had already lost the sanity in their eyes. Naturally, the host of the tea ceremony, Anastasia, was already victim to Ryuuzaki as well.

The reason why Sartolyn was able to stay in control was because she similarly held the Charm Skill and had gained a resistance to it to some extent.

Of course, although she had a resistance to it, it was not something that made her immune to it.

“What a stubborn lady…I like that, as such things…also have a charm to them…”

Ryuuzaki approached Sartolyn, who was being restrained with her arms behind her back.

Then, holding both of her cheeks with one hand, he went and tried to kiss her—

HP1 9

“Now that I think about it, this is one of Saitou’s women…It’s seems like I’ll have to put this on hold for now.”

“Guh…what’s…your aim…?”

“This is what the circumstances led to…In order to overwhelm Noranouk…I have to borrow the power belonging to…Saitou Yuuki…”

“Oh wait, you don’t even know his name…He’s your guys’ sweetheart. He’s the same as me, aiming for a harem, and yet…he refused me…I can’t understand it at all…and I refuse to tolerate such an unacceptable thing like that.”

His mouth turned crooked in a hideous manner.

“…If you aren’t obeying me, then I’ll make you obey me. Natasha Erigaul. Sartolyn Marques. And Anastasia Sere…I’m taking you all hostage…It’ll be against your will, but you will comply…That’s how it is.”

And like that, Ryuuzaki took the back of his right hand and brought it near Sartolyn.

Concentrated charm hormones were being secreted.

Gradually, Sartolyn’s field of view turned into one that was as if she was getting drunk off of alcohol, and the thoughts in her brain came to a halt.

Her head was wavering as she felt dizzy—and then, everything melted away under cherry blossoms.

There, Sartolyn’s rational consciousness was cut off.


TLN: We’re at the halfway point of this arc.

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