Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v2 Chapter 3 Part 1

Mastermind’s Project

After what happened, I put my back into figuring out how part two would unfold.

The storyline I thought up of in my head was roughly divided into four phases. Since I don’t have the know-how of a screenplay writer, I decided to proceed with a development that would be easy to understand.

Phase one──first of all, Ryuuga and the others will know about Taotie’s revival.

For the time being, I’ll use Mion and have her reveal that the vessel for the next “Evil Spirit” has already been found. Once they wonder who in the world the vessel is…phase two will kick in.

(Now that I can mobilize Mion, should I have her meddle with Aogasaki? Since the two are already acquainted, I’ll go ahead and deepen their sense of rivalry.)

Phase two──the new opponents characters, Jyuri and Kiki, will enter the stage.

With the rest of the “Three Princesses of Hell” making an appearance, Taotie’s faction will be complete. Then, Ryuuga and the others will feel an impending sense of danger, thinking “Our opponents are quite formidable this time around.”

(With the power they have, the three princesses should be an equal match for everyone except Ryuga. That being the case, it’s troubling that we’re short on people…since if their side has four gods, it would be best if we had four princesses.)

Phase three──eventually, it will be revealed that Taotie’s vessel is none other than Kobayashi Ichirou.

Ryuuga will be shocked at such a gut-wrenching fact. Similarly, Yukimiya, Aogasaki, and Elmira will be speechless. Kurogame, being the only one I haven’t raised any flags with, will probably just go “Oh, is that so?”

(That tortoise is unnecessary here…Though, I suppose it’s necessary for there to be one person who won’t hesitate to fight me. In that sense, she might be the key character for part two.)

Then comes phase four──the final battle that will determine the fate of us all.

Taotie will be defeated after a fierce battle, and I’ll be free from the “Evil Spirit”. Once I wake up, I’ll forget all about Ryuuga and the others being ability wielders, Ryuuga being a girl, and all of the flags I raised with the heroines.

(I’ll return to being a member of the general public, and also become Ryuga’s friend character once more. Then, part three of the story will begin…or something of that sort.)

I have no problems with this plan.

I suppose I could also attempt resisting against the “Evil Spirit’s” control, similar to how Kyouka did. I’ll show some spirit in order to appeal to Ryuuga’s side.

(At this point, I feel a little disappointed that I won’t be able to see Ryuga’s cosplay anymore, but…I have no choice other than to let it go. There’s no other way that I can undo all of the flags.)

In addition, I decided on a couple of things for myself during this part two.

Number one. I won’t disclose any information about one side to the other. This is so that things will be fair.

Number two. During part two, I’ll forbid the apostles from assaulting humans and taking overly destructive actions. This is so that the transition back into a friend character won’t be bumpy.

Number three. I’ll also avoid casualties from either side. I want to transfer war potential over to the next “Evil Spirit” without losing apostles. If possible, it would take place during summer vacation.

(Alright, I can do this. I’ll definitely commit to the results!)

…I was burning with a fighting spirit.

However, things had turned into a standstill for a several days.

Though I was ready to take action, I was once again assaulted with requests from the heroines.

August 1st.

I had been called over by Yukimiya to accompany her at a social party taking place on a luxury liner.

However, for some reason, I wore a suit similar to what Sebastian had, and I had the odd role of having to serve Yukimiya along with him. In other words, I suppose I was a butler.

“Nice to meet you, Shiori. Oh, you have another butler?”

“Indeed. Sebastian said ‘I’d like to raise my successor soon’…and though he’s still an apprentice, I hope that he gets more accustomed to it.”

Yukimiya makes a startling reply to the dazzling, well-dressed, wealthy old lady. Hey, don’t just arbitrarily decide on my job.

“Come to think of it, Chairman Yukimiya’s wife was originally a secretary. So Shiori, do you have something in mind?”

“Haha, I wonder.”

Yukimiya elegant laughs towards those suggestive remarks.

I wanted to immediately deny it, but a butler has no way to cut into the conversation. I was tackling the role I had been given… How vexing my sub-character mentality was.

“──I’m sorry Kobayashi. I ended up asking you to do this.”

Once the wealthy old lady left, Yukimiya apologized.

The evening dress she wore exposed much of her back, which was quite provoking. Since she wore a light amount of makeup, she looked more adult-like than usual.

“But if I don’t do this, my father will pick the next butler without my permission…”

“O, okay. So we’re faking it until we’re making it. If that’s the case, then don’t worry.”

Sebas, who was next to me, muttered “I’m being serious about it, though,” but I ignored him.

Yukimiya’s parents had greeted us a while ago. They were younger than I thought, but they definitely felt like people of “The Ruling Class”.

It seems that this luxury liner is property of the Yukimiya household as well. Though they lamented about their beloved daughter fighting peculiarities as the “Shrine Maiden of Life”, they told us that they plan on giving her maximum backing with the company.

I never thought that I would meet her parents before meeting Ryuuga’s…

“Kobayashi, please relax. You don’t have to be particular about things like etiquette.”

“I know. I’m just doing my best to fake the part.”

Thereupon, a wealthy gentleman walked up to Yukimiya.

Yukimiya, who no longer had time to snack on the grand cuisine lining up on the tables, is forced to greet him. It must be tough being a prestigious daughter.

“Hey Shiori, you’ve become so lovely…Is that your new butler? He’s quite young.”

“Indeed. In the future, he’ll be a capable person who will be the backbone of the Yukimiya group.”

Afterwards, more and more people continually stopped by and wanted to know about me.

By the time about thirty people had come by, perhaps getting tired of it as well, Yukimiya began steadily exaggerating my introduction.

“Hello, Shiori. Oh, who’s that boy?”

“He’s Sebastian’s only son.”

“Hello, Shiori! Oh, you’ve hired another butler?”

“Yes. He was originally a Green Beret.”

“It’s been a while, Shiori. And that person is…?”

“A robot butler.”

My profile had been distorted. She kept exaggerating my setting like I was a part of a gag.

“Milady, it seems you have quite the sense of humor.”

Sebastian said that while smiling at me, but I ignored him.

August 2nd.

Aogasaki had called me over and I ended up having to go around endlessly shopping with her.

We went to over twenty train stations and even traveled to a neighboring prefecture. There was a large fashion mall there and she wanted to avoid meeting acquaintances.

After we finished a light lunch, we traversed from shop to shop. Once Aogasaki removed her usual mask of calmness, she was quite energetic.

“Kobayashi! Isn’t the skirt over there on the display window pretty cute?!”

“Yeah. The one next to it is also nice.”

“Indeed…though, that one’s a bit too short.”

It would be no problem with your great legs, Aogasaki. It even suits that summer sweater you’re wearing right now.”

“It’s a bit embarrassing, but if you’re the one saying it, Kobayashi…then alright, I’ll try it on!”

Aogasaki rushes into the store, pulling me by the arm.

From a bystander’s viewpoint, we look entirely like a couple. The type of couple where someone would go “Why is a beauty like her with a guy like him?”

Eventually, Aogasaki took a liking to the skirt and bought it.

After that, we did some more shopping, but I had to carry all of the baggage. I offered to do this, thinking it was part of the arrangement, but Aogasaki seemed happier than I thought.

“You’re the only one who treats me like a girl, Kobayashi. You really are…someone special to me.”

“N, no. Any guy would do this on a date.”

“D, d, date? Is this really a date?! Is that what you were planning?!”

“Nevermind! We’re just shopping!”

Not hearing me correct myself, Aogasaki walked while linking arms with me the entire time.

Rather than feeling down, I feel a little happy about the side of her breasts coming into contact with my elbow. When I had pried into a conversation she had with a clerk, it seemed that she’s a G cup. She loses to Jyuri’s I cup, but at this level, there’s not much of a difference in terms of satisfaction.

“Oh right, Kobayashi. Do you want to visit a pool while it’s summer break? I promised to show you my swimsuit, right?”

“C, can’t we do it in the dojo like before…?”

“That’s dull. If you’re wearing as swimsuit, it has to be in a suitable place.”

“Aogasaki, you also have to practice your sword…Look, it’s possible that an apostle might appear…”

“There aren’t many apostles remaining. The one I defeated the day before yesterday was the first one in a long while.”


“Unfortunately, it wasn’t Mion, but a shrimp-type small fry. That reminds me, Rina said that she killed a buffalo-type small fry in a graveyard as well.”

…Did they really hunt one of them before I even realized it? Them crushing each and every single one is what I’m worried about.

(All things considered Aogasaki, it seems that you’re becoming increasingly more open about your approaching of me…It’s as if your choice of clothing is determined by what I like rather than by fashion.)

Despite harboring such concerns, Aogasaki and I kept travelling across stores until the sun had set.

After returning back to our town for dinner, I sent her home. There probably isn’t anyone as reckless as to assault Aogasaki, but this is my duty as a man.

“Haha, you really do treat me like a girl through and through. That makes me really happy.”

“No. It’s not like I’m doing this out of any intent.”

“Say, if you’re fine with it, how about I study swordsmanship at your house? That way, we can see each other daily…”

It shocked me to see Aogasaki say that while blushing.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that I raised a flag with her.

August 3rd.

On that day, Elmira called me over to the school in order to suck my blood once more.

Fortunately, she absorbed my blood in moderation, but what happened afterwards was what took up a majority of the time. It seemed that she had reached a writer’s block on her novel and wanted to consult me.

“So Jiro bears Ryuuya’s child, but…I’m not sure whether to make their child an angel or a demon.”


“Having their child be an abominable demon was my original plan and it seemed simple enough, but it feels a little too cheap. I wonder what to do…”

Inside an empty classroom, Elmira rests her chin against her hand on a desk while sighing.

Leaving aside the angel and demon talk, I need an explanation for how two boys can make a baby. Just who does this person think Jiro is?

“Then, isn’t a demon fine?”

When hearing my opinion, Elmira’s widened her eyes while going “Huh?”

“You’re basically asking whether to have an angel or a demon…right?”

“Yeah. It can be either one. Perhaps a robot can work too.”

“Leaving aside the robot, perhaps both attributes can work.”

Elmira immediately jots something down into notebook using a pen. She seems very delighted.

“Kobayashi Ichirou. Give me more ideas. Just spit out whatever comes to mind!”

“Um…it’s a bit of shame that only Jiro’s doing it, so how about having Ryuuya give birth as well? If Jiro can do it, then Ryuuya should as well.”

“Well, it can work the other way around! That’s the true charm of love between boys!”

…As I kept speaking my opinions, Elmira’s enthusiasm increased.

She got a nosebleed from the excitement and ended up having to suck my blood again. What an irredeemable troublemaker.

“Tee hee. You really are reliable, Kobayashi Ichirou. Perhaps you’re the best partner for me.”

While elegantly wiping her lips, Elmira gave a sweet smile. Between her lips, I could see tiny fang-like teeth hidden.

“Oh right. How about coming to my house next time? It’s at a thirty-story apartment building located at the best district, a business district, within town. The night view is the best.”

…Was this person always that rich? Well, I had the nagging feeling that she was. It would be a bit amusing though if this noble-like character was actually poor.

“Let’s make arrangements for the night there, where nobody can interrupt us. Then, we can build our wonderful opus! We’ll have two people making babies like never before!”

“Don’t say it in a way that people will misunderstand! You think I can stay overnight at a girl’s house?!”

“You know, Ryuuga and I haven’t done any funny business. Would you rather be with him instead then? Tee hee.”

“Don’t laugh!”

After this and that happening, by the time I was released, it was a little before eight p.m.

(Not good…At this rate, summer break will end with things just being a romcom…)

I spent three days secretly meeting the heroines. Furthermore, there’s a high possibility that they’ll call me over again in the future. And if that happens, my relation with them will definitely deepen.

My plans have been delayed, and I’m in an unfavorable situation. At some point, I might end up becoming semi-lovers with the heroines as well. It’s possible that a fissure might form in my relationship with the protagonist’s side.

Such muddy love-and-hate drama isn’t suitable for Ryuuga’s story.

(Being the final boss is tougher than I thought…)

While extremely exhausted and with my legs feeling heavy, I return home.

“Ichirou, if you’re going to be late, then tell me! We already made dinner! Everyone’s been waiting!”

“You must be teasing us, how tactical, Ichirou.”

“I’m as hungry as I can be.”

Adding insult to injury, I was scolded by the three princesses.

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