HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 39

Extra Arc: The Legend of The Metal Slime’s Brides’ Strength Part 5

Two girls stood in a desert.

One had a black ponytail and was dressed in a shrine maiden outfit.

The other was a silver-haired girl with scarlet eyes, dark brown skin, and wore light armor made of leather. (TLN: This is supposed to be the Demon Lord. Her appearance in the WN seems to be slightly different than the LN)

Countless craters of about thirty meters in radius surrounded them and were signs of a fierce fight.

They were about seven meters apart.

While slipping through the many long-range and mid-range magic attacks from the Demon Lord―Ruri was trying to grab a hold of Natasha within arms reach.

The moment Ruri rushed to narrow the distance, Natasha quickly moved away from the range of her arms.

“I see. You’re on a whole different level compared to when we fought back then in the Demon Realm. Have you…surpassed the limits of humans?”

“You too―you’re entirely different from back then…At that time…you were just playing with us, weren’t you?”

Natasha made a cheerful laugh.

“Well now, how will you defend against this?”

Numerous arrows of light suddenly appeared within hundred meters of their surroundings.

Their numbers―totaled to 950.

They were magic arrows, the most basic of the basics when it comes to magic, but since they were activated by Natasha, whose magical power exceeded the limits, their numbers were unimaginable.

“You’re the first in a long time to get my flesh and blood worked up―Don’t disappoint me now, okay?”

Once Natasha launched her readied attack, the arrows of light began heading towards Ruri at subsonic speeds.

‘Ruri? It’s impossible to dodge them when they’re coming at this speed and with this amount.’

“I know that, sister…so in that case―”

At that spot, Ruri lowered her center of gravity and brought down her waist.

“I’ll just have to knock them all down!”

It was an extreme speed.

With movements far exceeding the speed of sound, Ruri’s arms would look like the thousand-armed Kannon to someone else. (TLN: Kannon is some kind of religious figure that had a thousand arms or something like that. Also known as Avalokitesvara in some other countries)

She instantly knocked down the arrows of light, approached closer to Natasha―and brandished her right fist.

“Spiritual Body Level 10. At that time back then, I couldn’t deal any damage, but―”

With an impact that caused the surrounding atmosphere to tremble, Ruri threw a right straight punch into Natasha’s face.

“―Now it’ll go through!”

Though Natasha was blown away, she softened the impact by forming a cushion of air behind her using wind magic.

She made a complete turn in mid-air.

Then she landed gently on the sandy ground.

Finally, she confirmed the presence of a liquid flowing from her nose.

“Ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha, you dealt damage to me with your fist…You’re the second person to do that―What praiseworthy skill, what praiseworthy power.”

Natasha continued,

“My apologies. I had gone easy on you. Let me express my respect for your power―I’ll go all-out and return the favor you made with that power.”

Before she realized it, a gigantic flamed dragon danced about behind Natasha.

It was not a living being. It was pure fire―but it could be said that life dwelled within it, as the max amount of magical power was being poured into this fire spell.

If it was the Great Sage Signum, his limit would be forming a two meter salamander (fire lizard).

However―Natasha had created a fire dragon over three hundred meters in length.

“…Is this…really…your doing…?”

The dragon began to open its mouth and swooped down onto Ruri.

Once more, Ruri brought down her waist and brandished her fist.

“―How lackluster!”

She sent a left hook into the dragon’s face and the flames on the right side of the dragon disappeared.

While Ruri was convinced of her victory, her older sister’s voice resounded in her mind,

‘No, Ruri―that just now was a decoy―This real thing…is…up there.’

Ruri instantly looked over to the sky.

At that moment, her complexion went pale.

“…Are you serious?”

There was an impending meteorite with a five hundred meter radius, coming up from one kilometer above.

Star Impact.

It was established from ancient magic theory, but there were not supposed to be any users up until now due to its amount of magical power required.

The flamed dragon from before would have no mass no matter what happened.

However―the impending meteorite would have hundreds, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of tons in its absurd mass.

“Heh heh heh, it seems you still have quite a ways to go before you fully mature. This is the end for you, human.”

The moment after Natasha let out her composed smile, she then was at a loss for words.

Ruri wasn’t supposed to have any skills that would prevent her fate of being destroyed once the meteorite drops―but Ruri had leapt into the air.

“―She’s…attacking it?!”

Ruri had a thought as she surpassed the speed of sound, broke the air, and jumped towards the meteorite,

―Even this wouldn’t be as tough as Higure!

She had another thought,

―With my fist, I’ll pierce through this!

“Here we gooooooooooooooooo!”

When Ruri’s fist made contact with the meteorite―a large fissure had formed in that large mass of an object.

The spell did not damage her.

As soon as Natasha deduced what had happened, she cast a mass-adhesion technique to prevent damage to the surroundings from the meteorite fragments.

In an instant, the meteorite disappeared without a trace.

Using the speed gained from her jump, Ruri approached Natasha.

“Heh heh…human…just like that man…always playing around, I see…

At the moment of contact, Ruri knocked down Natasha with something akin to a tackle, throwing them back by two hundred meters.

Ruri raised her first as high she could and swung down.

Then―Ruri’s fist suddenly stopped at just the tip of Natasha’s nose.

“What’s the matter, human?”

“This is my defeat. I surrender.”

With a bitter expression, Ruri shook her head sideways.

“As expected. You noticed?”

“You talked about people that always played around…but don’t you always play around as well? Even at this moment―you’re holding back, aren’t you?”

Natasha stared in bewilderment, as if she heard something unexpected.

“No, I was making a serious effort. And yet you surpassed it.”

While convulsing little by little, a vein appeared on Ruri’s forehead.

“You…didn’t even use Darkness Flare.”

Right, it was the Demon Lord’s unique ultimate spell.

It was a skill comparable to a hydrogen bomb, and she didn’t use it during this battle.

Natasha muttered while appearing dumbfounded,

“You confronted me with only physical attacks. I was using my magic seriously―Was it not reasonable to respond with my strongest physical magic: Star Impact?

“That…I’m telling you that you’re making light of humans!”

Removing herself from her mount position, Ruri held her index finger against her forehead while pondering.

Unable to accept it, she grumbled to herself for a bit, but after a while she held out her left hand to Natasha for a handshake.

“Anyways…please take care of me, Natasha.”

“It’s been a week since you come to this oasis…and you suddenly ask to fight with me while sending a blow to my face…”

Natasha grasped Ruri’s hand.

“You still haven’t told me why you approached me, you know.”

“Yeah, just hold on for a bit longer…give me some time. I understand that you’re not a bad person, but even so, you were the former Demon Lord…I still don’t know if I can trust you.”

She continued,

“However, at some point―I think I’d like to ask you for something. With this battle, I’ve plenty understood that you’re indeed out of the norm.”

“As for me, I’d like to have even just one person with the ability to develop this desert…You’ve got my hopes up, Takane Ruri.”

―This battle was to be recorded in later history books as the first record of a battle between those with broken (bugged) statuses.

Anyways―one week later, Natasha received a letter addressed to her from Sartolyn.

Author’s Note:

Trio Member A (self-satisfied look): “Heh heh heh, our power is comparable to the Great Sage Signum.”

Trio Member B (self-satisfied look): “Therefore, we are invincible.”

Trio Member C (calm): “This is going to be as hard as an impossibly-difficult video game unless we get some people on the same class as Higure, wouldn’t it? It’d be better…to request the Noranouk Kingdom…for assistance…right?”

*For various reasons…I changed Natasha from having black hair and white skin to having silver hair and dark brown skin (TLN: Oh, she was even more different from the LN beforehand?)

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