Question: Next Novel?

Hey, so volume two of “Is It Tough Being a Friend” is coming to a close. Only the epilogue is left.

Now then, I’ve been thinking about either continuing on to volume three, or trying out “Lonely Attack on the Different World.”

What do you guys think? Are you interested in the latter novel?

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25 thoughts on “Question: Next Novel?”

  1. ※こちらの作品ですが、前書きも後書きもしばらくすると消します。

    「乙女ゲー世界はモブに厳しい世界です 3」は3月29日発売です。


    29/3/2019 vol 3 hell yea! por que no algo mas diferente ?

  2. New novel looks promising, maybe release prologue or synopsis, to give voter information about new novel, allowing them to decide which one they prefer. (Or just link to NU)

    1. He did a teaser for it before taking up Otome Game.

      I personally want to read it, as the 1st chapter of the manga intrigued me but wasn’t continued.

      But I’m happy as long as I get these blistering fast updates, no matter what series.

  3. Waiting for otome game so don’t put out too much other novel or otome game will take longer time to complete when volume 3 come out

  4. I don’t remember what one that was specifically and I’m too lazy to look it up, but you have pretty good taste so yeah sure why not. Unless it’s another shoujo yaoi CN webnovel.
    Then I’ll be sad.

  5. “is it tough being a friend” for me. though I would prefer vol 3 of “world of otome games is too tough for mobs” after you finish “is it tough being a friend” v3 xD

  6. I just read the teaser and it sounds pretty darn good.

    I already voted but I actually low key want to read “Another World” too…..


  7. As i am intrested in lonely attack, i’m worried whether you took too much project at your hands or not.

    My personal opinion would be, pick up lonely attack only if you can manage it and don’t feel like you are taking too much project. I will vote for lonely attack in the poll but if it’s too much for you maybe friend volume 3 is the better choice. I’m fine with either choice.

    Hopefully you are not taking too much or get burned out on what you’ve took.

  8. Is It Tough is a yes for me but then I also want to try Lonely Attack. If we do end up with Is It Tough, maybe we can switch to Lonely Attack after vol 3?

  9. First of all, thanks for the translations mtl-sama! As for your question… at first I kinda liked is it tough being a friend but it got pretty stale on the second volume. The new novel you propose looks promising but the downside is that it’s only 2 volumes in. It’s gonna be another Mob novel (which I think we all thoroughly enjoyed btw). In any case, if you feel burned out from is it tough being a friend then please do translate the new series… until of course vol 3 of Mob comes out.

  10. Wut about isekai smartphone?
    Well, i’m okay as long as there is op mc and funny moments…also, fast releases.
    Please try “last bosses in heroless worlds” cuz the mc reminds me of izayoi. Badass…

    1. Dude… Are you news to internet or what??? Isekai smartphone light novel is licensed by j-novel

      You recomend that to make ths site get DMC”ed? Lmao

  11. voted for the next volume of “The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs” because if there’s more, we want it.

  12. Wao. All these people who are ‘voting’ for Otome Mob. The third volume isn’t out yet. It will be later this month. That said, I think grabbing Lonely Attack after the third volumes of Tough Being a Friend and Otome Mob would be fine. That way, you can take a break from Tough Being a Friend, and got something to do while everyone waits for Otome Mob 4.

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