HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 15

Glutton of Demise Prologue

TLN: So, the name of the world in the novel was mentioned in chapter 1 and translated then as ‘Alusuzado’, which is just a direct phonetic interpretation of the original Japanese name (アルスザード = Alusuzaado). I’m going to instead use Alszaad Alszard, but if you guys prefer how the translator from way back called it, I can switch it back. Same deal with the territory that the Succubus Queen controlled. A previous translator wrote it as ‘Rosenberg’, but that didn’t really match the original Japanese name (ローズベルク = Roozubeluku) so I translated it as ‘Rosebelk’.

The Glutton of Demise.

That’s the being who travels across different dimensions.

That’s the being who is devoted to eating universes whole.

And, that’s the name of the being who after consuming an entire universe, will travel to another dimension to start again.

300 years ago, the Glutton of Demise landed on the soil of Alszard.

However, he did not consume the land of Alszard during his time there.

That was partly because the mass of the world that had been eaten just before was too large.

To put it in terms a human can understand, he went into what could closely be called hibernation at any rate, he decided to halt his activities for a while.

Before going into hibernation, there was a demon fetus that was granted his chaotic ability, the Chaos Element. That fetus now held a fragment of his power.

The fetus that was granted with his Chaos Element unearthed a talent in magic, and became known as the Demon Lord in 200 years.

The Chaos Element.

Why did the Glutton of Demise grant his power to one of the living creatures?

In those tens of thousands of universes he consumed, an emptiness was growing in his heart.

Under normal circumstances, he would have just eaten up the universes, destroyed the universes.

But he had grown tired of his monotonous work.

In other words, the reason why he gave his power to the demon fetus was because he was tired of eating worlds without encountering any resistance.

So, the fetus’ in the successive generations of what have been called the strong Demon Lords were also given a small fraction of his power, all due to his craftsmanship.

This was the work that he did.

It would function similar to an alarm clock.

When the Demon Lord is defeated, that information is relayed to him, and that is when he will wake up.

While he was in his deep sleep, he was waiting for a new toy to play with.

The Glutton of Demise was looking for a toy that could oppose him.

In Alszard, it was common knowledge that the Demon Lord, who owned a small fraction of the Chaos Element, could not be defeated.

Since nothing could be considered an exception to this rule, there was no reason to expect an ability that can oppose him.

It was reasoned that he would not ever appear.

And so, he kept sleeping for 300 years.



He woke up in the midst of his sleep.



The Glutton of Demise was delighted.

Using the flow of the spirits in the world, he verified the current state of affairs.

The Demon Lord had stepped back from her throne, the Demon Lord’s chain of command in the army were weakening due to chaos that ensued.

In the self-governing Rosebelk, the Succubus Queen introduced a policy of harmony with the humans.

A medusa in the Demon Beast Forest was trying to build relations between the influential people of both the humans and the demons.

And now, he would appear and destroy everything that was what he predicted as happening in the near future.

Those women had tossed a small stone into the fountain that was this world.

The resulting ripples will turn into giant waves.

And in the near future, there will be a large battle between the humans and the demons.

He was sure of that.

However, it was likely that the composition of the parties involved in the conflict wouldn’t be as straightforward as consisting of a human and demon side.

It would be between those that supported harmony and those that were against it.

Humans and demons working together to fight against other humans and demons.

The rise of such a raging struggle was what he expected.


The Glutton of Demise was delighted.

There was a tension in the making for this world.

The demons were hard-coded to attack and be the ones to trample on others.

That was their purpose in life, to wrap everything in chaos and to corrupt.


That’s the reason why the Glutton of Demise was delighted.

For he knew that the demons who had changed the meaning of their existence were making themselves targets.

In a sense, he was the one that changed the characteristics of what are now called demons in the world of Alszard.  (TLN: Because he was the one that gave the Chaos Element, which includes the desire to consume/ravage, to the Demon Lord.)

So, even if this fate of destruction is inevitable, there will be those that try to oppose it.

And he was sure of that.

It would be good entertainment for him before he consumes this world.



The Glutton of Demise.

He’s what is commonly referred to as the Hidden Boss.

Author’s Note:

The harem members will be taking a break as I’m moving the main story line ahead.  (TLN: *gasp* actual plot instead of “plot”)

I plan on making this half the length of the medusa arc.

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