Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v2 Epilogue


Once the final battle ended, I was brought to the hospital once more, like in part one.

After seeing a doctor, I was told that I was “perfectly fine, except for a hairline crack in the left arm.” Of course, that was Kurogame’s doing.

As usual, while Kyouka was resting at her own home, I had to stay at the hospital for the night so that they could inspect for other injuries. I wonder what the doctor thinks about a boy who’s constantly being carried to the hospital by beauties, only to stay for a short while.

(*sigh*, I’m beat…Anyways, I think I’ll take it easy and rest for today.)

Ryuuga and the heroines who were there the whole time reluctantly left after visiting hours had ended.

I felt guilty that the heroines were attending to me despite probably being worn out themselves. However, even in the hospital room, Aogasaki was few of words.

(At the very least, my issue has basically been settled.)

…A lot of things had happened, but it’s finally over.

Part two, which had Kobayashi Ichirou as the final boss, is over and I’m able to return to Ryuuga now. The amount of mystery involved remains consistent with part one as well.

(One way or another, you’ve done well, Taotie. Yup, as expected of my ‘Evil Spirit.’)

Taotie hasn’t spoken at all since I entered the hospital. He withdrew after saying “Let me nap for two or three days.”

Though Ryuuga ended up going easy on him with that joint attack, and though he barely avoided a direct hit, it seems that he still exhausted a great deal of energy.

Thanks to that, I would be able to sleep soundly until the morning…or at least, I thought I could.

“Ichirou, are you awake still…?”

Late at night, the three princesses sneaked into the hospital room through the window.

It seems that they were worried about my condition and in the end, came to see me. However, there’s a long distance from the ground to this room.

“Huh?! Taotie’s in good health?”

“Ah, what a relief…In that case, we can still be by your side, Ichirou.”

“We’ll prepare a celebration at home!”

“Alright, let’s go on a splurge tomorrow. Let’s get a whole sea bream.”

“Of course, we’ll make sashimi out of it and serve it on top of my body, right?”

“Meat is better. You’re a heron, so you keep buying just fish.”

So, the three princesses quickly left to my home, declaring that they would continue being freeloaders.

How should I explain this when my parents come home…?

The next morning, I was inspected once more, and was diagnosed as having “no other abnormalities,” so I put on my outfit in order to quickly leave the hospital.

There wasn’t a naked girl sleeping beside me today, so I got up feeling invigorated. My left arm didn’t hurt as long as I didn’t move it violently. It probably won’t be a hindrance.

(Now then, I wonder where to go from here…)

I’ve definitely been liberated from my role as the final boss. However, some post-event matters still remained.

I need to tell Ryuuga that Taotie has been “converted,” and that he’s harmless now.

(How should I bring it up…? I need to portray Tie in as positive of a light as possible. Should I have him wear a suit, part his hair to the side, have him carry sweets around…and make a business card?)

While I was working it out, the door to the hospital room suddenly opened, and in came Ryuuga.

“Oh, Ichirou. You’re going home already?”

Ryuuga spoke in a refreshing manner, but as soon as she realized that I was the only one in the room, she undid her boy mode.

She then lunged at me, as if to tackle me, and gave me a peck on the cheek, of all things. There were four beds in the room, but unfortunately, there were no other patients there to stop her.

“Hey, stop! At this point, this doesn’t count as practice anymore!”

“Isn’t it fine to do these kinds of things from time to time? You were really cold to me yesterday, Ichirou. You hurt my feelings an awful lot.”

Puffing her cheeks, Ryuuga reproachfully glared at me.

It didn’t look like she was actually angry, but it seemed that she more or less had some kind of grudge against me. Unfortunately, there’s little hope of being demoted from the status of a semi-boyfriend in this situation.

“I, I feel bad about it, of course. All those cruel things I said to you because of the ‘Evil Spirit’…”

“To make it up to me, spend the rest of the summer vacation with me each day. Adding to that, say ‘I love you, Ryuuga,’ to me at least twenty times.”

“No, all of that happened because of the ‘Evil Spirit’…”

“Say, what did happen to that ‘Evil Spirit’? I feel that…he’s not asleep.”

“Yeah. Though, I think that he doesn’t have enough power to control my mind. He’ll soon ‘convert’ and kneel before you.”

“Ahaha. As expected of you, Ichirou. Though, there something I’m worried about.”

“W, what is it?”

For the time being, I sat on the bed to listen. Ryuuga did so as well, but as to be expected, she sat on my lap.

The sky was clear outside the window, and cicadas fluttered while making a noisy chorus once again today.

“I wonder how I should explain this to my father…If he knows that my boyfriend is a vessel of the ‘Evil Spirit,’ he might oppose our marriage…”

“I see, indeed…it’s possible that someone who has an ‘Evil Spirit’ dwell within them won’t be accepted into the Hinomori family! Now that it’s come to this, there’s no choice but for us to return to being friends! Right?!”

I appreciated this lifesaver, but Ryuuga’s intentions didn’t change.

“No, I won’t give up. I’ll definitely persuade him. There’s something I’ve realized after this event. It’s about how important you are to me, Ichirou.”

In a twist, Ryuuga’s mentality had strengthened after overcoming yesterday’s fight.

“W, wait, Ryuga! I need to confirm this once more, you’re just doing ‘lovers training’ with me, right? If I had to say it, then I’m more like a coach, right?”

“Even my sister is a vessel. So it shouldn’t be a problem if my husband is a vessel too.”

“The Hinomori household is probably going to be in chaos! I mean, isn’t it too early to think about marriage between──”

It was at that moment.

The cellphone in Ryuuga’s pocket rang. Since it soon ended, it seemed that she had received a message.

“Ah, sorry, Ichirou.”

After tapping my nose with her index finger, Ryuuga checked her cellphone. She muttered “Oh, it’s from Rei,” and not longer after──her jaw dropped.

“Wha…w, what does this mean?”

Ryuuga seemed greatly upset by whatever was written there. Suddenly, Aogasaki’s awfully grim look from yesterday popped up in my mind.

Despite our conversation of marriage not ending yet, I asked about what was happening.

“What did Aogasaki say?”

“Rei…is getting married…”


While Ryuuga was on my lap, my jaw dropped as well.

The post-event matters regarding Taotie haven’t finished yet.

It’s also unclear when the “Evil Spirit” of part three will appear.

A weird side story is about to begin.

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