HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 17

Glutton of Demise Part 2

As if they had ignited, Igarashi and Momo’s complaints didn’t stop.

“Besides, that king… he hardly gives us any support. You get my point? Is my equipment really just a sword and leather armor?”

“We’re… supposed to be part of Noranouk chivalry, but our salary is only 4 silver coins, no different from a standard soldier. If you factor in the traveling costs, we’re definitely in the red.”

“Because of that, we’ve had to hunt monsters and level up in this vicinity for a while. We’ve had to take quests from the guild and receive the bounties. We’ve had to regulate our equipment, we needed to stay at an inn, and we needed to repay our loans.”

“Igarashi…? You mentioned…loans?”

Igarashi laughed like crazy on the spot.

“The cost of reviving is 6 silver coins, you know. Our debt at this moment is 30 silver coins. There’s a monthly interest of 30%.”

“Yakumo…You two died already? If it wasn’t a monster that you’re killed by, would you be unable able to revive?” (TLN: Igarashi Yakumo is that guy’s full name, if you don’t remember)

“No, it’s futile. After all, the resurrection system is an inhumane one, you know. I think there’s no escaping this hell even if we try anything that may seem to work.”

“Yeah…that’s all true.”

At that point, Yuuki cut in to the conversation,

“Say, guys…why don’t you just quit being heroes?”

“No Saitou, according to that horrid king until we defeat the Demon Lord…we can’t return to our original world.”

“And in junction with that…there’s the curse of resurrection.”

A curse? As Yuuki was thinking, Igarashi spoke to Momo,

“So, Momo…this is tough to say, but…”

Igarashi took out the sword from his back and held it in front of Momo’s eyes.

“This copper sword isn’t usable anymore. It’s tattered, chipped, and rusted from blood.”

He threw the sword he had in his hand.

“Yeah, it seems like you have to buy a new one…even when we receive the bounty…tonight’s inn fees will still be too expensive.”

Yikes…thought Yuuki.

It really is a dire situation.

“And so…Momo, the thing that’s hard to say is…”

“Is there…still something that’s troubling you? Yakumo?”

“It’s about something I’ve been using the whole time while in this world…it seems my underwear has reached the end of its lifespan, I have to buy new ones…”

From a round bag carried on his shoulder, Igarashi took out a white pair of briefs.

It seems like the elastic band snapped, and has become worn out. If he tried to put them on, they would completely slip down.

Like the sword, Igarashi threw his briefs away.

Since the serious talk seemed to have ended, Yuuki felt relieved towards Igarashi’s matter of interest.

“Igarashi…you’re…part of the briefs faction?”

“No…in the other world…this is the only thing my mom buys for me…”

“…Your mom..really!?”

Not only Yuuki, but Momo’s eyes also widened in surprise.

“No wait, not that, that’s not it. My mom doesn’t buy them…yep. Indeed so, I am part of the briefs faction.”

Yuuki and Momo glanced at one another, and nodded to each other.

“Well now, it turns out that ikemen Igarashi is a mother-con.”

“Saitou, that’s not how it is! Believe me!”

“My my, isn’t it fine? Let’s not keep any secrets between us fellow folk who’ve been transported to this rotten world.”

Tired, and as if to look down on him, Yuuki patted Igarashi’s shoulder.

“No, I’m saying that I’m not a mother-con…”

“You’re being irritating, you know. Just admit it. You can say it out loud to one or two other people.”

And…while nodding, Yuuki continued,

“Since you’re not telling us your secret, I’ll tell you one of mine.”

“…a secret?”

“When I was in high school…I used to steal the belongings of the girl I liked.”

Igarashi laughed scornfully.

“In that case…did you do those things people would talk about, like taking her recorder and licking it? That seems like something you would do.”

“Her recorder? I’ve graduated from such elementary things…it was her bloomers…her bloomers.”

After considerable reluctance, Igarashi asked,

“Did you do things like…stealing her bloomers…to press them against your face and sniff them?”

“No, I didn’t sniff them I put them on.”

“You wore them over your clothes?!”

“No, after all, there’s a size difference between a man and a woman; that cramped and constricting feeling would unbearable.”

“Saitou…you mean to say…”

“I wore the bloomers instead of my trunks…and I attended school as is.”

“Going around school wearing bloomers?!”

“During PE, the boys wear shorts, right? When sitting down, in the gap between your legs and your shorts, you’d normally see trunks, but I would instead be wearing bloomers.”

Sneeringly, Yuuki let out a grin.

“That nervous feeling where you don’t know when you could get caught…it’s really out of this world. Igarashi…if you return to Japan, won’t you give it a shot?”

Momo had backed away about 10 meters, looking at Yuuki like she was seeing filth.

“That’s that, Igarashi. With this, now we’d both be sharing stories with the same level of shamefulness, right?”

With his right hand, and with a full smile, Yuuki reached out for a handshake.

“For God’s sake, don’t lump me in with you!”

Anyways…glancing towards the tossed equipment, Momo began to speak,

“This evening…we can’t afford an inn. What do we do, Yakumo?”

“…it’s certainly…troubling…”

And there, Yuuki opened his mouth,

“Hold up…you two, your concerns are about having no money, right?”

“Well…that’s not wrong.”

Nodding in agreement, Yuuki beat his chest.

He presented a miniature bag to them and took out a gem from inside.

“Since we’re fellow peers from the same world, I’ll give you one of these.”

Igarashi was at a loss for words while receiving the gem.

“Saitou? What’s up with this?! With a jewel of this size, you could trade for 300 silver coins worth of goods, you know?!”

“Oh, along the way here…I came across a woman who gave these things to me.”

“But Saitou, is it really okay for me to have this?”

Momo grinned widely towards Yuuki, chanting “Hurry…” while holding back her hands.

“To celebrate this reunion after such a long time…how about we hold a feast?”

Author’s Note:

The Glutton of Demise will awaken― in two more chapters.

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