Regarding the Fate of The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs…

EDIT: Update on this situation

(TL;DR at the end)

Hello everyone.

Volume 1 of The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs is coming to an end really soon. There’s only one very short bonus chapter after the epilogue.

Watching the novel accelerate in popularity was a rather unique experience, and getting up to 100 comments per post was quite unprecedented for me, but that has left me pondering a factor of things.

That’s why I’ve come to a decision.

I’m going to drop The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs after finishing this first volume.

This decision is based on multiple factors which I’ll list in no particular order.

The first is my own satisfaction towards my translation quality. The novel has gotten immensely popular, so much so that I started wondering whether or not to hand this to a more competent translator. As you can tell by the “MTL” part of the site title, I’m not exactly the most qualified Japanese-English translator around. My Japanese knowledge is pretty limited, and I have to rely on a combination of multiple translation tools/services to reach a result I find passable. However, along the way, there are quite a few times where I stumble across sentences I have trouble on. On some rare occasions, I just have to guess the meaning of the sentence based on what little I can gleam from it. There were also some terms/concepts thrown around in the novel that I couldn’t figure out. It wasn’t too big of a deal for the ones that were mentioned only once, but some of them pop up multiple times in the novel and are important to understanding it. As a result, I started thinking about whether or not I’m really the right person to be handling a novel this popular. While many of you in the survey a while back were fine with the translation, I personally feel a bit reluctant handling it after sometimes uploading chapters where I thought “I’m not really sure if I got some of those lines right, but let’s hope for the best…” Perhaps its something not as noticeable on the reader-end since it’s unlikely that there are any of you reading the raws and my translation back-to-back to check for mistranslations/misinterpretations.

Another reason is related to translation speed. The large majority in the survey believed that my translation speed was “just okay.” I personally believe so as well, considering that I’ve managed to do faster before (though that may also have to do with the fact that other IRL stuff is taking a bunch of time). Anyways, I know that there are many faster translators out there (one of whom was interested in this novel before even I began work on it). As a result, I ultimately decided that it would be better off having this novel be in their hands, especially considering that many of the speedier translations are the result having much better understandings of Japanese.

This next reason is more of a personal one, but as you can tell, the novel gets more political past this point. I know that some will be fine with that or even like it better, but it’s kind of a “meh” thing for me. I mean, it’s nothing that would make me insta-drop the novel, but novels focusing on politics aren’t my cup of tea. Again, to reiterate, I still like the novel. I should also mention that many of the terms I had trouble on were related to political ordeals, so having the novel delve more into politics would probably heighten the mistranslations.

I already mentioned this last reason a bit, but I’ll explain it here. There indeed seem to be people interested in taking over this novel. According to the survey results, some translator out there is willing to do the novel. Is it the same person as the aforementioned faster translator from before? I don’t know, but at I can drop it without fearing too much about it rotting in the depths of the internet without some kind soul to pick it up.

I feel really bad, as I’m typing this right now while reading some of your comments about how you guys hope that this announcement wouldn’t be anything depressing. I know this is going to result in a great deal of disappointment, but I feel it necessary for someone who can do this novel justice to handle it.

I’m sorry everyone.


I’m dropping the novel because I don’t think I’m doing a good enough job.


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98 thoughts on “Regarding the Fate of The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs…”

  1. So if a translator picks it up who is obviously infirior to you in speed and quality, would you pick it up again? That’s what I’m worried about since you’re actually super high in the rankings of fan translators. The biggest advantage you have is that your English is really easy to read, and any issues with understanding can be resolved if you just forward the question to someone else. Of course, if you’ve made your decision I won’t continue to pester you into doing a highly political novel, but you are my favorite translator right now so it does make me a bit sad.

    Thanks for translating this!

    1. If it makes you feel better, you are my favorite reader/commenter right now.
      It’s not like my decision is absolutely set in stone, but I’m going to need some convincing on the quality of my translation (likely from someone who knows what they’re doing) before I change my mind.

      1. I mean, I have done a bit of my own translating, and it does often come down to guesswork. Due to various differences between Japanese and English I find myself halfway through a chapter before I actually understand what some of the first sentences were. The best anyone can do is to just keep those guesses in mind so that if the context ever sheds light on what it actually says you can just go back and give it a quick edit.

        As for your quality compared to other translators, you make far fewer mistakes, at the level of small typos at most which are usually pointed out by passing readers. Compared to other popular novels like death march you still win out in quality concerning the final result. Anything higher than your level is starting to get into the territory of official translations.

        I’d have to look at the raws to make any judgement on your accuracy, but as long as it’s not story breaking you can pretty much get away with anything. Consider that most English published novels change details here and there for the sake of localization, such as changing units of measurement, the names of food, or even changing entire jokes since they don’t make any sense to an English audience.

        Just thought I’d spend a bit putting out some convincing, since I’ve kinda been putting in my max effort to have you translate this one since you put out the teaser. I’ll read whatever you decide to put out, so just keep on keeping on~

        1. Second that. I have read some worse TL. That’s why i think, you’re not so bad in grammar. Well, when i see your works, i have seen your efforts. No one have right to gave critics to you. And more than that, i take my hats off for you and every translators out there who’s trying their best.

        2. Agreed. I haven’t seen anything that mark your translation as bad. If anything, your work are among one of the better one regardless of the speed.

        3. Agreed, anything higher than this is on the level of translator who worked on “isekai mahou wa okureteru” who if im not mistaken stop his fan translation because he got an offer to actually translate the light novel officially on digital book…… or something along those lines…. my point is you (2slow2latemtl) are doing super fine with your translation, i would rather have you translate this novel because your group has both quality and time to spare, some of the translator groups got their hands on a very good and hype light novel and then it died down because the translator suddenly stopped the update and just disappeared unnoticed (not that im complaining since i dont know about their lives)….. well in the end i will support whatever decision you’ve made

          1. Well the one who translated isekai mahou along with js06, zzhk, bakapervert and Nigel is in My top list of fastest translator i know regardless of the language (cn-en or jp-en)..
            About decision.. it’s a Shame that you drop this LN. If that really what you well i apreciated that and maybe some kind soul who u think have recent or netter than you appear, it’s not like i’m saying your translation is’s actually good enough for me as non native English speaker to understand while your translation speed is faster than many translator out there. If i have complain about it i would be an ungratefull bastard. On side note maybe with you stop translating this you can finish is it tough being friend?
            Anyway thanks for your hardwork all this time..

      2. As the raw reader using Google translate my self, I find your translation are fine and good for me.

      3. I personally find translating from bot hard work so i commend the work you have done so far. There are relatively few grammatical mistakes and also the formatting is great. It would be great of you can keep this going.

      4. If it makes you feel better, there are translators who took good novels and drove them to shit. People should find that the start of your translations and the end took a quallitative leap but that would be just some people. A really good translation doesn’t need to be either postet daily or even regurarely, you had a very decwnt speed and quality going on and people always need to start of with something. Personally i really peefer a decent translation few times a month over a daily well piece of mumbled shit. If you are not sure about something you can always ask other translators for help, they don’t bite. Well i will stop my rant, just know i find it one of the ‘Cleannest’ translation i know of, and that means something sir. Formost thank you for translating the first volume of such a nice novvel by one of my favorite authors, and good luck in the future translations.

  2. It ok i just hope any kind soul pick this LN i still want to know what would happen to marie in the end and i hope it doesn’t touched any real religion (like some korean LN) in the end i don’t care whatever genre author want to touch, if he hooked me at the start i want to see the end of it.(Please someone translate breast rapist mc faster ????)

  3. Kinda getting tired of this shit a bit. You keep picking up really good novels, first Is It tough being a friend and now this. You provide translation on a really respectable speed compared to a lot of LN/WN translators that release half a chapter in months and your translation quality doesnt leave much to complain about. Yet you still drop these and i feel like you’re just beating yourself up at this point. W.e tho, its all personal tastes, hope you find enthusiasm to go back to the other Ln tho.

  4. I think you are a really good translator. You tend to turn out chapters pretty quickly. I think the chapter you just released was your slowest and it took less than a week. That is ludicrously fast.
    But if you don’t want to continue translating this novel than that is your choice. Actually since that’s the case you might be starting up again on Its tough being a friend soon.

      1. Oh well he usually split a capter into 3 part and he usually release 1 part per 2-3 day or even faster..which mean it is at least 1 whole chapter a week.. i can name some some of translator who only release a part of chapter once a week..

  5. Well, we’ll see how this goes, it’s unfortunate but I appreciate your feelings translator. You are human after all, I’d hate to making you feel like a tool or some such. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your next project. ~Whizper

    1. Oh and as for the coming storm of hate. I think you descision was respectable and as such. I respect you for it.

  6. The quality of the translations and the speed of it is pretty good, especially for me. Furthermore, its not really guaranteed that a new translator will be picking it up

    1. Well ain’t that a kick to the nuts. Look man I’m going to be pretty candid with you. Your honestly doing a pretty damn good job all things considered and the fact you don’t consider yourself good enough is (sigh) well it’s demeaning towards yourself which is a damn shame because I’ve seen plenty of translators who are far far far FAR worse than you are in quality and don’t get me even started in speed. As a lot of people say your already pretty good and even better you are consistent with relatively frequent updates. I honestly almost wallowing in despair right now at the idea of you turning over this novel to someone else who most likely is going to be both far slower and worse than you just because you feel you aren’t good enough when you definitely are. Their are plenty of other translators who would jump at snatching up this series in a attempt to draw in more readers and more money through donations and put fans through all sorts of annoying things and I really hope not to go through that sort of nightmare again.

      If you are going to pass off this novel no matter what on account of you feeling you are unable to give it Tender Loving Care you feel it deserves. Then at the very least you need to make sure it gets passed off in good hands to a respectable translator. Someone like Yoraikun or Bakapervert would be a good pick for example both of them did author of ” The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs” other works Yoraikun translating the Web novel of “Sevens” and “Dragoon” while Bakapervert is currently doing the Light novel of “Sevens”. Both of these translators would probably be quite interested in this series, both have good reputations with being consistent, and both are choices that fulfills your feelings of wanting someone better to take this over.

      Personally I’d rather you keep it as I feel your doing a good job and if you feel you aren’t doing good enough you could always just try motivating yourself to improve quality then. Those are just my thoughts on the matter ultimately regardless of what I say it’s up to you whether you choose to continue on or pass it off.

      1. On that note actually bakapervert was considering to pick this series before he know it was translated here..

  7. Hello, i’m from Vietnam and i’m also a translator. I appreciate you for translating this project so much. In fact, this story draws attention from viewers in my country, it’s well-known among many new stories in my website. I have only been uploading chapters for 2 weeks and now it have reached more than 12000 views and more than 200 people who want to get notifications about this story’s new chapters. I jusg want to compliment you on your taste for novels. In addition, i find it easy to read your English. It helped me alot when i starting this project in my own country. I hope you would change your mind. I love the way you devoted your effort into this amazing story, which was one of the main reason i chose to translate this on. Please, i beg you, keep translating this story. I say this not because i want to translate it for viewers (because i get no money from it) but because i want to know more about this story, and i can’t believe in any translators other than you. They may just find it interesting at the beginning, but what if they drop this one in the future? So please reconsider, i beg you again… You can visit this site to see how many people from Vietnam support your project: and if you do, ask me if you want to know anything.

  8. Thanks for your works! But, i’ll be honest to you, i am an avid reader of many LN since 2011. I have seen countless TL who said they wanted to pick a LN up from from another LN just to drop it after some chapter.
    I’ll rather got not so good grammar but with passionate TL than good grammar with dispassionate TL. That’s why, i hope if you hand over this LN,try to examine them from their track record, cause there’s some TL with bad record of on-off TL. Thanks for your attention and good luck!

    1. Even if you drop it, it’s your choice. I’ll wait for your next project. Thanks. Sincerely, your reader.

  9. thanks for your hard work, i like your TL, the english is easy to read and your TLing speed is kinda fast

    (i’m not kinda good at expressing my self, but i really i appreciate your works)

  10. please please please don’t drop this. your one of the only tls with english that doesn’t want to make me barf and you may not think that your fast but I thought that your speed was decent and you are most of all consistent with the updates. but if you do decide to not do this anymore, then ;-; but it’s fine.

  11. Since you had already made this decision, I cannot say anything about it and can only express my sadness. I hope that the next novel you pick up will be as interesting as this one.
    But I have to say that you are devaluing yourself too much.Lets talk about your reasons for dropping this novel. First you said your translation quality is bad. But that’s not true. Your translation quality is pretty good. There are many translators who have worse grammer than middle school students. There was even once I had to stop reading a novel I really like because I cannot read the translation. Your English grammer is pretty good. You said your Japanese is limited. But you are already doing a very good job. You are just not used to it. Not to mention you translators, even for readers like us, it is pretty hard reading English words at first. I will just talk about myself. When I first started reading translations, I couldn’t read most of the sentences without opening dictionary. But a year later, reading English translations is like reading in my own mother language. So don’t worry too much. Your language skills will become better as you translate more(both english and japanese for you).
    As for your second reason, I once wrote in a comment that I wanted a quicker translation. Even though I am shamelessly reading your translation for free, I commented something like this. I want to say I am really sorry about it. I just said it on a whim because I was really excited and frustrated waiting for next release at that time. Your site is one of the fastest sites i’ve ever seen. I ususlly access novels from novel updates so I am always seeing the release frequencies of various sites. I can confidently say that you have a great release frenquency. Those with faster translation than you are all from big translation sites where translation and editing are like jobs for them. And the things they translate are chinese and korean novels with thousands if not several hundred chapters in it. So I want to say that you have a great release rate.
    As for the next reason, well, I am the type who like those politic stuff but eveeyone has their preferences.
    Lastly, I will say this again. YOU ARE A GREAT TRANSLATOR. Don’t worry about other translators. You are not inferior to them. I have seen some great novels who the original translator give up for others to pick it up, only for that other person to release a few chapters and drop it with noone to pick it up or some even disappear without any announcement at all leaving behind an empty site with few chapters.
    No matter what, I will support your decision although there is a chance that I will forget about this novel if the next translator do not pick it up quickly. I will be looking forward to your next new novel ( or maybe just pick up is it tough being a friend again).

    Whoosh, took a long time for this comment 😉

    1. By the way, when I started writing thae above comment, there were only 8 cimments posted. Thats how much the readers care about you and this novel.

  12. Thank you for works, but i gonna say this, your translation are good and have a nice flow, i’m almost never encounter problem with reading your translation, the only time I need to slow down and re-read part of novel is when the novel explain ranking system, an d i’m quite sure its a problem from my part or maybe the novel weird ranking system. As you can infer from my comment, i’m not a translator, my english isn’t good, but reading your translation is easy (in good way) and the translation flow is smooth, there are a lot of novel translator out there (since i read a lot), but a lot of them is MTL too (compares to manga translator) and some of the translator that using mtl only correcting grammar in translation without checking the entire paragraph or chapter part, making its hard to read for someone with limited English proficiency like me (sometimes I need to read (other translation) more than once to understand the translation, this thing occur when the translation is correct but the word choice or the (translated)information in that previous sentence doesn’t match or flowing with next sentence (or paragraph)). The only thing i can accept from your reason for dropping this novel is your personal preference, I cant say about that, for quality of translation, your translation is good (at least for me, since i am not native nor good in english), and for speed, your translation are very fast, for those say its “just okay” i guess they just want “moreeeee” because its a really good novel with a good translation. Well enough ranting, now i just want to say i am sad and mad, but…. Thank you for translation, its a very fun ride

  13. Thank you for the translation which I consider to be good. Soooooo many things I was looking forward to; the reunion of Leon and Marie for instance, and the possible political manoeuvring to reinstate Julian as clown Prince.
    I will keep my eyes open for the next translator to pick this up, and again, thank you for all the work.

  14. Yeah you suck alright… you are downplayibg yourself just because of this novels popularity? Show some pride! You are the reason why it has become popular! Your translations are not perfect but do we complain? (Other then the wait due to cliffhangers) We dont we simply point out a typo here and there but you’re able to churn out these chapters quite quick while keeping it readable, and understandable!
    Though your mind is made up remember that you were able to keep a constant and stable update to a up an coming popular novel!

    We fans are greatful for your work and time!!

  15. Thanks for the translations! Sorry to hear you’re dropping the series. Are you going to continue “Is it hard to be a friend?” Please don’t just drop it and hope someone else picks it up. Should be some method for a translater to find someone else to take over.

  16. That’s quite the sad and sudden announcement you have over there. Thank you for the hard work, sire. By the way, don’t be too hard on yourself. For us readers, your translations are worth gold because it is easy to read plus the pretty fast release rate compared to most. It would seem like you are undergoing the “I can’t accept the quality of my product” phase which means you have reached the stage where your mastery of the Japanese language is leveling up. Don’t think of it as a bad thing because most people don’t even reach that point.

    Thanks for the fun ride. I hope you had fun becayse i definitely did! Whether you decide to continue translating this series or to drop it and pick up another, I’ll probably still support you as a fan. Thank you very much!

  17. Thank you for all of your hard work in translating this volume. I must say, compared to other MTL translators, you are definitely a cut above the rest.
    While I am no translator (and I don’t know Japanese), I can definitely see the sheer amount of work you have put into this. In fact, I wouldn’t have known that this was a MTL if you hadn’t told us that it was. The quality is just that good, IMO.

  18. You’re being Leon right now, TL.
    You have excellent quality and speed unlike the other translators (like how Leon have money and his robots), and feel that this novel is to good for you to translate (like how Leon feel that Anjie and Livia is out of reach for him).

    Well, I respect any decision you make. But let me say this,
    Why? Well first your translation is good, i’ll give it 9,9 out of 10. Of course, there might be someone better than you, but they didn’t pick this novel, YOU did. Second, you got the speed. Unlike most translators that only did 1-3 releases a month, and you did like 6-7 or even MORE releases a month. Yes, it’s only parts, but hey, the length is rivaling that of 1 chapter other translator releases.

    And I’m sure there are lots of translators that want to be at least on par with you in terms of quality and speed (One of them is me for sure).

    But in the end, it is all up to your decision, translating something that feels “meh” to you is depressing, trust me, I know how it feels. I’m a fan of yours and this novel, so I’m going to respect whatever decision you make. But if you still hadn’t moved or convinced with all these lots of fans cheering you up to keep translating this novel, I don’t know what could.

    P.S. Sorry if my english so bad, my english is self-taught by watching movies or listening to songs etc. so…

  19. Thanks for translating this novel and offline show some pride since not many people will be able to do it.
    Btw will you continue any other translations ?

  20. Man, that’s sad. Considering that there might be a little error on some chapters, it was offsetted by ypur release speed, so much that I became quite worried if you are pushing yourself to release that fast.

    Still, thank you very much for all the work you’ve done for this novel. Greatly appreciated it.

  21. An unexpected development but some kind of development nonetheless. Even though I disagree for your reasoning behing it, I’ll have to accept what you think is best for this translation. But don’t think I’m saying that you are right or anything, you are quite alright, awesome even, that I come back to this site by the hour just checking for an update. xD
    Even though the speed depends most of the times, I can’t help but be happy with the quality that I forget once and after reading it. Then again, that is after I curse the chaptwr itself for being short but that’s beside the point I.
    I guess, what I want to say that it’s kind of a bummer that you’ve chosen to drop this even though you’re doing quite a good job at it. But since this is your decision… I guess I’ll accept it as it is, cuz I don’t think I could change your mind or your perspective on this…
    Nonetheless, I thank you for trying your best to translate this and hope… Well- I hope I’ll be able to see more translations from you in the future. Of anything you’ll be picking up if you have any. I’ll keep coming back just in case. 🙂

  22. It is a pity to see you drop this novel, as I believed that the reason why the novel had received such a popular response was likely due to your effort in providing good yet fast translation.
    Hence, I must say that your translation speed is by no means slow at all and is relatively faster compared to most other Japanese novel translation I have read.

    Thus I hope you do not feel discouraged by people saying that your translation speed is “just okay”.For I believe that is more of a sign that people are anxiously awaiting the next chapter from you. I believe that your quality of work is in no way sub-standard and your pacing to be just fine.
    So please hold your head up high with pride for your work so far.
    Thank you for your translation so far and I wish you all the best in whatever project you take next.

  23. Thank you for the Hard work
    Your translations are Good
    And easy to understand
    Same goes to your translation speed.

    Don’t worry TL
    We will support your decision!

  24. Thanks for the work you’ve done! I’m sorry to hear you are dropping the novel, because I both enjoy the story and the work you’ve done on it. Many faster translators have more grammatical errors, and much worse flow in translating from Japanese to English. So please pat yourself on the back for doing an excellent job translating!

  25. I did a bit of translations a while back using Google translate and editing it, but your translation is definitely one of the best ones I have read, to the point where it seemed you are Japanese tbh (I have also read the raws of this novel and your translation is beautiful compared to Google translate)

  26. Another FOTM which everyone looked forward to being abandoned by the TL, just like power in the shadows. Can’t wait for this one to get picked up by a Chinese MTL, with no editing whatsoever and huge amounts of mistranslations, and it all locked behind his patreon to boot. Just great.

  27. anything higher quality than this and faster than your releases is in the realm of paid translations/official translations. Easy to read, easy to follow dialogues, little spelling mistakes, passionate translator and favourable community. Don’t belittle your skills.

  28. I was hoping this day never come. 🙁

    Thank you for translating this story so far and we really appreciate your efforts. We really, honestly do. Arigato.

    If only I’m rich then I’ll offer you a harem of maids to comfort you while you translate more chapters (will that change your mind from dropping the novel? It don’t? Well it’s a nice try).

    Jokes aside, me and my mates are definitely crying over this in our server. I mean, not crying over it.

    Whoever picks this novel up after this must know that he/she/undetermined have the full support of Flying Orca aka. Truck-kun and his mates! We support you! Woohooo…

    … and if they do a bad job worse than you, I’ll send them to crappy isekai.

    Good luck in your future undertakings, 2slow2late.

  29. It realy is a shame that you are droping the LN as you are one of the best out there(in bouth speed and quality), but the decition is yours to make and we just have to accept it, it just sucks as i was realy into this one… anyway il be loking forward to your next tranlation project and thank you for translating up until now.

  30. Considering how many novels I read simultaneously, I thought that your translation speed was just fine. Good luck!

  31. Dang mate, and here i thought you can keep up with it.
    Well, it was an interesting journey. Your MTL skill is admirable, and overall quality is high, compare to some MTL standard & even manual translated ones.
    We prefer you keep up with what you’ve currently did, but i guess it pretty standard. I mean, some of the story drop translation speed after a few volume. So… yeah, just keep pushing it.
    On other hands, if you have people try to translate this from this chapter & onward, let me know in the comment who was, and the link.
    And again, thankyou for your contribution to the comunities, we’re all appriciated it.

  32. Well that’s a shame. Still the series is pretty new and volume 2 just came out so I imagine even if you stuck with it we’d be waiting on the next volume for quite a while. Well I look forward to the next thing you pick up.

  33. You are being far too hard on yourself. Your translations quality is really quite good, especially by the standards of fan works. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is ‘google translate’ and 5 is the minimum I would expect from a professional translation, your work is a solid 4.

    Readability: 5/5
    Your translation flows nicely and easy to read. Many translations use poor english, insert random bits of Japanese, retain ambiguities, etc. The latter is often a desirable aspect of translation, as the ambiguities may better represent the original meaning. However, it is wholly out of place in recreational texts. There is no need to make a distinction between ‘faith in’ and ‘faith of’.

    Speed: 4/5
    Your translation speed is excellent and very reliable for a fan work. A consistent 1 chapter a week is much better than many other translation groups. There are groups with better speed, but they are few and popularity is not enough to ensure one will pick up the series. If you want to turn popularity into speed I would consider Patreon. I do not know your personal situation, but compensation can solve many problems.

    Understandability: 4/5
    This rates how well concepts are conveyed. It is generally good. There were only a few places where I felt the text was trying to convey/imply something and I was bewildered. However, this is a hazard of translations in general and are not necessarily the fault of the translator. It could well be that the author did not provide proper elucidation in the original text.

    I did notice that the political sections were the least understandable overall, although it was only a very minor problem. Your instincts in that regard seem to be on point. Of course, it may actually be the author’s handling of politics which is unclear.

    Conclusion: 4/5
    Your translation is good, there is no need to drop it for that reason.

  34. Seems like my itch was on spot. Well shoot. I respect your decision and hats off for the splendid work so far. I hope I wasn’t too nitpicky in pointing out grammar corrections in your work.

    Overall, I see folks respecting your call, a few haters and some asking you to revise your decision. Personally, I believe there’s no point in translating once you lose motivation.

    I’ll keep an eye out for your future work and will help your translations meet quality – if that’s alright that is.

    I liked the premise and the mc’s attitude, the AI with dripping sarcasm and the overall setting. Bakapervert dropped it and has taken up the sevens LN since you had picked it up. I hope someone of your level will pick it up soon since this has got me hooked!

  35. So thank you for translating “The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mob“ I loved this light novel and you always find interesting light novels.i was wondering what are you planning to do next are you going to pick up another light novel or are you going to continue “Is it Tough to be a Friend?”?

  36. I’ve enjoyed this novel and many others, but If you keep dropping these then you will keep losing interest in translations. That being said there are several novels that were being dropped recently from tensei translations that you probably have a fair chance of picking up, they also had a medium size fan base, which would appreciate you continuing the tl, even if you think your translation quality is bad. Your quality however is still much better than some translations that I read/ used to read

  37. I don’t know how to respond, I am feeling a lot of things and I can’t put it into words. What I can say is that your translation is actually very good, most of the time, MTLs give me strokes, yours no. Your release speed is one of the fastest I know till date, some novels i used to read would release once per month with shitty quality. Have a little more confidence in yourself, although I do understand not liking politics, they bore me too, and I’d probably want to drop it too.

  38. Please, raise your head.

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