HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 33

The Making Of A Broken Character Epilogue Part 1

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Upon making it outside, the place was a hilly grassland.

The black smoke of a fire was visible from far away and clouds like cotton candy swam along the sky.

In the end, the research facility was partially destroyed by the shock wave from Yuuki’s attack.

Within the fragrance of fresh leaves being carried through the air, a girl with a shrine maiden outfit spoke,

“Hey…thanks. I made you take on the unreasonable…”

Yuuki nodded his head,

“I had decided not to rely on that power except for when things get really serious.”

“I know…it’s really troublesome for you.”

There was silence for a while.

Yuuki’s facial expression had some pain mixed in.

“Ouch…quite some time has passed but it still hasn’t settled down.”

“…Will you be alright? I’m really sorry about that.”

“Nah, it’s fine. I got involved with this because I wanted to.”

With that, Ruri expressed the words she kept hidden inside her chest,

“You know…if you’re alright with it…perhaps…you and I could together…”

As if she had suddenly made a mistake, Ruri put her hand over her mouth.

From now on, she had plans to start a revolt against the Noranouk Kingdom.

She absolutely did not want the tragedies that befell upon her and others to happen again, as now―she had finally obtained strength.

This was what she decided on.

However, she acknowledged that she use some companions rather than fighting alone.

The man in front of her had given his assistance, and how reassuring it was that he did.

However, she had her reasons not to drag him into her own battle, so she had decided to stay silent…

While Ruri was thinking about such thoughts, he had promptly replied in a carefree manner, as if talking about eating lunch together,

“Hmm? You want me to tag along with you? I don’t particularly mind.”

‘Twas so.

If someone was in trouble, that person in front of her would be a samaritan that could put an end to that.

He wouldn’t mind injuring himself and would try his best until the bitter end to put the case to a close. She had understood plenty.

That’s why Ruri frantically hid her true feelings.

“N, no, that’s not it…um…how do I say this…well…next time…if we meet again somewhere…you and I could have a meal together. When we do, I’ll give you my gratitude for today.”

With a nod, Yuuki complied.

“Alright, then I’ll look forward to it.”

Afterwards…Ruri presented the battleaxe she carried in her hands towards Yuuki.

“I know that you’re strong. But…no matter how you look at it, aren’t you being too careless by going around unarmed? It’s not like you know martial arts, right? There are probably plenty of people out there stronger than Higure…so please, take this.”

“Alright, I shall gracefully accept this. Well then, see ya.”

With those words, he started walking away with the battleaxe on his shoulder.

“You truly―have my thanks.”

In response to her words, he waved his hand from behind his back.




A few minutes had now passed.

While Ruri was looking at the traces his back that were only visible from far away, a voice resounded in her head,

‘Ruri? Are you really okay with this?’

“It seems that in the end…amongst the other souls that lay dormant within me…my older sister is the only one that can talk with me like normal.”

‘In the first place, Higure used an actual skill to harvest them as bonus points after they died. In my case, I was only put into a half-dead state instead, where my will was placed inside a twisted figure. So, the remnants of myself are quite strong.’

“I see…”

‘So, Ruri? Are you really okay with this? Okay letting him just…’

Ruri spoke with tightened lips,

“You know it too, don’t you? We…from here on must put an end to the tragedies of the summoned heroes. That’s why I won’t go with him, nor will I depend on him.”

The heroes had the will within their soul restrained, which was to say that they were put under absolute slavery.

They were forced to obey orders unconditionally. For example, if they’re ordered to die then they have no choice but to do so.

The forced-compliance condition of the soul similarly took place during the harvests of souls being converted into points.

Originally, Ruri also had her will put into the clutches of Higure. However, Higure did not use that power earlier.

No, to be exact, it couldn’t be used at that time.

In the previous battle, the reason why Higure did not restrain her was simple.

Ultimately, one’s will was the core of their soul, and the magnitude of Ruri’s soul was too great to be able to order around.

‘His will was taken away from him by the Noranouk king, is that the reason?’

“Right. So, perhaps…it would be too unreasonable, right? I can’t…ask him to accompany me.”

In that moment, her sister’s laughter resounded in her head.

‘Well, that’s probably the main reason, but…another reason was that you were actually just embarrassed, right?’


‘It’s like how people can’t tell their crush that they like them…Perhaps a maiden’s heart just can’t be honest…As always, you’re easy to read, but cute, aren’t you?’

“Wait, sister? What are you talking about? Did you see his getup? Not a chance!”

‘How many years do you think I’ve lived with you? I know what’s going on.’

Ruri, realizing there was no escape, puffed her cheeks and turned her heads sideways on the spot.

“Aaah, I don’t know you anymore!”

Her sister’s voice resounded with a giggle.

In a profound sentiment, Ruri sighed deeply.

“But…I am happy.”


“I never thought I could talk with my sister like this again.”

‘Same here. Since you’re going to tread on danger…from now on and always…without even a moment’s break―I will watch over you.’

Ruri was then bothered by something.

An unpleasant chill ran along her back.

“Without even a moment’s break…Does that…by any chance…mean you’ll be here at any kind of occasion?’

‘That’s the way it is. By the way, you may not know this, but the five senses that you feel are being shared with me.’

“Huh, is that so. Well…that’s fine if I’m just eating…but by any chance…does that also include when I’m using the toilet?”

‘Of course it does. Naturally, since your sense of taste is shared with me, when you’re eating you would also be giving me a bite to eat.’

With her index finger between her eyebrows, she asked with a cold sweat,

“I don’t see it happening, and…I still don’t have experience yet, but…does that also include…when I have my first time?”

‘Your senses will also be shared with me at that time. Well…I don’t have experience with it either. So naturally, when your picking a gentleman for your first time―I’ll speak out.’

There was silence for a bit.

Fearfully, Ruri asks,


‘…I’m serious.’




Further silence.

Ruri, who couldn’t endure the silence, squeezed out her voice,

“I’m kind of…no actually, I’m really…against that…”

‘If I said I didn’t have much opposition over here, I’d be lying to myself, but―since sexual desire is a strong emotion, I can tolerate such sensitive matters…together with my sister.’

‘Uwaa…’ thought Ruri

Her sister hit the nail on the head, so she couldn’t retaliate at such a time.

Her older sister was speaking seriously.

“…You talked about speaking out when choosing a man, so…what about that one from just a while ago?”

‘Not happening. I’m interested in looks. That mask and mantle was a sad display.’

Ruri crumbled down on the spot, and at her wits end, she lowered her head many times.

“…That’s how it is, isn’t it…? That would be the normal reaction…Well, I myself…don’t know why I’m going crazy like this…”

‘Well anyways, you only have to think about what’s ahead of you. There’s plenty of time, and it’s fine if we only get used to the sharing of your body little-by-little.’

“So, what’s the first order of business? There are other facilities out there that are conducting cruel experiments. It would be natural to think that there are dangerous people out there on Higure’s level. It would be impossible for me alone to land a blow.”

‘If you want someone to seek assistance from, there’s the great sage Signum…However, in terms of pure fighting strength…which is our area of domain…he’s not too useful…’

She agreed to her older sister’s words,

“As expected, we have no choice to win the favor of a demon noble. Even so, we’ll have to get the important ones like the Demon Lord: Natasha Erigaul.”

‘Now that you mention it, there were stories about a demon who had changed and was now in the west desert, weren’t there?’

“Oh, that demon by the oasis who helped out the merchants being attacked by bandits? Yeah, since that demon can speak with humans, they carry intelligence…which means they’re likely a demon noble.”

With a pat, Ruri stood up and removed the sand that got stuck to her bottom. Then, she held her hand over her heart.

“Well then…shall we go, sister? A variety of things will happen…Please take care of me, okay?”

‘Yeah, let’s go, Ruri. Until you’ve lived out your lifespan―I’ll keep on watching over you.’



The road leading to the desert.

On the road facing west, one girl walks.

A cheerful summer breeze sets her pony tail smoothly adrift.

The girl’s chit chat with her companion never stopped.

From an outsider perspective, she may have looked strange to have kept on talking to herself the whole time.


However, on that day, she had the expression that said she would keep on smiling, just like her sister asked her to.


And the unyielding smile of those girls caused sunflowers to fully blossom and become lively.

Author’s Note:

On another note, the next chapter will be about Higure’s finale.

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