HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou v1 Chapter 4 Part 5


The scarlet illumination from the surface of the evening sun began to faintly mix with an indigo-blue color.

At this time, in the entrance to the old castle—there was the sound of a gate opening.

At the same moment inside the castle, there was the cheerful exclamation of “Welcome home, master!” but there were also a sadness to those words.

Yuuki, who was waiting in his room to speak to Ryuuzaki, heard the high-pitched voices of the maids and got up.

He made his way through the hallway with the very long red carpet, and when Lydia saw Yuuki’s facial expression, her complexion changed.

“…Which way are you trying to go, Saitou?”

“Wherever Ryuuzaki is.”

Yuuki responded without stopping his movements.

Complying to Yuuki’s request, Lydia followed his back and asked a question,

“…For what reason?”

“I can’t stomach what he’s been doing…There women out there that were crying, right?”

“Like I was saying, what are you going to do?”

With a grin, Yuuki spoke,

“For the time being, I’d like to just speak with him.”

“But, but, I don’t think he’s the type…that will correct his own conduct.”

“If so…”

“If so?”

“I’ll just let luck carry me along the way.”

“But, I’m not allowed to bring…people carrying hostility towards him. Right now, I have to stop you no matter what…That’s the training I received…”

While saying that, Lydia gasped in surprise.

“Lydia? You haven’t been…referring to him without honorifics…I don’t know why, but the brainwashing is weakening…Do you still plan on stopping me? (TLN: Lydia was referring to Ryuuzaki in a less formal manner that she had been before)

Although the two didn’t know it, Yuuki—or rather just humans in general, are constantly releasing small amounts of sweat.

Yuuki’s bodily fluids had the strength of Nayuta concealed within—the water of life.

It was self-evident that it was a miracle elixir that, of course, crushed the effects of evil, healed wounds, and cured status abnormalities.

From the sweat vaporizing into the atmosphere, Lydia inhaled a small amount of the water of life.

It was actually the reason why she was able to make an unpleasant expression the other day when Ryuuzaki said that he would lend her for one night, as she was close enough to Yuuki, but that’s aside the point.

There wasn’t a reason anymore for Lydia to stop Yuuki.

Ryuuzaki had evaluated Yuuki as a person that disrupted the logic of this world—being overwhelmingly above the norm.

He, who held the status of Nayuta, was now fighting against the evil spirits that were trampling down on the maids.

Lydia, looking at Yuuki’s expression that was full of determination, began to think,

—Perhaps this person may be able to set us free.

Holding such expectations—she complied with Yuuki while gazing at the figure of his mantle without saying anything.

Then, when Yuuki passed through the long hallway, he opened the door—leading to a courtyard.

There was one big tree. Ryuuzaki was standing around in a garden that grew grass and flowers.

“Hey, Ryuuzaki…you!”

Ryuuzaki shrugged towards Yuuki’s sudden outburst of anger.

“So we meet…whatever. There’s one thing I want to ask you.”

With a suppressed laugh, Ryuuzaki had replied.

“…Alright, I shall answer. However, there’s something I’ll ask you afterwards, so I’d like you to answer at that time.”

Yuuki silently accepted and began to speak,

“You made a harem, right?”

“Right, this an Arcadia for both the women and me.”

“An Arcadia…you say?”

Yuuki look at his surroundings, and surveyed the over thirty maids that were standing around.

He didn’t notice it the other day, but although they were smiling, their eyes were somewhat empty, and he did not think that this was their true character.

“You…are you forcing them to do this against their will?! What kind of harem and what kind of Arcadia is that?!

Ryuuzaki let out a sigh.

“It seems that…you’ve noticed…Well, it doesn’t matter anyways.”

“What do you mean by that…?”

“Hey, Saitou? Have you heard about how emotions of love in humans are affected by the secretion of drugs in the brain?”


“The love drug…, I suppose you never of it. In any case, while in love, the human brain releases a drug. It gives an extremely uplifting sensation, and if they’re not loved back, it’s a bitter, bitter feeling, is it not?”

“…So just what are you getting at?”

“And, what causes it…in the case of women, is the need for an excellent seed to leave behind a prosperous future generation. The most obvious factor of making someone popular is if they has a good-looking face.”

“Right, Ikemens are popular…”

“Under normal circumstances, what causes the secretion of those drugs in the brain is the other person’s face and appearance. Then there’s my skill. What’s different about it? Faces are something one’s born with without putting any effort into it, but my Charm Skill is something I acquired as a result of my own effort. So rather, isn’t my skill at least a bit more glorious?”

There, Yuuki stopped speaking for a bit.

Whether one was popular or not, their face and appearance is something that didn’t need effort. It was certainly as he said, and there was indeed that aspect of it, it was the blunt truth. Ryuuzaki being able to acquire this with his effort…perhaps made it more glorious.

Satisfied by Yuuki’s silence, struck his palm with a fist.

“So, here’s my question. Saitou, you…don’t want to cooperate with me, do you?”

“…That’s something I can’t do. You leave an unpleasant taste in my mouth.”

There, Ryuuzaki snapped his fingers.

It was the courtyard of the castle where Ryuuzaki lived.

There was a beautiful scenery being taken care of by the maids—but then, a peculiar phenomenon occurred.

The tree that stood in the center—began to move.

The branches twisted and turned, moving fluidly a bit like tentacles, and revealed three girls hanging in the air before Yuuki’s eyes.

“…You guys…?”

It was the sorcerer lady, the succubus prostitute, and—the medusa.

They were the three people that Yuuki had met in this world up until now, but they had a blank expression, and there were tentacles coiling around them.

“It seems that the reason why you won’t cooperate with me is because…inside yourself…there appears to be some kind of a good-for-nothing conscious there.”

“What do you mean?”

“Or could it be that perhaps, you’ve made some misunderstands about these women?”

“Like I said, what do you mean?!”

Remembering something—he looked into the distance, but with an angry tone of voice, Ryuuzaki cried,

“These people…are low-lives that resent humans, look down of humans, always justify themselves for doing it, and can’t do anything unless they move as a swarm—these lot should be trampled over by men and kept under training!”

“…Sorry Ryuuzaki, I have no clue of what you’re talking about.”

“These people are in love with you. Yet..even so…that’s been overwritten by my Charm Skill.”

—Hey, what the hell is this guy doing?!

While thinking so, Yuuki tightly clutched his fist.

He wasn’t too concerned about the trap.

However, the sorcerer lady and the succubus prostitute were a different manner.

They were important talented folk that—he might one day mooch off of as a male gold-digger.

“You, what the hell are you doing?!”

In response to Yuuki’s anger, Ryuuzaki made a great laughter and spoke,

“Ha ha ha, now, Saitou, despair! These were people you tried to make part of your harem—the women who had fallen in love with you…but is that really the truth?”

Then, Ryuuzaki turned towards the three and asked them a question,

“Who is it that you all love?”

While the tentacles were coiling around them, the three immediately responded,

“…Ryuuzaki. Nobody else.”


“…Ryuuzaki Onii-chan.”

Their pupils had completely turned into hearts, it was likely that they weren’t in their normal condition, but regardless of that, they should have been in love with him. Yuuki was speechless at this.

This was…Charm Skill Level 10…

“Saitou? Any thoughts?”

“…You really are the worst kind of bastard…Does this please you? You’ve made absolutely no concern for these guys’ thoughts, did you?”

“Oh, I’m pleased. Very pleased. From the beginning—women should only be mere objects!”

“You…I wonder just how rotten to the core you are…”

Again, Ryuuzaki snapped his fingers.

“I’ll make you understand as well that these lot—are not women, but mere animals!”

The tentacles started to move.

The name of the plant was the Demon Realm tree.

Originally, it was a plant that resided in the Demon Realm, a carnivorous plant that thrives by using its tentacles to hunt living beings and suck the energy out of them.

However, it would take much time and effort if it only used its tentacles to keep restraining its victim and prevent escape until the victim died.

Therefore, through the course of evolution, natural selection picked Demon Realm trees that secreted a slime with an aphrodisiac effect on its victim during predation.

In other words, using a drug that causes sexual stimulation, it would create a situation where…the victim would desire to be bound to the tree.

First off, Natasha’s body armor was torn off.

She had fallen into an unbecoming state as tentacles crawled into her thighs.

“Guh…What the hell is this?! Uh…”

There was an ominous sensation as the tentacles crawled over her entire body.

Natasha regained her sanity for a moment and had shouted.

“Stop this! T…this is revolting! I said stop!”

With a do-or-die spirit, she moved her body and tried casting magic, but then Ryuuzaki spoke out,

“Cease. Do not resist.”

Then, Natasha had suddenly turned complaisant.

“Guh…hah…hah…hah…why does..my body…feel so hot…”

The tentacles had moved to the vicinity of her breasts, making her body jump.

They stuck onto the center of her breasts beneath her underwear in order for the tentacle’s suckers to suck on the pink tips of them.

She was attacked with an unusual level of stimulus.

Feeling impure sensations—Natasha could no longer resist any longer.


Furthermore, the tentacles that were on her thighs from beneath her underwear began to move greatly.


The aphrodisiac slime was too much, Natasha sloppily drooled from her mouth, her eyes wide open and rolled back.

With a rubbing movement, the slimy tentacles on the lower half of her body moved.

“He, Hyaah! Hiiku…Hiiku! Hyaa…Hyaaaaaa—!”

Having received waves of utter pleasure, Natasha’s body spasmed and she hung her head.

The other two girls were in a similar state—both Anastasia and Sartolyn were only in their underwear, letting out high-pitched shrills as their bodies twitched.

With nothing but a smile, Ryuuzaki let forth a cheerful laugh.

“Heh heh, Saitou. This is what women are like after you peel off their layers. What do you think about this sight?”

Yuuki spoke despite being at a loss for words,

“Actually, this is…a rather nice scene.”

—Really nice!

Things had been getting serious, and yet he couldn’t help but say that—It couldn’t be helped since this was how Saitou Yuuki worked.

“Well, it’s a nice scene, but…even so…it’s unpleasant, so stop this.”

“I see, it seems that in the end…you’re just a hypocrite when it comes to women…and yet you still say that you refuse me?”

“…I don’t get the point of doing this tentacle-play, but…well, for the time being I can’t stomach what you’re doing.”

Then, Ryuuzaki stopped his laughter and spoke in a cold voice,

“You really are stubborn…or perhaps, I can get you to comply if I put you through some pain.”

Saying that, Ryuuzaki raised his fist towards Yuuki.

If you so as much as make a counterattack…I’ll order those girls to commit suicide.”

“Hey, are you…serious?”

Nodding his head in confirmation, Ryuuzaki spoke,

“I’ll have you be my sandbag.”

Ryuuzaki instantly closed the distance between him and Yuuki.

Using Skill: Soul Eater, Ryuuzaki’s status exceeded far beyond humanity. However, due to Yuuki’s utterly broken status, Ryuuzaki’s movements seemed slow like an old man, and in fact, it was easy to dodge.

“Damn it…”

However, Yuuki could not move, since the girls were being used as a shield.

Ryuuzaki hit Yuuki with a direct right straight.

Then, an abnormal situation occurred.

“That hurts…The nerve of that prick…”

Yuuki—who boasts a Nayuta-level of HP, was damaged and felt pain.

Up until now, no matter what happened, Yuuki’s Nayuta-level HP meant that he only felt damage at the level of mosquito.

“Heh heh, what an incredible face you’re making there, isn’t it? Usually, having damage pass over to you would be…difficult. So, that kind of reaction would be natural.”

“It’s definitely there…Why…am I feeling pain?”

“After I was kicked out by the Noranouk king, I spent each day scouring after food scraps. Then…I came across the wisdom of an ancient magic civilization by chance. After that, I gained various skills. This is also one of them. My attacks…are based on the total HP of the opponent. Specifically—it has the ability to cut down 5% per blow. That’s why, in this current state where you can’t counterattack, I can easily manage even you.”

“No, that’s not the problem.”

—My HP should be 1.

If he took on even one blow, that was supposed to be the end for him…yet he was still alive even after taking surefire damage. Yuuki could not conceal his astonishment.

“…Saitou. A man like you…won’t even counterattack if it meant protecting women. Now then, realize the truth with this pain I’m giving you. Things like ethics are worthless in this world…”

With a smile cold as ice, Ryuuzaki once more hit Yuuki, this time with a left uppercut.

A right high kick.

A left body blow.

A right elbow.

Then—there was a look of impatience mixed in with Ryuuzaki’s facial expression.

Despite thoroughly beating him, Yuuki could still stand up, though he was grimacing in pain.

He didn’t even seem grazed nor was he even leaning backwards. He had been hit plenty of times on the nose, but he didn’t even have a nosebleed.

“You only have 5% of your HP remaining, you know. How…are you still standing up normally?”

He had taken a total of nineteen blows.

Yuuki’s HP should been cut down by 95%, which in normal cases means he had should have taken large damage—He should have taken on an onslaught of blows to the point where it would be impossible for him to fight properly.

To put it in terms a modern human of Earth can easily understand, it would be like if he took a number of full swings from a metal bat.

However, currently, Yuuki’s HP is one-twentieth of Nayuta.

Even though that is one-twentieth of his max HP—there were still far many trillions and ten-quadrillions of HP left. It wasn’t really something to be labeled as being on the verge of death…That was reality of it.

So, that’s how it was.

“Damn it…I thought you weren’t normal…but you really seem to be some incomprehensible existence. However, this remaining blow will kill you. That is certain.”

There, Yuuki suddenly let out a calm smile.

“You…what kind of meaningless nonsense are you talking about?”

Ryuuzaki had a puzzled expression.


“Cut down 5%? My HP is 1. If you take that 5%—and you round it down, the damage you give to me is determined as zero! That’s why I’m only feeling pain!”

It was the faulty reasoning of an idiot—something quite refreshing since coming here.

Ryuuzaki couldn’t understand Yuuki’s words.

In any case, there was no doubt that the remaining blow would end things.

“I didn’t intend to kill you, but…if you can’t even realize how things are, then your existence is a danger since you carry hostility towards me. I’ve already given up on bringing in companions towards my cause. Well then…this is the end.”

Ryuuzaki struck a left straight into Yuuki’s face.

At that moment—Yuuki fell onto his knees and collapsed onto the ground.

The world around him turned into a blur and his level of consciousness plummeted.

With that, 100% of his HP had been cut off.

While in overwhelming pain, Yuuki was put into thought.

Had Yuuki been in Japan…he would not have been popular at all.

However, things were different now, as there were girls whose lives were in the clutches of Ryuuzaki’s hands.

For the first time—there were genuine, honest feelings of affection directed towards him.

—There were certainly…various reasons why I couldn’t accept their feelings.

And yet—there was no man out there that would think nothing when someone told them that they liked him.

Meanwhile, in Yuuki’s vision, he could see the girls who had lost their senses.

At this rate, he would die, and those girls would be pulled into Ryuuzaki’s harem and treated as toys.

—I can’t…fall down here…!

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