HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 16

Glutton of Demise Part 1

Well now, it’s been 5 days since the encounter with the medusa at the Demon Beast Forest.

A brick road connects the Lindahl Empire with the Noranouk Kingdom. The gentle sunshine blended with the faint fragrance of autumn.

Right now, Yuuki was 10 kilometers west of the Noranouk Kingdom (the country with that terrible king).

It’s been a considerable amount of time since he has been transported to this world… but at last the Lindahl Empire was just within reach.

“Finally… I can make it to the Lindahl Empire.”

When he was banished by the Noranouk Kindom, a kind soldier was able to tell him what to do.

For now, he’s thought of settling down in Lindahl.

However, Yuuki is lost in thought.

In terms of work, he doesn’t know whether he’ll receive payment daily or monthly.

If it’s monthly, then he’s unsure what to do.

At any rate, money is a priority.

To rent a room, to stay at an inn, to have a meal, all of those require cash.

In that case, his only option may be to sell what currently he has at hand.

Knowing that, he checked his current equipment.

  • Mantle of the Demon Lord
  • Necklace of Poison Immunity
  • Medusa’s Mask
  • Half-Petrified Trunks

No matter who looked at him, he would seem like pervert. Best of luck to him.

Nonetheless, although he’s unaware of it, what he has is close to the strongest equipment in the world, aside from the trunks.

Not to mention the fact that the Mantle of The Demon Lord halves all magic attacks.

The Necklace of Poison Immunity can be sold for the price of 2 or 3 small villages.

As for Medusa’s Mask, it contains Anastasia’s sweat and tears, giving it somewhat of a sweet scent― no lolicon would need an explanation on why it’s a rare item. (TLN: Oof, typing that out hurt me internally)

Back to the main subject at hand.

“This mantle… selling it would probably garner only 2 bundles of 3 mon. And…it would feel unpleasant to sell this amethyst…” (TLN: Mon were ancient coins in Japan that were traded in bundles as currency.)

That was the necklace he received from the succubus “prostitute.”

Anyways, these articles were all mementos. They covered him, and they had also become keepsakes.

Those women had all seemed to have unpleasant occupations or characteristics to them.

So at that time, Yuuki couldn’t accept their feelings.

However― they seemed to have changed their views as they parted.

If that was the case, then perhaps… that low-class sorcerer and that succubus could reform into splendid women by the time they meet again.

From another perspective, you could say that he’s turning out to be quite the male gold digger.

“Yep, it feels unpleasant to sell the mantle and amethyst.”

At that…a grin floated on Yuuki’s face.

It wouldn’t hurt to sell off some of the gifts that succubus prostitute left, as there were still 10 gems.

“Up until now, I’ve been broke as I haven’t sold off any of my holdings, but…no matter how you look at it, I have little need for this many decorative gems.”

Already, the outer walls of Lindahl’s district were visible.

As he grew more tense, he decided to think about what to do after selling the gems.

“First of all…let’s go on a spree…elf ears, animal ears, scarlet eyes…Lindahl’s streets…I wonder if there are red-light districts there…”

And there, he had spotted the backs of some people.

They were a male-female pair of adventurers walking in the same direction as Yuuki on the road.

The man was wearing a mantle over his armor, with a long sword wrapped in a sheath on his back.

The woman didn’t seem to have anything like a weapon. Perhaps she had a dagger on her waist or some other kind of equipment.

It seems that they, like Yuuki, were aiming for the Lindahl Empire.

Approaching quietly from behind, Yuuki tapped the man’s shoulder.

“Ooh, you two are Igarashi and Momo aren’t you? It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”

Igarashi and Momo ran away from that spot with haste.

“Momo, run as fast as you can! There’s a pervert-type monster!”

“I was told the district was near…why is there an Erominator in this place?!” (TLN: Some kind of pun on the words Ero (pervert) and Terminator.)

Hmm? Yuuki had the kind of facial expression where he was just staring blankly, but he immediately grasped the situation.

“Waitwaitwait, it’s me it’s me, Saitou Yuuki!”

As Yuuki shouted while taking off his mask, the two stopped their dashing and looked over from behind.

For a moment the two were stunned, but they then finally recognized him as Yuuki.

Momo turned pale toward Yuuki.

“No way… Saitou? What happened to you…you look terrible…”

“Well, a lot happened to me…”

Igarashi began to speak.

“I can’t help but retort towards that. It seems things have been unrelenting for you since you were transported…well whatever. With the condition of your trunks, along with having no weapons or armor, how did you even get here?”

“You’re asking since my HP is 1, right? I’d been painfully running from a slime the whole time. But since I was confident in my speed, I was somehow able to survive.”

Indeed, it seems Igarashi was convinced.

Drawing away, Momo’s expression seemed to have cramped up, but she raised a slight smile towards Yuuki.

It seems Momo was happy to at least re-encounter a fellow Japanese person.

“It’s been a while Saitou, hasn’t it?”

“Oh, during my long absence…what have you guys been doing?”

“We arrived at a cave in the east to exterminate a group of ghouls…to put it bluntly…it was horrible…we had to suffer various cruelties, but…”

“…it seems you two indeed…have gone through some horrible experiences…”

As noted by Yuuki, Igarashi’s eyes seemed to be bloodshot and Momo’s cheeks had become hollow.

Both of them were pale, and upon close inspection their bodies seemed be tinted with blood.

“Man, we’ve really had a terrible experience.”

“Yeah…Saitou, you also seem to have gone through a rough time, but…even without becoming a hero…and without knowing anything…it’s pretty good that you managed to make it here, you know.”

Momo continued on,

“I’ve learned recovery magic, but…do you know what recovery magic is?”

They said that they had defeated ghouls some time ago.

But, with the lifelessness of their countenances, it seemed more like they were the ghouls.

“No, I have not the slightest idea about recovery magic.”

Looking up at the sky, Igarashi said,

“The monsters are seriously out to kill. Because of that, we could receive lethal wounds.”

And, he continued,

“For example…imagine this: you’re cut in the same spot over and over again. You’ll need some way to heal that wound soon after you get wounded. Your organs are spilling out from the wound and so you quickly get healed. Those organs are stored back again inside the body. Then, you get cut again and your organs spill out once more.”

And he continued further on,

“It feels like you’re dying of blood loss, but it’ll keep happening again, and again, and again.”

With a dry laugh, Igarashi still continues,

“To make things worse, when you die, you just get resurrected and resurrected. And isn’t it the end of summer? That corpse is gonna quickly decompose. Right before resurrection, wouldn’t that half-rotten flesh be gushing with maggots? As you wake up, that entire feeling will rush to you all at once.”

In tears, Momo muttered,

“I really…think I’m going to go insane…why did things turn out like this…I want to go back home…Mom…Dad…”

Yuuki froze on the spot.

―This is a dire situation.

Author’s Note:

The Glutton of Demise will awaken― in three more chapters.

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