HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou v1 Chapter 4 Part 3


Yuuki was strolling along the river, which was near the old castle surrounded by a forest.

The sunlight filtering through the trees created a light-dark contrast and the morning wind carried the scent of green leaves to beneath the nose.

‘It’s been decided that I would take a stay at this castle for bit…’ thought Yuuki.

The meals were great, and it seemed like it’d be fine for him to grope the maids if he felt like it.

Speaking frankly, he it was considerable blessing, but…

—Ryuuzaki leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

At first, he had looked at him with respect as someone who was able to build a harem, but that bad taste in his mouth came from how he treated women like objects.

Yuuki also wanted to build a harem.

However, what he was aiming for at least was a bright, fun, and lewd happy-life.

He ran through all the women he met in this world through his mind.

—The low-class sorcerer.

—The succubus prostitute.

Then as a bonus, the trap Medusa.

At that time, he had turned down their feelings of affection.

‘But…’ Yuuki thought.

They were beauties…no actually, they’d even make celebrity women flee in shame—Those real fantasy girls clearly had feelings of affection for him.

Originally, women in Japan didn’t take notice to him at all. They disliked him no matter what.

Coupling that with his tendency to talk about indecent things…or to more accurately say it, his tendency to expose his perverted side, it was an everyday occurrence for him to be slandered and treated as filth.

He wasn’t exactly a victim of bullying, but…well, there was no doubt that it felt like he was due to him being hated.

He recalled the gazes of his classmates, the kinds that were as if they despised him, and felt a bit gloomy.

—But, those girls were different.

He was an idiot, a pervert…a person that had no worth. He knew that about himself the most.

However, those girls…

They were the first women who had directly shown feelings of affection to someone like him.

Indeed, for various reasons, he had turned down those girls’ feelings during those times.

However, he had feelings of joy and there really wasn’t a single thing that made him feel unpleasant about them.

—How lovely.

Those were definitely the feelings he had within him.

That’s why he had not completely kept away from those girls, as if there was something tying them together.

Yuuki didn’t think that Ryuuzaki would be able to resonate with those feelings at all.

Yet, there were women that were falling in love with such a suspicious man like Ryuuzaki and submitting to him.

“There really is something odd going on, isn’t there?”

As he said that, he found the figure of person inside the river.

It was a woman who was bathing while nude.

That is to say, she had long, black hair with a well-built body, and—she owned enormous breasts that transcended above the norms of humanity—It was the long-time maid Lydia.

—Woaaah一How lucky of me!

Yesterday she was in a position where she would have had things done to her against her will, so he had refused to partake in any perverted and sexual matters, but for this instance it was unavoidable.

In other words, Yuuki, being a lucky pervert, was just hoping this would happen.

“Incredible…those boobs…those pink semicircles…what the heck…how many centimeters span the radius of those things…?”

While his heart was pounding, Yuuki attempted to hide in the shade of a tree. Judging from what happened yesterday, she was feeling quite a bit of shame, as she would have had to follow what Ryuuzaki had told her to do.

There was also the risk that she would discover his presence and cover her breasts.

Yuuki coughed and began to move, upon which,

“Ah…Saitou, good morning.”

“Ah…Lydia, good morning…”

Yuuki’s expression was mixed with sorrow over how she had firmly guarded her breasts with her hands.

“So, what are you doing in a place like this?”

“Oh, if that’s what you’re going to ask then I’ll get out, so hold on for a bit, okay? This is embarrassing, so please face the other way.”

She got out of the river and began wiping herself with a towel.

Then she put on the maid outfit that was left on the ground, making an audible rustling of clothes.

“You can turn back around now.”

Although she was stark naked just a while ago while exposing her silky pale skin, a maid dress with black and white undertones now covered her up.

Lydia unintentionally gave a bitter smile to Yuuki, who was feeling dejected.

“You’re, how do I say it, quite easy to read, aren’t you? Saitou. So…why did you not sleep with me yesterday?”

“Yeeeeeah. When you ask why, I mean, it’s because something felt wrong.”


“Being bright and happy is my motto. At that time…your eyes showed a lot of sorrow…it would have left me with a really bad aftertaste.

“You’re a…kind person, it seems.”

As if engrossed in thought, Lydia continued with an intense look in her eyes,

“With you being the same as that man…as in both of you wanting a harem, I expected you to be someone that was swayed by their lust…but you’re different from that man.”

“That man…? You mean Ryuuzaki?”

“Right. So…you were asking why I was bathing…right? The answer is simple. I was cleansing…my soiled body.”


With a spit, Lydia grumbled,

“Yesterday…I had to attend to that man. He completely…defiled me.”

“Hey, wait! You’re a supposed to be member of his harem, right? What’s with that?”

“The reason why everyone obeys that man…is due to a status abnormality caused by a skill.”

“A status abnormality skill?”

“Charm: Level 10—Once they’re entranced by him, they can no longer move on their own will. So…everyone has been made to do things…against their will.”

Tears spilled from Lydia’s eyes.

—What the hell, this getting serious…

While thinking so, Yuuki could only be taken aback. Then, as if realizing something, he began speaking,

“But, right now, you seem normal. You’re able to speak against Ryuuzaki.”

“His charm skill, simply put, makes him secrete hormones that lure women…Naturally, once his lust has been exhausted to completion, the secretion temporarily weakens, and that’s why—you should take a look.”

She pointed to a remote spot in the river.

He didn’t notice it before because of how far it was—but in any case—Yuuki was at a loss for words.

Most of the maids he saw yesterday were washing themselves in the river.

“Everyone’s…washing their…defiled bodies?”

Lydia immediately responded with a nod.

“But, if you all…run away…then Ryuuzaki’s current control over you all will weaken, right?”

She shook her head with a no.

“His charm skill weakens for about an hour at best…In other words, even if I ran away right now…my brain would get distorted in the midst of descending the mountain—and my legs would take me back to this residence once more.”

“Then…when he said…that this is…for both women and men…everyone’s Arcadia, he meant…”

While looking up at the sky, Lydia grumbled while in a miserable state,

“Right, this place—is only his Arcadia.”


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