HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 40

Extra Arc: The Legend of The Metal Slime’s Brides’ Strength Part 6

There was a tent in the oasis.

Inside the tent that was about twenty tatami mats big, there was a bed in the corner.

That place was where Natasha has been residing for the past two months.

Since she had saved merchants in the desert from bandits, she was asked to reside in the town of the oasis and hold a guard-like position.

At the time―she was fixated on how Yuuki called being a Demon Lord a small job.

So, she kept the fact that she was a former Demon Lord a secret―but she did not restrain her abnormal power among the humans around her.

‘I have to find my dreams. So I have to dig up this desert―I’m fine with doing this odd job.’

‘Why the desert…?’

It didn’t seem like that influential of a town, but in general, she was still welcomed.

Anyways…anyhow―she was unbelievably talented.

Coping with the bandits is a matter of life and death for the merchants going through the desert.

There have many incidents where bandits barge into the inns merchants are in and snatch away all of their cargo.

Due to that, it seems like merchants that drop by only carry a minimum amount of supplies and swiftly leave.

During such a situation, she had destroyed three bandit groups in the oasis’ vicinity within a day. Due to that, there are now few damages in the vicinity caused by bandits.

Since public order rapidly improved, in a real sense―the inn town inside the desert’s oasis was quickly developing.

Furthermore, recently, as a relay point of trade between the east and west, the development of trade facilities, such as large-scale businesses resembling markets, had begun.

Due to that, she had been accepted as the leading figure in the development of the oasis town.


Once she could take a break from her guard duty, her eccentric behavior began to go full-scale.

Every day, she would set out to the desert early in the morning, and come back late at night covered in sand.

And, her fingertips were especially dirty with sand.

It seemed she really was digging up the desert. Doing so barehanded.

So with that, even today, the oasis’ residents were wildly gossiping about her eccentric behavior.



Now back to the main topic.

Sitting on her desk, Natasha was reading the contents of a letter with a blank stare. While lightly placing the letter down at her desk, she spoke with a cheerful smile,

“What do you think about blowing up a castle right about now?”

“What are you suddenly talking about?!”

“Not good enough…? Alright, then let’s go and blow up a city.”

“Like I said, what are you talking about?!”

Natasha thought for a while then struck her palm with her fist.

“I’ve decided―let’s turn a whole country into scorched land.”

“Like I said, what are you even talking about?! I’ve kinda realized this, but…being with you is really disappointing. Every day, you’re digging up the desert for some reason…furthermore, doing it barehanded.”

“Basically…I like explosions, and I love large explosions.”

“Like I said, what are you saying?!”

“It has to do with this.”

While saying that, Natasha suddenly forced the letter onto Ruri.

“Alright then…Lindahl Emperor, this means war.”

Natasha, who seemed to be cheerful and in high spirits, then made a more toned down expression―Ruri too had a grim look when reading the letter.

“Him…being a cat burglar? I mean, that can’t be right. With that kind of power he has, aside from earning money, he could also do anything he wanted…”

Natasha nodded.

“In general, it’s a place where false accusations on people are often made. I don’t know why he’s not doing anything to get rid of that dishonor…Since he’s the type of man that’s quite mysterious, I suppose there’s a deep reason behind it that I can’t understand, one as deep as the ocean.”

“I think he’s quite the zealous guy, but…all the same, I’m not a follower of him like you are. Are you sure you’re not just making a fuss over nothing?”

Natasha sneered at Ruri, as if looking down on her.

“Ruri, I agree when you say that you don’t have a deep relationship with him. So don’t come near him.”

“I was only talking about me being on good terms with him…”

“I’ve vowed to have a reunion with him. Once that time comes, I’ll be the woman that wins his favor―and promise to be his spouse. That’s why I’ve left my position as the Demon Lord and worked to better myself.”

Ruri’s expression turned pale upon hearing about the marriage promise.

“W, well! I too…also made a promise that we’d eat together once we meet again!”

“Heh heh, how cute. If you two get together in a bed after that, I could very well acknowledge you as a rival.”

“What you mean by…rival? There’s nothing going on between him and me!”

“How can you say that when your face is turning red? It’s obvious that your heart is burning with emotions against me.”

With a smirk, Natasha shifted her eyes towards Ruri’s chest.

Then, as if flaunting them towards Ruri, Natasha grabbed her plump chest with both hands.

Judging from appearances, Natasha’s chest was an E cup, contrasting with Ruri’s, which were an A cup.

“In the first place, you don’t have any charm as a woman. Even with a face like yours…and even with your well-versed knowledge, there’s a certain mannish feeling coming from you.”

“…You…are you looking to fight…?”

“I’m ready for a rematch anytime, you know.”

“Get off of that table then, because I’m about to beat you up.”

Natasha made a light sigh as Ruri’s fists made a sound.

“Anyways, I’m about to head off and amuse myself. It’s been a while since I’ve had humans as opponents.”

After thinking for a short while, Ruri opened her mouth,

Those words from a while ago…about blowing something up remained on her mind.

Ruri knew that she might of just said it as a joke, but the woman in front of her holds a lot of power. It was possible for that woman to turn an entire country into scorched land―Ruri knew that.

And, the only person with the potential to stop that woman―was herself.

“Do you…know what you’re doing…?”

“Ah, I’m not going to do any killing.”

“Right, if you understand, then that’s good…”

While Ruri felt relieved, Natasha then let out a carefree smile.

“I’m just going to threaten them.”

Greatly perplexed, Ruri muttered,

“Good grief…you’re seriously hot-blooded.”

“…I just like explosions.”

Natasha made a sullen face.

“But, unfortunately, I can’t move. I made a promise to guard this oasis…So, I have a request for you…I want you to head towards the Lindahl Emperor.”

There, Natasha had gotten the better of Ruri.

She believed that Ruri had definitely wanted to go. Ruri probably was discomforted by the fact that the one who saved her was dishonored with false charges.

However…as Ruri bit her lip, as if holding herself back, it seemed that wasn’t the case.

“You should go. You can entrust the protection of this place to me―You really like him, don’t you? That guy.”

“You’re saying that…you won’t go? Were you not also charmed by that man?”

“L, like I said! I…um, err…I mean, how am I supposed to like that masked mantle-wearer?!”

Promptly, Natasha put on a new mantle that was hanging on the wall.

Then, she let out a mischievous smile towards Ruri.

“Hmm. I’ll give you some advise as a love rival…don’t half-heartedly let someone fall out of your reach, even if that someone is a bit odd.”

“L, like I said―you’ve got it wrong.”




Natasha, with jet black wings forming on her back, spoke to herself as she soared through the sky,

“Truly…a noisy woman. There’s no way for me to be able to hold a discussion with her.”

Then, she continued,

“Alright, should I make a large, fiery destruction from an explosion after all? Nothing would be left behind or even partially burnt…”

The spell formula for Darkness Flare, which hadn’t been used in a while, sprung up in her head.

Since she was young, she had an extraordinary passion for explosions from the fire-type spells.

While thinking of such things―she turned her sight towards Lindahl’s imperial palace in the far distance―and her lips formed a crooked smile.

Author’s Note:

Apparently, it seems that the Oil Baron really loves explosions.

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