Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v1 Illustrations

TLN: Again, sorry about the image quality. This is how they were in the e-book

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These illustrations are from the inside front cover


Right: Hinomori Ryuuga (blond-ish hair), Kobayashi Ichirou (brown hair). Left: Yukimiya Shiori (top), Aogasaki Rei (middle), Elmira McCartney (bottom)


These are the general B&W illustrations, spoil yourself at your own risk




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14 thoughts on “Is it Tough Being a Friend? v1 Illustrations”

    1. Yep sure is. You know what this just made me thought of, what if their was a harem story with the MC (he/she) had both genders in their harem I never seen that done before.

      1. You know there was a novel that did that, but I don’t remember the name and the guy harem was a bunch of 10 years old elfs, his resoaning was that in that world 10 years old was considered an adult.

      2. There’s Bakarina (Destruction Flag Otome), though it gets stale after a while since all the the harem members do is fight each other over a dense MC…

    2. But in the illustratiosn shows up that is a girl so most likely because the girls are going to be close to him they will for for him instead of the reverse trap. The twist of he looks like a girl but is a guy and falls for the true mc is old already.

  1. I don’t mind that it was spoiled, but I’m going to assume that everyone who looked at these pictures figured it out anyway….

    #calledit, the friend/protag character is actually female. fucking called it.

  2. Well, while a bit cliched in some ways, it will definitely e amusing watching the MC deal with this. Pretty obvious his “Hero” might have feelings beyond friendship developing. The comedy part of the MC trying to deal with the fact that the “guy” who he wanted to make into a heroic protagonist, with a semi-harem of beautiful women (while trying to whittle it down to a main one), turns out to be a girl who seems very attached to him, and I would bet he has trouble dealing with it emotionally and probably will be slightly dense at times (not all the time). Also, there’s likely to be very awkward moments cropping up often. Cliched, but can still be enjoyable if done properly.

    1. Well there are a lot of Female ‘protagonists’ out there, I am sure he has seen more that a few of those, the problem now is how will he play his role in making the protagonist shine even more. So far he has been the friend that maintains his peacefull every day moments but once he finds out he will jump into the romcom plot. Can this MC handle that??? Now I guess I truly understand the tittle.

      1. It’ll be interesting to see how he has to deal with that discovery, along with the harem that is supposed to be surrounding his heroic protagonist friend, at the same time.

        1. Not to mention if he has to begin to consider developing the series into the Yuri genre HAHAHAHAHA. Well the only solution would be if this somehow developes into an Ranma 1/2 situation after all the background of growing up on China has already been played.

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