HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 18

Glutton of Demise Part 3

They were in the city of Lindahl.

Many stalls lined up in the main street and care had to be taken not to bump into the shoulders of the surrounding people.

“It seems like there’s an awful lot of soldiers on guard.”

As Yuuki pointed out, the soldiers were clad in armor, patrolling throughout while armed with spears.

“Recently, a thief had broken into an influential noble’s home. Their reason being to steal a jewel akin to a national treasure.”

“Huh, so a jewel was stolen…”

“If Yakumo and I caught that thief, we would be able to have some connections to the country’s nobles…and maybe our treatment would improve a bit…”

“I mean…that noble…he was said to have been extremely wealthy and influential, but…that person doesn’t seem to have a concrete idea of how the jewel got stolen.”

Momo laughed in astonishment.

“Yakumo and I…even though we’re heroes…we’re nevertheless facing debt from the resurrecting…this world really has gone mad…”

“I think so as well…”

Then, the jeweler’s signboard appeared.

A single jewel trades for 100,000 silver coins, which converts to 100 gold coins.

When there are too many silver coins, it’s not uncommon for payment to come in gold coins instead.

Considering that a common soldier’s weekly salary is 4 silver coins, the magnitude of that amount becomes at least somewhat apparent.

Assuming that a common soldier’s salary in terms of Japanese figures is 200,000 yen- that amount would be equivalent to 500 million yen.

According to jewelers, there are very rare jewels that can enhance the effectiveness of magic.

“This kind of gem…is the kind of item that would rarely appear on any market…”

While giving a puzzled look, Yuuki backed away as he gave the gem.

―That prostitute…carrying such expensive items…

Those were the thoughts of Yuuki.

Igarashi and Momo received the gem so they could trade it for cash.

Thus, 9 gems remained.

―I might…no…I probably…will be able to support myself for the rest of my life now, right?

With this, he’d be able to have a happy life, starting it off with a feast.

Yuuki’s tension reached a critical point as he was thinking of making a harem using his cash.



It was midnight.

Yuuki woke up in the room of an inn.

He had a fierce headache and strong nausea.

―Being urged by Igarashi, I got carried away and drank too much.

That was his first experience drinking alcohol.

After trading the gem for cash, they decided to splurge at a restaurant for dinner, but―they went into a tavern.

Since Igarashi and Momo had adjusted to this world, they did not particularly hold back on ordering alcohol.

To test the waters, Yuuki washed down a wooden jug of ale― and he doesn’t remember anything past that point.

However, Yuuki had a hunch that Igarashi was aiming to get him drunk.

He started to remember fragments of the conversations from last night.

There were complaints of their current situation, and talks of the methods to return back to their original world.

For some reason, he recalled his time talking to Igarashi and Momo as being enjoyable.

He was suddenly swept into a different world, and was uneasy about a variety of things.

So, when he reunited with the two who had similar circumstances, they didn’t run out of things to talk about.

That’s what led him to overdrink.

And right then, Yuuki turned speechless.

In his bed―Momo’s figure was lying down with only her underwear.

He had it in mind since the beginning of his trip to this other world, but she really did have a large chest. Those might be H-cups.

And she also had a child-like face.

She was undoubtedly a huge-breasted loli.

Even in the midst of the dark, her white skin and pink bra were clearly visible.

While frantic, he wondered how he got into this situation.

Perhaps- in a drunken state, he didn’t verify that he had entered his own room and instead entered Momo’s.

Then, without realizing she was there, he fell onto the bed and slept.

And Momo, being fairly intoxicated herself, failed to notice Yuuki’s intrusion.

Yep, convinced that’s how it went, Yuuki stood up and tried to leave the room.

It was a situation where it looked like he was trying to steal her underwear.

If she became aware of his presence, she wouldn’t help but to suspect him of creeping into a woman’s room at night.

Under those circumstances, he stealthily tried to sneak his way out, when Momo spoke out to him.


“…Sorry…it looks like I got the wrong room…I…seem to have gotten terribly drunk.”

In a state of panic, Yuuki frantically tried to explain himself.

But, he received an unexpected reply.

“No, you didn’t make a mistake…I was the one that came into your room.”


Momo sat up and grabbed Yuuki by the hand, beckoning him to sit next to her.

Being guided, Yuuki sat sideways from her.


Momo turned her eyes up toward him to ask. A sweet breath tickled his nostrils.

It wasn’t just the alcohol- the sex appeal of her underwear was also too much for him.

“…Need something?”

“…I belong to Yakumo, but…”

“Did something happen with Igarashi?”

“Him and I a couple, right?”

“Well, I figured as much.”

With a tinge of sorrow, Momo said,

“You see…there are times where we’re camping outdoors, but…at night…he…approaches me.”

“Well, perhaps something like that could happen. But, wouldn’t you like it if Igarashi made advances towards you?”

“Since he…was attractive…I thought…that it was fine in the beginning. But…those instances…were not romantic…Moreover…”


“His stats are strong, right? Because of that…every night…he does those things…by force…”

Tears began to spill from Momo’s eyes.

In his chest, something dark was surging. Although harems were okay for Yuuki, rape was an absolute no-go.

Yuuki tightly clenched his fist. But there was nothing that he could unleash his wrath on.

If a genuine battle were to occur, Igarashi would be the strongest amongst the three of them…as far as Yuuki believed.

“I’m sorry, Momo. I doesn’t seem like I can do anything.”

Momo shook her head from side to side.

“Saitou…I don’t think you’re powerless. Also…for a while now, I’ve thought of you as a kind person.”

“A kind person?”

“From this point onward, you won’t know what kind of person you’ll become, right? You didn’t know how much money you would need to sustain your livelihood. In particular, you didn’t know how much that gem could be sold for at that time. Yet, you quickly gave it to us, right?”

“Hmmm, well…does that really make me kind?”

“Yeah, normally people wouldn’t do that. This world is tainted with blood. Burglars, muggers, and also monsters…I’m already…sick of all of it…”

Momo fidgeted for a while and opened her mouth again,

“After such a long time…it feels like I’ve finally met an actual Japanese person. You’re not like Yakumo…and because of that, I feel glad.”

“So…” Momo continued,

“Just for today…is it okay if we sleep together?”

―Absolutely! I’d be delighted to!

Author’s Note:

Next chapter, the Glutton of Demise will awaken…or so I thought, but this arc is actually going on for longer than I thought it would.

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