Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? Chapter 1 Part 3

The weekdays passed without a hitch and then came Sunday.

Just because school is off doesn’t mean I get time off. Besides being a friend, I also hang out around the town with Ryuuga. The school isn’t the only stage in this theater for me.

Whenever I see Ryuuga in casual attire, I have to take some caution.

Even though I’m a comic relief sub-character, I’m a close friend of the protagonist. I can’t dress up fancily, but I can’t be sloppy either. Above all, it’s important not to have my fashion overlap with the protagonist’s.

Well, today we didn’t make any plans to go anywhere.

Perhaps I can forget about my duties and slowly wind down…at least, that’s what I thought, but something arose.

I unexpectedly came across the school’s idol, Yukimiya Shiori, in front of the station.

“Huh, Yukimiya? Are you meeting someone?”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“Perhaps it’s Ryuga?”

When I asked that, Yukimiya suddenly turned red and cast her eye’s downwards. I see, perhaps Ryuuga has one those “date events” today?

Since Yukimiya is one of those virtuous and pure heroines, her casual attire is a thick white dress. Her dress matches perfectly well with her long, beige hair that reaches down to her back. She was carrying a somewhat small basket in her hands, most likely a homemade lunch she made for Ryuuga.

…Yukimiya Shiori was the object of affection for all of the boys in the school, a daughter of a respectable family.

She was gentle, kind to everyone, but was also ignorant about the ways of the world. Her somewhat modest chest was a bit of a pity, but she’s one of the candidates for being the core of Ryuuga’s harem.

Despite being an honor student with top-ranking scores, she often sneaks out of class with Ryuuga. It seems that they fight alongside one another.

In other words, Yukimiya is also someone with unusual abilities.

“Um, if I remember correctly, you’re Hinomori’s friend.”


I make a lively reply towards what Yukimiya said, as if I’m some kind of kindergartner.

This is to be expected for Yukimiya. I’m an inconsequential character, but I won’t treat her harshly. I just give a soft smile towards her like the “great god of researching one’s three sizes” that I am.

“Kobayashi Ichirou, right?”

“Huh? Oh, right right, Kobayashi! Wow~, I’m so impressed that you know my name.”

…To think that I, of all people, would be late on their reaction.

It’s quite thoughtful of her to remember my name even though she takes her class in the adjacent classroom. However, in this case, it’d be better if she wasn’t being thoughtful.

This isn’t how you should do things, Yukimiya.

There was something wrong with that name being said just now.

It would have been better to mispronounce my name as Oobayashi or Nakabayashi. This was supposed to be the once in a lifetime chance to show your mischievous side!

So, I can’t say that she said it correctly, because in fact, she said it incorrectly.

While she does carry the attribute of a virtuous heroine, she shouldn’t lose her focus. Such characters like her often get outdone by other heroines/candidates.

I think that for Yukimiya Shiori to take the position of the main heroine, she needs to have a wicked side to her.

“U, um, by the way Kobayashi. If you have the time, is it okay if I ask you a question?”

Yukimiya says so while being ignorant of my disappointment.

“A question? What is it?”

“Umm, well…”

Yukimiya was suddenly acting bashful.

While looking up at me from time to time, she hesitated for a moment before continuing.

“Is that hard to ask?”

“No, not really…but, what is Hinomori normally like…?”

I made a grin in my mind towards what Yukimiya muttered in a fading voice. I see, so that’s how it is.

She wants to know how the protagonist is from the perspective of a male friend──those feelings are of course natural for a heroine. It can be said that this is one of my duties.

That shy expression and the way you’re fidgeting with your fingers is brilliant. Are you sure you’re not consciously doing this, Yukimiya? You’ve already made up for those points I’ve subtracted from you a bit ago.

“How is Ryuga normally? Hmmm, let me think.”

This is the critical moment where I have to suppress my desire to sing praises of Ryuuga. First I have to cut him down with just a few words.

“That guy’s──a bit of a weirdo.”

“W, weirdo?”

“Yeah. I don’t understand his thought process, it’s been hard hanging out with him recently, and his parents are always on long business trips and rarely come home, so his cooking skills are unnecessarily high.

As Yukimiya was confused, I continue my slandering. While I was at it, I also nonchalantly tell her about his family circumstances.

It’s painful having to denounce my close friend, but this is also my duty.

“But, well…unlike me, Ryuga is firm in his beliefs. I’m sure that he’d definitely treasure his girlfriend.”

And finally at the end, I put myself down and instantly praise Ryuuga.

This is elevation through self-deprecation. This raises my status as well. Since I’m a good friend of Ryuuga, I’m also a character that understands him.

“Do your best, Yukimiya. The competition for Ryuuga is high, though.”

“I, i, it’s not like I have any feelings in particular for him.”

Yukimiya Shiori turns bright red and shakes her head. A good reaction you got there, Yukimiya.

“You’re going on a date with Ryuga, right? That guy’s a fan of fairly passionate movies. He told me that a movie he wants to watch is currently screening, so now’s a pretty good time to invite him there, isn’t it?”

“T, thanks for the advice…”

Though she turns red up to her ears, Yukimiya bowed her head and behaved courteously. Unfortunately, this is about as much help as I can give. I can’t afford to support one heroine too much.

Well, since Ryuuga is about to make his way here, I should probably get going.


At that moment, a single worry flashed into my mind. “Is this really alright?”

Leaving behind the protagonist and getting involved with a heroine…maybe I was overstepping my boundaries as a friend?

Yukimiya’s heart ultimately belongs to Ryuuga. Things will turn serious if a flag gets raised as a result of me arbitrarily getting involved with her. It’s not like you can know where a flag will show up.

Perhaps I wasn’t taking enough concern. Maybe it would have been better to just greet her and leave. Now that Yukimiya gave her thanks, I realized that I may have acted rashly.

Perhaps I should correct this to put things back into order…

“──Yukimiya. Actually, forget about what happened just now.”

“Come again?”


Yukimiya tilted her head towards me, as I had suddenly made a serious expression.

“I didn’t pass by here. I didn’t come across you. Alright?”


Yukimiya stared blankly, not understanding what was happening. She’s a woman that’s bad at inferring things. If I explain in detail though, Ryuuga will arrive.

“In any case, we didn’t meet! Don’t say anything to Ryuga!”

“What do you mean by that…?”

“Just go with it! If you tell him, then be prepared to get a taste of my rolling elbow!”

I make sure to threaten her then run away, after which I lurk inside a place hidden from view and observe Yukimiya.

And before long, Ryuuga showed up. He greeted Yukimiya by saying “Sorry for making you wait!” while having his usual refreshing smile.

I cautiously observe the situation, carefully selecting my timing.

Don’t rush it. Not yet. Just a little more…okay, now!

As soon as the two were about to walk, I waited for the opportune moment and then stepped out. I smoothly approached the two while having a nonchalant look.

“Oh, Ichirou.”

Noticing me, Ryuuga suddenly raised his hand.

I also raised my hand in response, and immediately changed my expression.

I turned my line of sight towards Yukimiya. I had been chatting with her like normal just a moment ago.

“Hey Ryuga. And…Y, Y, Yukimiya?!”

If I do say so myself, my acting is as realistic as Robert De Niro’s.

I look at the two in amazement, repeatedly open and close my mouth, and topple to the floor. I then shed bitter tears.

“W, why are you with Yukimiya! What’s the meaning of this! Is it a date? It’s a date, isn’t it?! I thought we had gotten awfully close recent;y, but was that just the extent of our relationship?!”

“Y, you’ve got it wrong.”

People passing by take notice of us.

Startled by my shrieks, a housewife’s chihuahua begins to yelp. Hey, don’t disturb me. I’m on a roll right now.

“I’m by my overly lonesome self on this Sunday and yet you’re doing this!”

“Shiori and I don’t have that kind of relationship…”

“Why are you calling her by her first name!”

I rolled around on the ground while writhing, swinging my arms and legs around like a spoiled brat. However, I don’t forget to maintain my breathing.

“In the first place, don’t you already have your childhood friend Rina! Don’t you have Rina, who lives next to you, whose family you’re acquainted with, and who’s in the second year E Class!”

Perhaps that was a little too descriptive. Eh, whatever.

“Calm down, Ichirou.”

“I am calm! Damn it! What’s with you!”

…Yukimiya Shiori was dumbfounded.

She opened her eyes wide, as if silently saying “What are you doing?” towards me.

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