Hey there everyone.

Just a quick update.

After taking a few weeks off from translating, I think I have the motivation again, so I’ll post the next part of V3 in a few days or so.

Also, disregard that one post some of you may have seen. I meant to delete that instead of publish it, but it seems that it got through to some of your inboxes.

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82 thoughts on “Update”

    1. Glad to hear you got your mojo back.
      And if you don’t allow me to recommend my fellow readers a web novel currently written by the same author of TWOOIHFM called I’m the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! to tide them over while waiting for the next release, If you think that Leon’s and Lyle’s tribulations are funny you will find Liam’s( the mc) hilarious.

    1. Take your time and do it at a pace you are comfortable with. As always thank you so much for your hard work.

  1. Yay, it’s continuing! And here I was petitioning every translation group I could find to continue it, to no avail.

    Could you add a contact page to the site for people to ask for permission to adopt projects, for the future?

    Let’s save Leon from the dungeon!

      1. The choices were a hiatus or a drop, and my boy Leon was cliffhangered in a dungeon. I just asked translators if they’d be willing to finish off the novel if 2Slow did indeed drop it.

        Better than having a dropped novel and nobody willing to pick it up, leaving it to decay in the back alleys of novelupdates.

  2. man, i don’t know what to say after the whole proscination but Ganbatte. if you feel bored again try stopping for a moment, play game or take a vacation or do something you like. most people are bored because they keep doing the same shit over and over again. a hobby can always keep interesting for you because that is not something like work or routine we always do. and because we do it occasionly

  3. More than anything I’m just happy that u feel better so no rush on the chapter. Everyone needs a pallet cleanser every once and a while

  4. OH! That’s nice, not only I get to read more of a novel I like, I find good that your motivation has returned!

  5. おかえりなさい!
    I‘m happy that you are feeling well again.
    I think it’s a good idea to let loose when you’re not feeling motivated so you should take a break whenever you feel it.

  6. woooaahhh thanks so much bro, just read this update my drowsiness disappears even though I haven’t slept last night hahaha
    thanks for the great news and it make my day

  7. Welcome back :3

    Love your translations and I’m glad to see you getting motivated again!

    But if you need to take a break again, would love to see you post a message maybe once every 1-2 weeks. I’m not talking about a translation post, just something so that fans of your translations know that you’re doing ok. Anyways, welcome back again! =)

  8. im delighted to know you getting motivated again.
    keep up the good work
    really appreciate your translation

  9. Wohooo!!!! Welcome back bro!! I… No, everyone here always waiting for you! Now, lets help our MC in dungeon!

  10. Yaaay! You’re the best. I honestly still like this ln but i can understand that translating one and reading one is 2 different thing too!

  11. Thank goodness you come back. I tried to read the raw in syosetu but i only understand half of it and there is no drill hair girl in the wn.

  12. Nice to have you back man! I’m really looking forward to your translation!
    Oh yeah your last update talking about no motivation is actually a state of mind called “Burn Out”. Usually happened if you do something over and over again without taking a break which results in lost of motivation. I highly suggest you to translate chapter at a little bit slower pace and take a break once in a while so it won’t happen again. Cheers!

  13. I’m so glad you are continuing this novel! I really am!

    And I want to ask a question, in the LN version why could Hertrude “bring” the black right arm lost item from the kingdom? Why was it in the kingdom in the first place? Didn’t Leon and Luxon destroy it when they went from the elven village?
    Because in the WN version they haven’t destroyed it and then it got stolen from his room. Or was it different lost item?
    …I need revelation in case I remember it wrong.

  14. GOD has answered my prayers. Though my gacha luck plummented though. (Dang you FGO, i just want my summer servants, )

  15. I’m glad you’re feeling more into it again! I think it’s better to take breaks when you’re feeling worn out so don’t hesitate in the future! I am so glad you’re continuing this series, thank you!

  16. Yay! This made my night!
    I was actually really sad when you said you’ll be stopping coz it was the day I started reading it. So this post makes me happy..

  17. welcome back, it’s nice to know that you are feeling better. just some advice, you should have a proper interval from one post to the next one, I mean we(readers) aren’t demanding much from you. just take your time and make sure to take care of yourself

  18. Thank You so much for coming back and willing to continue translate this. Really this my fav novel so far.

  19. Finally welcome back, and nice to see u again we are always waiting for u (つ≧▽≦)つ

    1. Could you add a contact page to the site for people to ask for permission to adopt projects, for the future?

  20. Yay! I finally get to find out what happens next with the sister. Thank you so much my dude, I loved this light novel.

  21. Hey can u plz tell when the chap is coming?
    Im checking the page every day to see if the next chap come

  22. New guy here. Glad this will continue vol 3 looks like a lot of things will happen based on some of the illustrations. Hope it will be be fully translated. Also saw preview of vol 4 coming out this Aug 30th, are we expecting a complete turnaround for Marie?

  23. Lucky I allways stop in the prologue of every volume and wait he be fully translated.
    Hehe, take your time, I’m a fan of this novel.


    Sorry Andy we ain’t going to use your dungeon anymore

  25. not sure if you are busy or lost motivation.
    good luck with whatever you are dealing with.
    it is fine to drop a project. You have no obligation to continue
    yes i will be sad, but it is your decision in the end.

      1. PATIENCE my friend, he’s doing this translation for free. He will let us know if he ever drop this series.

        1. i hope he does, at least say it, i mean he did sayed it take some days but its now half a month,
          if he doesnt have the motivation then tell us and be done with it, dont try to force something to do if you dont like it.

  26. i miss getting new chapters of this. hey is that one other guy translating the web novel.

  27. Yeaaahhhhh!!!! Man thanks for coming back and continuing this novel!! Love you bro!!!!

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