Question: Is the Site Having Problems?

I’ve been having problems with the site recently, and I’m wondering if that’s just on my end, or if you guys are having issues as well.
Are you guys having any trouble with the site? Has it happened only recently, or has it been an ongoing problem for a while?

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  1. What kind of problems? I’ve had no connection issues, nor any bugs with anything else… Can you describe what you’re experiencing specifically?

    1. General instability. Sometimes the site just gives me a 504/503 error randomly and/or is slow as molasses in loading, which can be really troublesome when I’m trying to edit the site or publish a post and it just doesn’t work.

      1. Sounds like it might be an issue with your own connection… Or perhaps the server is getting really bogged down at certain times when I’m not looking. If you have any stats for it, I’d take a look at the site traffic for those times you’re having issues.

      2. Most I’ve seen is when I tried to reply to you just now, where the comment updload pretty much stalled out. I don’t think the issue’s affecting most readers, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that end of it. I’ve never dealt with a big site like this so I’m not sure of any troubleshooting techniques either…

      3. There are several times where I have to click the ‘next’ and it doesn’t load so, I’d have to reload it then click the ‘next’ again.

      1. Check your email setting. Sometimes the update frequency is the cause or its just im your internet

  2. For about a week been having issues with slow uploads, occasional comments not being posted, day/night button at top not appearing, and several of the pages’ next button not linking to next part. Other than that site seems to be fine. Thanks for the translations! Any idea when vol3 is coming out?

  3. Sometimes I need to reload it a couple of times before I could accessed the pages and slow for loading the page, maybe happened since a week or two weeks ago.

  4. Well I’ve been having some problems in mobile, I got the 503 error once and overall it gets so slow that it breaks my browser and I have to restart it

  5. Usually when I post a comment or when I am on the comment side of the page it crashes sometimes. Try checking the codes on that side you might stumble across the problem there.

    1. Also there is the probability that internet is the cause of all this. It can be sudden spike in the net or just slow internet

  6. Outside of maybe a comment taking like a minute or so to get send not really, WordPress can be weird sometimes so I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with it.

  7. The only problem with the site is that we got a random question about site problems instead of a chapter of Is It Tough Being A Friend.


    Yeah, the only problem I’ve seen is that when I post a comment, it doesn’t update the page. It does post the comment though, when I checked the page in another tab.

  8. I got message this site is on maintenance for couple minutes. Sometimes i also got error 500.

    Generally speaking, that error 500 occurs when you have wrong server configuration or the server web code have bugs. Since you using wordpress, i predict the auto updates feature of wordpress is the culprit.

    If you host the blog in, then nothing can be done except submit complain to Or it will be fixed automatically, just wait for some time.

    If you hosting the blog personally, then you need to find the error log then fix it. Googling where wordpress store the error log. After that, you can googling the error message to find the solutions. Site like stackoverflow or wordpress forum usually have the solutions.

  9. I had a point of time a week ago when the site didn’t load. Just assumed maint or smth and came back the next day. Was fine after for me

  10. the problem is most likely with ur sites settings or a third party tracker/ad/cookies since the site is flagged suspicious likely contains malware or other security risks, fix that and it should clear up any issues

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