Okay, so Maybe I Was a Bit Too Rash

Wow, I really left that last announcement on a depressing note…

So after reading your comments, I did some reevaluation and decided that perhaps I was indeed being too rash with all of this. However, that doesn’t negate the personal concerns I have. So, there are some things I’m going to do first.

1.) I’m going to contact the translator who was interested in this novel before. They’re both reputable and fast, so I think you guys wouldn’t mind them taking it over.

2.) If that translator is no longer interested, then I’ll setup an email so that anyone wanting to take over the novel can message me. I’ll ask some basic questions like translation speed/quality, familiarity with Japanese, etc.

3.) If that falls through as well, then I’ll consider going back to The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs, but I would look into finding someone who knows Japanese well enough to evaluate my translations for the first volume.

So yeah, I have a plan now to prevent the novel from either being left without someone to pick it up or in a worse position than before. I hope this is a better conclusion, or at least a more palatable one.

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33 thoughts on “Okay, so Maybe I Was a Bit Too Rash”

  1. Thanks for your hard work again TL. At least we know you care for this LN and I can hope it will keep getting translated.

    Again, thanks for the hard work and happy holidays.

  2. Are you referring to Bakapervert? He took up Sevens already so not sure how he would respond. But yeah, I really hope that this LN continue to get translated especially when the manga’s translation has just begun.

  3. Thanks for your work translating and ensuring this series continues with the kind of quality you gave us. Sad to see you go, with the great quality and consistency you gave us. I just want to let you know your releases have been superior to almost every translator for other series I read in quality and speed. I hope you have a great holiday season.

  4. Wohooooo thank you thank you soo muchhhh, for taking care the transition. At least we know the novel translation not dead (suddenly), if all of your effort for finding new translator fail, i just hope this novel offically translated to English. Oh once more, thank you for translating 1st volume. Cheers, and happy holiday.

  5. As far as english readability goes, your work is definitely near the top when compared to other translators, though I can’t speak for how good a translation it actually is, so I’ll take your word for it if you feel it could be better.

    Kudos to you for taking the time to make sure the novel goes to a good home if you can’t keep it.

  6. Dunno if you saw my comment among the torrent that you received in the last post, but if you want help with something specific feel free to drop me a line in the Blob Translations discord. I’m taking a hiatus until I’m done with chemotherapy, but I’d be happy to answer the occasional question when I’m feeling well enough.

  7. First time I post something here, I want say hi and express the feeling many people, that had see u working hard for this novel, thank you, english is not my native language but i came to understand, and enjoy this novel thanks to your translation, may not be perfect, yeah u may commit mistakes but I have never felt that when read it something was off, is sad see you departing but I come to understand your reasons just let me say this one more time, thanks for your hard work, I would like see you translating more novels so this wont be a farewell.

  8. I’m glad to hear that you’re reconsidering your decision. Personally I think your translation quality is something that should be totally irrelevant in your decision. The questions your should ask yourself are “will having the new translator pick this up make my work easier, and make the translation process of the books I like more efficient? ” and “am I really feeling like working on a different series right now?”. Since you’re feeling hesitant because the novels became so popular, just remember it got so popular because you maintained good quality and speed throughout the whole first volume, and even without the speed I think most people would continue to read it so keep your head high.

    As a side note, what method of machine translation do you use? Just straight up editing of Google translate? Or do you use rikai-kun to help you look up each word in a sentence, read it out, and then come up with the meaning. I’m just curious since your quality is around top rear as a machine translator, and I’m hoping to make my work a bit more efficient.

    1. I use two tools basically. Translation Assistant Tool and Translation Aggregator. The former takes each line of the raw and automatically copies it into the clipboard, while the latter takes whats copied into the clipboard, puts it through multiple services (Google Translate, SysTran, etc.), and spits out the results. Most notable in Translation Aggregator is its integration of JParser, which is a Japanese dictionary similar to Rikai-kun or Jisho, and what I mainly rely on for figuring out the meaning of each sentence. Something I like about JParser is that it’s able to detect Japanese idioms/figures of speech that would otherwise be confusing if translated literally (it doesn’t catch all of them though). I then type the translation for each line into Translation Assistant Tool, move on to the next one, and keep doing that until the whole text has been translated.

  9. Welp, was about to leave a motivational comment on the last post, but here we are with a response already.

    I’m glad you’ve set up steps with what you want to do with the novel, but I’d (and everyone else here) would rather have you as the translator than someone else, even if they’re “fast and reputable.”
    Your choice of novels is great, your translations are in proper English, and you release at a rapid speed I’ve never seen anyone come close to.

    So, please don’t beat yourself up about it, and keep on translating The World of Otome Games. And maybe bring back Ichirou while you’re at it.

    FelixisSparky, concerned fan.

  10. Will you continue translating Lonely Attack on the Different World if someone takes up The World of Otome Games?

    1. Not sure. I’ll likely pull up a poll over whether people want me to continue “Is it Tough Being a Friend” or “Lonely Attack on the Different World”

  11. Thank you for your work.

    I honestly think your concerns are dumb and that you should continue this translation.

  12. Really glad to see you respond to us readers so fast. Readers respond to translator’s announcement fast and vice versa. This shows that you are a good translator that cares about your readers and also being cared by. I will be waiting for your next announcement.(Personally, I am in dilemma wanting you to translate is it tough being a friend and the world of otome game so I wll leave the decision to you and other readers.)

  13. Wow.. I’d say this is a much better conclusion that the earlier announcement. Thanks for putting in the extra effort to make sure this LN doesn’t end up stranded.

  14. Dude
    I fucking love you.
    There are scums out there who are hiding quality works behind 200$ monthly patreon walls, whose quality is hardly better than machine translations. And you are here preparing to forfeit your right if a better guy comes along. I am not too sure about the qualities of your translation, they were fun enough to read, but I can you are a fucking awesome human being. Stay chilli, bro.

  15. Thank you very much for all of this, and I love your translations. Whatever you’ll put out I’ll probably read.

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