Real Talk

This is something I’ve been pondering about posting for a while now, but held back on. However, I think it’s better off  that I do now that things have perpetuated for this long.

So you guys may have (or probably have) noticed my upload rate drop heavily since starting volume 3. I keep telling myself that I’ll get work done, but constantly end up procrastinating to the point that I don’t do much. I was hoping that if I just got into the swing of things, I would be able to pump out releases at a faster rate, but that hasn’t happened for the past month or two.

So here’s the thing, I think I may have lost interest in the series. Actually, that might be too strong of a claim. I think that I want to keep translating “The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs,” or at least finish volume 3, but there’s some kind of internal barrier somewhere that’s preventing me from working at my best. It’s hard to explain. I keep telling myself “I really want to work faster,” but when I sit in front of the computer, I end up getting easily sidetracked. It’s like the TL equivalent of a writer’s block, I guess?

That beimg said, I’m thinking about putting this series on hold and translating something else until I either regain interest or decide to…well, we’ll cross that bridge if we get there.

I don’t know. What do you guys think? I can keep going at this slow rate if you’re all okay with that, I suppose.

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162 thoughts on “Real Talk”

  1. Take your time with it if you need to, personally I always appreciate your work and look forward to updates.

    1. Hi. Nerver posted here but just wanted to say I find your translation amazing. I think it’s better to still translate it, even at a more slower pace, but continue it even further this volume. You think you’re slow, but even your slow is still fast compared to others really. So just take your time and chill. Hope you will continue it ^^

    1. Just Translate That Have The essence Of Fun. I think it just your subconcius When your reading The world Of otome game Your mood Go down. Like me, Quite Depressing thought…

  2. I’m on the opinion that its okay to put “this series” on hold and go on with your soul searching first. Take all your time.

    And many thanks for the work so far!

  3. Well, I’m a translator as well and I understand what you say, but as I love this novel (and by being an honourable leech too), even by slower posts, I beg you to keep translating it

    1. Indeed. I think the best outcome would be translating something that interests you and keep motivated and like once a week or 2 weeks release some of Otome World, at least just to finish the volume 3. I saw a few chapters back that someone was also doing some translations for this and talked to the translator so maybe have that person help with the translation till end of volume 3 and since volume 4 is still to be release wait to see how things will go.

      1. Though the final decision is yours to make…..personally I like this series and would at least like to see till the end of Volume 3…..and regards to your own delusions of slow releases I can only say that I know many translaters who translate at a speed 10 times less than yours… please don’t drop this novel…..but of course whatever you do I will respect your decision..

    2. whatever floats your boat. I would be sad, of course, but you are the translator. Pick what you think is best.

  4. While it kills me to say this; if you don’t enjoy translating this series you should abandon it. Focus on work you care about.

  5. Well first of your translations are not slow because there are some novels out their that translate maybe 2 chapters a month or longer than that so I’m fine with the way things are going

  6. Man I read a LN that got updated this month after 7 months of nothing . We are not here to shout at you or demand faster releases I just appreciate that you are doing it . Give yourself more time to translate chapters because as you see you will burn out of the series that you enjoy .

  7. idk, however, if you’ve lost interest then dropping it is what is advise. I enjoy the series so if prefer a slow release schedule. Like one chapter a fortnight, or even per month. Your work is always appreciated.

  8. Hey man writer’s block is natural, sucks when it happens but eventually you’ll get back to your usual self. That said I’m personally am find with the one week update, to me that is the norm.

    1. It’s hurt to hear it but it can’t be helped since the translator already lost interest in the novel. Although, I would appreciate if you could continue to update from time to time.
      Best Regards

  9. Honestly speaking, I like “tough being friend” more than “otome game mob” and I am also losing interest in this one . So , I am in favour of holding this one but in the end it is you who are doing this. So it also lies in your hands. If you are that bothered by it you can put it on-hold or you can finish it if you feel like it

    1. I second this. so if you gonna decide to translate a different one please translate “tough being friend” XD

  10. I can’t find the right word to express my feeling right now tbh xD

    It’s a mix of wanting to support the translator and wish for the best for them as their fan, but there’s also the feeling of disappointment because as a reader, I’m really looking forward to the translated version of this novel. Okay maybe “disappointment” is too exaggerated here but, you get the point.
    But at the end of the day “interest”(?) is not something we can push to others. If you lost interest in this novel then we can only hope that other translator will pick it up, and wish that you’ll find
    some other novel/story you interested in. Because as your translation fans, we look forward to what you’ll be translating next.
    That’s it from me, I’m really sorry if there’s some choice of words that’s too rude or too arrogant or something. Looking forward to your next work ^-^)

  11. I’m new to this site so all this time I thought this was the standard upload rate and was actually pretty satisfied with it.

    I can understand losing interest, it happens to all of us but I recommend at least finishing up this volume before you formally drop the series and move on to other projects. Even if the releases are “slow,” it’s fine. Better to be the turtle that finishes the race, than to stop halfway.

    1. Agree with him, im hoping that u can at least finish the translation of this volume even with your ‘slow’ translation… cause your ‘slow’ translation is relatively faster than the norm speed & we not bothered by that slowness… even you translate it once a week or two at your own pace, we’ll still appreciate your work (cause we are an honorable leecher Xp)… so, please at least finish this volume cause its better than stopping halfway… & also im sure you will feeling more refreshed when you finished the series later ^^
      Hope the best for you

  12. I know that feeling very much. Want to do something but when actually try to do it, becoming easily side tracked that the work is not finished. I recommend that you should take a break from translating for a while. If I am not mistaken, rather than losing interest in this series, you are just losing your motivation to write down something you have read long time ago. Even if you try translating other series, the outcome would be that you would steadily lose your motivation to translate. Remember, you are translating novels because you think it is fun. You don’t have the obligation to keep us readers entertained. If you are not having fun translating, then take a break from it and try to enjoy your life with other things. Of course as a reader I don’t wish to see you dropping this novel or even dropping this website as a whole. But, you should also have fun doing the things you want to. So, just take a break from translating until you get your motivation back. And if you ever were to completely stop translating, then please notify us on the website cause we’ll be waiting for you to come back.

  13. In fact I love this novel,the fact that Im clicking this blog cause of it.. It would be great if u were continue it.. Pretty please?

  14. I would hate you for this, but you are translating all this for free. And you are burnt out so, it’s ok. Do what you want.
    Thanks for everything so far.

  15. I was actually very satisfied with the current pace you are at! I’m not familiar with translating novels but just work at your own pace, don’t force yourself. 1 chapter a week or 1 a month is perfect.

    1. Honestly I love your translations. Your work has been more top notch and lightening fast than any other translation that I can remember. So it will be a real shame if you had to force yourself to translate something that doesn’t interests you anymore. I would rather read something else that interests you because you seem to have great taste and a great sense of narration.
      That said, I do like this novel as well. Maybe not as much as before, since the harem is expanding explosively right now. So rather than having you force yourself I really hope that you can find someone who picks this up soon enough that you can drop this. Most of these isekai novels are only good enough till their first arcs and they just transform into something cardboard as the arc focus changes. So yeah, rather than pushing you or expecting you to slowly release this , it’s better if someone else could take over who is okay with story even later on.

    1. I hope you can continue it but i will not force you to do it.i think instead of do it slowly it best to wait for mood

  16. truthfully I’m really sad that you get bored of this LN translation, but if you don’t have any fun doing what you do that kinda makes it seems forced and that is not cool at all. so I hope you will get all your motivation to translating this LN again after do anything else. Good work

  17. I’ll always take having translations of one of my favorite LNs over no translations, regardless of speed. Obviously I prefer faster rather than slower, but this is all for free so my opinion on that doesn’t matter XD

    As for work avoidance/burnout, nuts I’ve been struggling with that increasingly for years with my side projects and day job. Since the root cause differs person to person I can’t guarantee if my experience helps, but in my case it stems almost entirely from an overwhelming sense of pressure (sadly almost entirely self-generated). I’ve found the best way to address this is by relaxing, but so far I only achieve that when I’m next to the ocean…which I can’t really get to every day, so I really need to find more ways of achieving a relaxed state.

    Don’t know if my experience feels remotely similar, but in any case I do hope you feel free to take the time and fully ponder about your root cause, as it sounds like you’re not 100% sure what it is yet.

  18. Honestly I’m really new to this LN as in the first update I saw was this one I have no idea what your average speed is but judge from the post dates I would say that it’s about a week in-between. From what you have said it’s not that you don’t like this story but just need a break from it since you have been doing it too much so I would say I would be better to slow down your pace and maybe post every 2 weeks or so and look at other novels as a pallet cleanser so that you can be fresh again

  19. Tranquilo hermano, puede ser tan solo cansancio, puedes cansarte de cosas que haces regularmente, y estoy casi 100% seguro que todos aquí no tienen problema alguno conque te relajes, estires las piernas, tengas citas con una Anjie o una Livia, o tomes cafe con las ancianas del parque, si luego ves que aun queda en tu ser esas ganas de continuar, todos te daremos la bienvenida con copa en mano, si decides traducir algo mas, sabemos que elijirás algo genial, si decides abandonar, te daremos las gracias por todo lo que hiciste y esperaremos que tengas una vida feliz, tienes mi apoyo en lo que decidas. lamento escribir esto en español, pero tardaria mucho en escribir este mensaje en ingles XD.

  20. Tough Mob is the reason I come to the website, and have been since 2018.

    Honestly, I’d really like you to keep translating it, even if it’s not ridiculously fast like it used to be, and a lot of people likely feel the same way.

    Maybe take a break before translating future volumes, to recuperate a bit? Anything would be better than shelving it indefinitely (hiatus) or dropping it outright.

  21. Depending on how long it will take you it might be easier to keep translating this at a slower rate until it is finished.
    This has the advantage that you would no longer have anything to do with book 3, meaning you can take a rest from it and focus more on those you desire to translate.

    When the time comes that book 4 releases you can start with translating it privately to gauge if this blockage is still in effect and find out if you just need more time or give the project to someone else.

  22. How about opening patreon? That should help you with getting some pressure/motivation. You can make it “charge per chapter” even…

  23. Nuu pls don’t drop this novel. The current pace right now is okay but please finish this volume first before translating novel. But I guess taking a break is also good for a while.

  24. Going to chip in too.
    As the translator, obviously you’re doing everyone else a favour in translating, irrespective of whether it is or was fun at some stage for you.
    As a reader I obviously like reading this novel, else I wouldn’t be here.
    I feel you should just take a break translating the novel. Forcing yourself to do something you’re losing interest in is the fastest way to developing a loathing for it and that’s a guaranteed way to not only piss you off down the line. It’ll be dropped in that event as well, or the quality may go completely shit depending on your work ethic (I personally do tasks i dislike quite badly).
    Regardless I thank you for everything I’ve read translated by you so far, a definitely large amount of material.

    1. Pls dont drop the series, im fine with current pace through, atleast until you finished vol 3,
      Just take your time if u get bored. Its already miracle that you release it once per week

  25. i never mind the “slow” relese you are still pretty faster than most, if the work is getting hard try to keep it one per week or one per month i realy don t care, and if you realy can t handle it well the only thing i would ask is if you can ask someone else to take it from there, i realy love this novel and i dont want it to be abandon, but if you dont have the will to keep nobody wants to force you to do it

  26. Thanks for everything
    I comes here because this novel, i think its a goodbye.
    Once again thank you very much for your hard work

  27. I’d like to say keep going, but what i’d like doesn’t really matter. Take your time and don’t push yourself too much.

    Perhaps you could alternate translations, instead of doing one series a time, that way you could always have diferent stimulus. I’d say translate a chapter of one them a chapter of the other.

  28. If you‘ve really lost interest then you shouldn‘t Force yourself to translate and pick something you Realy like, preferably is it though being a friend the next novel of it

  29. I would rather you translate slow then not finish it, especially if so in the middle of the volume, this for me is a great series and I am very grateful that you are translating if it means a chapter one a week or once every 2 weeks.

  30. Ahh I know that feeling to well, like for my case ‘I have to finish this now, it’s easy so it’s gonna be fast’, and then a second later got side tracked until never did the work at all. Yep, but I hope you can keep translate even if it’s at slower pace ’cause even if you finish it early it will be a waste if you lose interest in it. So please keep tranlasting, pretty please

  31. Personally I can wait for the slow updates I don’t really mind if you drop it and want to do something else either all on you

  32. Continue translating please, this novel is the reason i keep coming here, the current pace is very good, but if you need, extend for 2 weeks per chapter,if you see it’s not currently good, don’t drop please, put on hold, but don’t drop please

  33. I’m fine with the slow updates, keep it at your pace but please dont drop it, at least until vol 3 finish
    m(_ _)m

    1. Volume 3 from what I’ve been told, is the last volume of this story arc. So it’s the perfect point to finish translating.

  34. I don’t mind the current speed of an update or two per week-ish, it’s a lot like waiting for new chapters of the manga.

    But I know that forcing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy anymore is plainly horrible and that to finish translating this volume would be a long term commitment for you. So it’s ok if you prioritize your own health and interests over this.
    That being said. Uh if you do decide to drop it or put it on hold. Would you mind putting up a short summary of what happens in the volume to end things with a sense of closure? We’d all be super thanful.

  35. The slow pace is fine. It you wanna translate something *cough* LONELY ATTACK ON THE DIFFERENT WORLD *cough* that’s fine too.

  36. Just finish what you started, finish the volume, at the rate you feel most comfortable with, you’ll probably feel better that way.
    If you want to do something else after this, go ahead.
    I do love this series, but the truth of the matter is: you should consider your own well-being above your readers’ satisfaction.

  37. I’m actually more surprised by the fact that you feel guilty about your own “slow” release. I mean, you started translating because you had fun in the first place so you really don’t need to feel guilty about “slow” releases.

  38. lol inspiration hahaha~ ok i might be a little self but can translate this [ Isekai Shihai no Skill Taker: Zero kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem (Light Novel)] here`s the raw if you have time then please translate this thank you ~

  39. While personally Id really like you to finish Volume 3 (It’s gotten to a really good point,) if you feel like you need to put it on hiatus so you can rest on it, then that’s what you have to do.

    1. each chaptet of the series is extremely long I have exactly the same feeling as you when reading as when you were translating but when I sit in front of the computer, I end up getting easily sidetracked too so I get how you feel so cheer up you can continue when you feel better?

  40. Do you have any idea for other novels to translate if you pick up a different project?

    As I do enjoy this series, and the translation quality is amongst the top, I would ask that the volume be finished first before moving on to something else, even if the release is slower. One, being the cliffhangers at the end of a volume are generally not as bad as those in the middle. Second, if you decide to give up the translation to a different person, it would be better for them to start at the beginning of a volume imo.

    Whatever you decide to do is up to you since this is something done as a hobby, and not as a job. Plus, I’ve always been of the mindset to look after one’s wellbeing first before worrying about other people.

  41. you know what. i think youre right. if your not intrested dont bother. pass it on to someone else. just let us know who because im trying to findout what happens next

  42. It’s ok take your time but please don’t leave this behind I love this light noval and I don’t know what to do without it please don’t leave it /don’t leave me

  43. i hope that you get your motivation back. your translation is superb. you bring the characters to life to the point that it feels that you are the author. i really do hope that you won’t drop this, since you are ereplaceable.

  44. when i see the title of the post i was like “oh noo”
    i noticed the drop on the tl speed but i keep telling myself that you probably busy irl thus the drop on the tl speed but i guess the thing i feared come true
    i want to say that this is fine but otomege mob is one of ln that i really look forward to
    so if you gonna put it on hold i hope its not too long or maybe someone gonna take over the project
    anyway sorry for being selfish and thank you for TLing this novel

  45. I fully understand and all but damn right before climax! Have you decided what you want to translate?

  46. Thank you very much for the translation so far, this novel was my first time what i read one, maybe you can translate 1 a week , i hope this proyect dont die or other translator take it

  47. I think it is about your lost proactive after long time absent.
    when we stop doing something for quiet sometimes we will lose interest about it until you work it’s out or gain some aspiration.

  48. Aww that’s unfortunate, but I guess it’s fine.

    I mean, it’s your website, mate. Do what you wish. Though if you want to translate another novel that would be grand.

  49. To be honest, your translation speed is actually decent compared to other translators. Me, being the selfish ass that I am, do hope that you continue translating Otome World, even if its on a slower speed. The good side of me says that you should hold Otome World and try to rekindle your spirit by doing something else you like better. And when you’re finally ready, start translating Otome World once more. Just don’t drop it, xd.

  50. Hola… soy un traductor al español, déjame decirte que, no importan mucho los bloqueos… si no tienes ganas de traducir, simplemente tomate tu tiempo… sal un momento, habla con tus amigos, socializa, diviertete, ya que traducir es algo serio, ademas la carga mental que genera no es broma conozco a muchos traductores que lamentablemente dropearon muchas novelas debido a los motivos similares al tuyo, por eso es mejor descasar la mente y luego usarla al 100% suerte aqui Dioscaido12 y mucha suerte volveré en 1 mes x,D

    1. Yo recomendaría que usara discord u otra forma de entrar en contacto con su comunidad de lectores para “despejarse” hablar con alguien en cualquier momento, aun que no sea directamente, por que esta traducir puede ser muy estresante como mencionaste anteriormente.

  51. I’m fine with the slow updates, I’d honestly prefer an update 1-2 every weeks then no updates at all.

  52. If you’re having trouble getting motivated and have lost complete interest in the series, it’s best that you drop it completely now or after finishing volume 3. To be honest, if you put the series on hold, good chance you ain’t ever going to pick it up again since you have been having the same issues since volume 2. So it’s best to make a post that you drop the series and maybe allow another translator to take over, because if you keep having it on hold, no one is going to pick it up. While I prefer you to finish vol 3 since you already started, I realize it’s all up to you at the end and I can live with either choice.

  53. guess call the help of bakapervert then? since if youre in a slump i think u should put a hold on translating and find a new activities that will help you getting burned out it is natural being burned out on something that we always do. (still it is a shame that nearing climax this happens) well it is still okay if u realese a chap in 1 or 2 weeks . well ure the tltor it is you who will still make the desicion what will be the fate of this light novel

  54. Man, I’ve been following this series since the first manga chappy came out and it’s been great. Thanks a lot for all the hard work so far, getting here every day at the same hour looking for my dosage of Otome has kept me going for a really long time. You really do a fantastic job at translating these and I’m thankful to you at no end for that.

    If you still enjoy translating Otome, procrastinating and all, keep going for it at your preferred speed, at the end of the day it’s your decision.
    If, on the other hand you really fell the interest drooping, go on and translate something else, do what your gut tells you to, I’ll follow either way with my F5 key ;).

    Also, if you gave the name of the programs you use to MTL, I’d be even more grateful.

    Whatever your decision may be, thanks a lot for all your work until now, man. Have a good day.

    1. Also, one or two uploads a week are still great and it’s still ahead of a lot of other novels, specially so with the quality you give us. =)

  55. Take your time with it, you can put it on hold if that will help, it’s not that you’ll drop it.
    And if you think translating something else will be good for you, then go for it.! Good luck.! Hope it works well regardless of what you do.! ^_^

  56. Quite personally, I hate that you’re thinking about abandoning it right when the MC is in a tight spot but if it’s for the best then you can drop it. Preferably after we see the nobles and others that conspired against him are brought to justice. Or have their lives destroyed (or worse) and those that humiliated Anjie and Livia get what’s coming back to them tenfold.

    Let’s face it: one man’s justice is another man’s injustice.

  57. I don’t mind at all the vol3 release pace, specially if you’re losing the interest.
    But after this volume you can turn around to other projects to see if you can get an interest on the Wolrd of Otome LN, like your teaser project that looks pretty enjoyable.

    But if you really hating to translate this LN, don’t do it as you can get burned out quickly.

  58. Don’t worry. There are a lot of other series that got updated only once every month (or some rarer case, months), so take it easy, we readers are (probably) the most patient people on earth XD

  59. SadPanda dies
    My game crew loses founding members
    My fav series TL is halted

    I don’t even even feel sad
    Just empty
    Very empty

  60. Dude, You’re doing this for free. Those who complain about free stuff like your upload rate are an ungrateful bunch.

  61. I realy approsiate your work, your standars are high and that is commendable. I do not find any problem with the relaese rate. So if you still feel the strenght to conutinue than please do. But never fell pressured, nobody wants you to burn out. Just to answer your question it would be great if you could finish the volume befor puting it on hold. But do what you think is right.

  62. I actually didn’t even notice the slower speed. In fact, like what other’s have said, I feel you’re actually faster than a lot of other translators.

    In the end, I think you should do what you want. If you want to stop, stop. If you want to go slow, go slow. As much as I love reading this series, you don’t owe any of us anything. You shouldn’t do something you don’t want to just because you feel obligated or such. I would be sad to see you stop, since I think you’re one of the best translators out there in a sea of terrible ones, making conversations sound natural and what not for an English reader like me, but do what makes you happy, don’t pay attention to any complainers out there.

    Just my two cents.

  63. Sorry I commented late.

    I think that you should complete vol 3 even with a slower pace because you were just to fast a while ago and yeah I know the feeling of burning out, it happens to everybody it’s normal and there are many others too who begin to lose interest in there work but it gets back to normal again so just wait. We are not asking you to be fast with the translation

    It may sound rude but I don’t want you to drop the series because I have a strange inclination to you and the series together, I love your other project “Is it tough being a friend”. I have never followed a translator, you were the first and because of you I even downloaded the WordPress app. So, please it’s a humble request from me and maybe even my fellow viewers. You can even post Otome in a 1-month interval of 2-month and don’t take my comment as a burden and push yourself to translate it even if you don’t want too

    Wow, that was my longest comment ever.

    Thank you for reading(I feel like an author)

  64. If you really feel like you need to drop this, you could always hand it back to whoever it was that wanted to translate it first….was it Baka? I don’t really remember. If you’re just burned out, take a bit of a break or just slow down a bit…you could always go back to Tough Being A Friend if you need some variation which could be the issue.

  65. I’d really like the series to be continued, however you’re the translator who is providing me with this free of cost so it really is up to you. If it helps any, the story really picks up from here especially in volume 4, I’m actually learning Japanese so I was able to translate a majority at my current level and used tangorin to fill in the gaps. You’ve been a top tier translator with both your grammar and your translations and I really want to thank you for introducing me to this series and playing into me attempting to learn Japanese while I’m in college. I was so into this story that I’d literally stay up every night throughout the semester last year refreshing to see if you released a chapter for Otome games. This is a bit of a mess but I want to end on one thing, just translate stories that you find interesting. There is no reason to feel indebted to us as you’re providing a very high quality service for free. I hope one day I might be able to do the same!

  66. I don’t care if you go at a slow pace.
    Though I don’t know why you feel like that maybe translating one story gets boring like eating the same food everyday, if it is that you could switch to another story from the 3 your translating after every 1 to 3 chapters.

  67. Do what you feel like doing. Discipline is for job and clearly this is not a job. It’s a hobby. You do what you want when you’re doing your hobby.

  68. Honestly, you do you. It’s a hobby so if you feel like putting The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs on haitus or to cut it off it’s your decision. It’s not like someone else can’t pick it up some day down the line so there’s no need to feel obligated to do this. Not like you’re exactly making money out of this either.

    1. But I mean honestly the current release rate is by no means bad, considering other translations can have us waiting months before the next update.

  69. I Know how you feel as i am also in the middle of art block….. take your time, your motivation for translating will eventually go back…. be it out of nowhere or forcibly

  70. Personally, I would hope you would translate vol 3 (coz I’m a fan of this series) even if in slow pace. But no pressure, take it easy and decide what you wanna do.

  71. Since you will wait so is it okay that you try to translate the Lonely Attack since I saw the raw manga it look quite interesting so I wonder how it will be?

  72. Please, at least finish volume 3 to provide closure. Then ask other translators if they will pick it up. Its the one of the novels that i love to read that i always go to your site.

    Thanks and we appreciate your hard work.

  73. Literally just thankful for any on-going translation efforts at all. I’ve had too many series I’ve liked been abandoned to not appreciate anyone translating anything.

    Thanks for the work regardless.

  74. What i like about this series is that its very easy to read, i dont know if thats the authors way of story telling or is it your way of editing..

    That said. I respect your decision to put this novel on hold but if worse comes to worse and this novel gets dropped can we have a last chapter translated thats not a cliff hanger so that it wont hurt ?

  75. I think your current pace is fine, it’s a lot better than a lot of other sites. About your feelings maybe you just need a break instead?

  76. well its happen to people, when they do something they might lose a bit of their interest to what they’re doing at that time, that could also be happen when the story that you’re translating kinda make you lose interest because of the character trait in the series (IMHO tho)
    well as a reader if possible if you can finish the current volume or perhaps try to have a break for a while, perhaps checking other series that might stimulate your interest on the series
    but for all, thanks for your hard work for the translation tho
    ‘ v ‘ )7

  77. It’s honestly fine if you want to take a break from translating this novel. It’s free and your hobby so you have the right to decide to continue or not. If you want to switch gears and translate something else, you still have the other series “It’s tough being a friend” to translate if that suits your interest, or just take another break from translating.

  78. I think your best bet is to take a step back from the translation and read over some of your favorite parts of the series. Reignite that feeling of excitement; that feeling of anticipation for what happens next. When you approach something that you should enjoy instead as work you forget the reason or lose the feeling you initially had. That’s how I felt with editing for a short time. Instead of enjoying a story I had to hash it out to make it readable, which was boring and headache inducing as hell.

  79. slow rate is welcome dood; way better that no TL at all, and i like the way you work the series dood

  80. Maybe you just need to take a break for a day or two without translating intentionally and relax and/or veg out. It’s not good to try to force it and constantly put your nose to grindstone without any breaks. Get some air and exercise by taking a long walk in a park or nature trail for 30-60 mins. Afterwards take a long, hot bath with some Eucalyptus Spearmint Bathsalt. Have a well balanced meal for dinner. Try taking some Vitamins B,C, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc too (might want to talk to Dr. about how much of each should take, B+C are water soluble so excess should flush out if overdue it a little as long as not taking 5-6 pills every few hours but others definitely need to balance properly.) Then after having relaxed for a day or two try translating Otome again. With any luck you’ll have recharged and able to focus again with a fresh start. If not take time need to finish Otome volume without pushing to get it done even if only get one part out a week. Then sit down, relax, try not to think of anything for a few mins, then think of what want to translate. Go with whatever comes to mind first. Then either alternate between translating one part of what thought of and then one part of Otome then rinse and repeat, or start translating it after finish Otome. Do whichever works best for you. Hope you’re back to your old self soon and thanks for letting us know how you’re doing.

  81. Well, I understand you that many of the times it has happened to me and I have not really known what to do but you already have a solution I just hope you finish translating the volume and take the opportunity to tell you that if you want to translate something else I would like you to translate isekai wa smarphone since they abandoned it well I just hope you don’t leave the luck and greetings project abandoned

  82. Have you tried the pomodore technique? Work 25 mins, rest 5, and get 1 check mark, and at 4 check marks you rest 30 mins? I usually use it when I’m procrastinating a lot and not focusing while studying and it actually helps me!

  83. I saw the last update. You clearly don’t like the book anymore, that’s completely fine.

    Can you at least try to pass the project onto someone that might have some interest in it?

    It’s better option that trying to please us and burning yourself out. Please just try to pass it to another translator. Thank you.

  84. I’ll be honest so …….
    I’m really disappointed that you burned out translating. I thought this is different from other translators that abandoned their work by not finishing what they started. Damn I’m salty.
    Just last month i donated a quarter of my paycheck to a few translator just to see them stop translating or have a (long) rest……
    By the way thanks for translating the chapters for us ,slow down the release if you have to, just don’t stop.
    Reach your own goals, don’t just do it halfway.

  85. I think you should try to find another translator and shift yourself from a translator to an editor.

    This can reduce your workload from translations into just proofreading and editing so you may or may not, have more time.

    This might also give enough time to finding a new thing to translate or work on, possibly even find a new hobby.

    It seems like you want to work but you’re disinterested at the moment. Enough time it’ll come back but that can take months.

    As a reader I want releases, but I’d feel horrible if I make one of the better translators for an amazing LN force himself to work just for my selfishness.

  86. Allow me to ask you a question: Did you grown tired of the novel OR did you got tired translating in general ?

    You see when you already read the novel yourself and after you are starting translating it can be kinda stretching, boring or makes you slight unmotivated.

    If that is the case then maybe is best to take a break. Right now we are in August and people are starting to having vacations so this is the best time for you to avoid translating in general and go have fun yourself and relax. After August just decide if you want to continue translating or not and give as a notice. Even if you don’t have a vacation other people will, so use this time to stop temporary translating.

    If the problem lies in the Novel itself, then if possible try to see if you can pass it on to somebody else or ask someone for assistance, if necessary ask us for donations.

    No one will blame you since you were translating for us and sharing it with us. The best thing you can do is just ti decide what YOU wanna to from now on and let the people know. Forcing yourself to translating for us is not an option. You must love your job or hobby.

    Best regards, Nightmarekiller


    P.S. 2: LOL

  87. My opinion, do what u feel like doing. I’m just a freeloader anyway, can’t make u do something if it’s gonna bore u.

  88. Reminds me of myself and Anime.
    There’s already loads of anime I could watch (since i spent like 3 years just reading novels and manga) but when I get to the point where I’m about to watch (or go to the next episode) I just decide to read another novel. (Haven’t even watched Overlord S2 & S3 yet and I really like S1 tbh)
    It took me 3 weeks to finish an 12 episode anime. slow considering that back in the day I would watch a whole series in a day (and sometimes 2-3 serieses)
    Well anyways my recommendation is to just take your time

  89. My, probably very unpopular, opinion on this is that you should drop it. If you’ve lost interest in the story, then there’s no reason for you to continue doing something that you no longer enjoy. As far as I’m aware, you don’t take donations or get paid for this so you aren’t obligated to continue for our sake.

    Would I prefer that you continue? Of course, but as a former translator I’m well aware of just how draining being “forced” to translate a story can be.

    In the end, it’s up to you whether you keep going or not. If our appreciation is enough for you to push through then that’s great. If it isn’t then that’s fine as well.

  90. Thanks for the translations you’ve done so far, and this is just a casual reader who hops on for occasional marathon reads~
    I’ve have to say, your translation speed for the amount of quality that goes into it is superb, or just outright inhuman enough to make me wonder how long you’ve worked like this to get your skills to this level. On that note, your block is something that only time and motivation towards translating can change. I’d say take a break from translating the series (or even translating) for a while until you’ve figured out something beyond that block.

    Although, if you think leaving a half-complete project hanging loose like this will effect your conscience, finish up your ties (basically, whats left of the volume for however long it takes) and find something else to do after, perhaps like watching some anime.
    But if you think you can drop the project with no feelings attached, do so right away before people expect more chapters pumped out. There’s no point in keeping something once you’ve thought of seriously dropping it as it is possible to reach that point of thought again later down the line, and there’s also no point in harming yourself to oblige to the will of others.
    Best of luck to you during your decision and around that block. I’ll be back occasionally, whether it be for the updates or rereading~

  91. Feel you, comrade. It always happen when you working with chapters of hardship that you don’t want to work on, it ok if you want to skip them and continue if possible. Hope you well, reach to this point is your great achievement already.

  92. You might be experiencing boredom~

    And “maybe” the only way to get rid of it, is to translate something (new), to spice things up, Or… Re-read the manga of Otome game which is this manga, to motivate your self from its humor..
    Maybe it’ll work? And if you ask me, I’ll choose the latter~ Goodluck?

  93. Put it in hiatus and take a break or just drop it and let other translator pick it up ,decide what’s best for you without any pressure. You have done a great job so far more than anyone can expect or demand a I think we all readers appreciate it .

  94. We all have dead times where we want to do something but just don’t for any of various reasons. My recommendation is get your friends, or closest thing, for me it’s an annoying half brother who won’t get the eff off of Facebook, and just hang out even if you don’t do anything. Just the physical presence of others who can respond can work wonders or irritate the hell out of you that you do something to get away from them but basically let your mind switch gears. Take a week, a month, a year. Those of us that truly care will support any decision you make. While I do hope that you continue on, even if it’s a chapter part a month, do what you need and feel.

  95. Every 3-5 days is ok or you take a break from Otome and look for some new novels to translate, so that you get a change of pace.
    You could pick some novels and make a poll for the readers to pick.

  96. Just saying, you should dropped this novel if you are not interested anymore. Follow your heart, dont let people force your will.

    I could understand why you want to drop this as story become ‘lackcluster’ now. For me this is the least liked novel series from author, even lower than dragoon due repeating plot and slow character development.

    Though im saying all above, i would like to see how this volume ended. Drop or continue on slow pace, i’ll respect your decision.

  97. I guess i shall be battling machine trans now. As much as i would like you to continue on your own pace, u cant really make dead horse walk so good luck and have fun with your future endeavours

  98. If you are still feeling unmotivated or on the fence after 2 weeks. You should probably just drop it at this point.

  99. I really hope you can go back translation “Is it tough being a Friend?” since the premise and the story is really unique and funny, while Mob Otome seems to be just okay, since its not unique anymore that the Protagonist is a Douchebag (Shield Hero, Arifureta, etc) and the Author just clearly hates Little Sisters foresome reason.

    Thats why i was hoping you can continue translating ITBF again.

  100. I’d take a break if possible that or still translate it albeit at a slower pace, if you consider dropping it you could try to ask another translator to take over.

  101. Thank you for your hardworking. I’ve just read this ln recently. I found it interesting, and your translation was amazing: funny, easy to understand… i read your 3 vols 3 days in a through and still feel excited now. A little bit sad about the next update but it’s still fine, it’s up to you, we readers all respect your work and lookforward to your updates no matter how quick or slow. Hope you’ll find your passion again. Thank you

  102. I believe we will respect whatever your decide. Thanks for your work so far. I love your way of translating!

  103. Whatever you chose, i will respect it. But i really want it if you can finish volume 3 before you drop it. You left it at a cliffhanging part XD but in. Any case, should you decide what you want to do, please keep us updated about it. So we will know if this series is drop or will just take a long time to update.

  104. your life is your choice, just choose what ever like and make sure you happy with it. i think we will okay
    (though i still want you to keep translating) <– this is not your choice but this is my selfish wish haha

  105. Not sure if it’s just me but i dont see any donation button around? Honestly love your work and would love to support you if possible. Being rewarded for ur skill and effort is a good way to motivate urself 🙂

  106. Plsssss you brought the light in my life again with this LN, just take my money and keep translating

  107. Yeah, I truly feel there. It’s that feeling when you really want to do something but, you just don’t have the heart to actually start doing it. I don’t what it is, not in the mood, boredom, no interest, lost enthusiasm, looking for something new, well whatever it is, it should be fixed giving some time however it might take a while, months or even years. Hopefully you’ll get back that flare soon.

    Btw, if you could publish a full chapter a month that would be absolutely perfect, even one part that would also be good. Just try to clear your head and relax in the meantime.

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