HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou v1 Chapter 4 Part 2

After the whole ordeal, Yuuki feasted on an outdoor barbeque containing four kilograms of Matsusaka beef steak with a marbling white as snow.

After getting some rest and having his blood sugar level surge back up, Yuuki was brought to the old castle at the Mountain of the Ancient Demon Tree by a man who called himself Ryuuzaki Kenji.

“There’s nobody living in this castle right now, right?”

“Well, due to various reasons, I’m the current owner of this land. This is our Arcadia.” (TLN: Arcadia is basically synonymous with the word utopia, but the novel specifically uses Arcadia [アルカディア] so I’m sticking with that)

From appearances, he seemed a bit older than Yuuki, looking about 20 years old.

Whether he was a college student or something like that, he seemed to have the same circumstances as Yuuki.

Specifically, he was someone that transferred to this this other world from Japan as a hero, had his belongings stolen by the Noranouk Kingdom’s horrid king, and kicked out.

Well, aside from that, his physical appearance was quite dreadful.

He had a height of 160 centimeters, a weight of a little over 100 kilograms, wore black glasses, had a two large, but subtle scars on his cheek, and also had a bowl cut.

He was a lump of fat, or perhaps to better say it—even in Akihabara, there were not many otakus that would fit his image. (TLN: Akihabara is a place in Japan famous for being filled with otakus and otaku stuff)

He was at that level.

Yuuki was then surprised.

First of all, when opening the gate to the castle, red carpets could be seen spreading out across the entrance and lobby.

At that moment, there were a burst of countless high-pitched voices.

“Welcome home, master—!”

Over 30 maids made their greetings while standing in a line, using both of their hands to hold on to their skirts—They were greeting Ryuuzaki.

‘This is a maid cafe!’ is what he retorted with, as there were fantasy women with things like cat ears, elf ears, hair and eyes with an assortment of colors like red, blue, gold, and silver, but they were real maids which made it a spectacular sight.

Well, he was surprised by it, but what shocked him the most was the maid that accompanied Ryuuzaki when Yuuki first met him.

“That long-time maid, Lydia, is quite nice, isn’t she?”

“Yup, that’s right, but if you want to, you can give her any command you want.”

To put it simply, she had a gentle and neat appearance.

Long and black hair, eyeglasses, a maid uniform, and—enormous breasts.

Both Natasha (Former Demon Lord) and Sartolyn (Succubus Queen) also had large breasts, but Lydia’s were on a different scale.

“By the way, how many centimeters…do your breasts take up?”

“108 centimeters, I believe…”


Those breasts already make her suspicious of being a prostitute.

They were going boing-boing.

They were going wibble-wobble.

Those things that were being called breasts were too big, too lewd, but most of all,

—Too unrefined.

For breasts…it’s generally not good if they’re just big and nothing else.

For instance, they need tension to them.

Or they need shape to them.

Besides, there needs to be an artistic unity between the breasts, ass, and waist—Only when those various factors combine together will they become ideal breasts…that’s something nobody would object to.

—It’s not a good thing.

While Yuuki was remained silent, staring at Lydia’s breasts, she pushed up her glasses with her index finger.

“Indeed, my breasts are…oddly oversized…making the balance with everything else strange. There are also no clothes of the proper size and my shoulders get stiff.”

Then with a sad expression, she asked Yuuki a question,

“Do you not like my breasts?”

HP1 8


“I love ’em!”

“That immediate of an answer?!”

Thinking about it carefully, that’s what he came to.

He stopped caring about reasoning. And any boy who stops caring about balance would love someone with large breasts.


Yuuki was taken aback by Lydia’s enormous breasts and had his mouth agape, pointing out the fact that he wanted to ask something but wasn’t able to speak it.

“By the way, where’s Ryuuzaki?”

Right, when Ryuuzaki came back here, the maids rushed over to him, scrambling to be the first to get draw close to him—Then they hugged and embraced him.

Thirty people all simultaneously came to him at once, it was quite remarkable.

After which, Ryuuzaki reluctantly reprimanded them, causing them to break away, and with the wave of his hand, the maids left.

Then, amongst all the maids who were already quite the lookers, three especially beautiful people remained by his side.

The other maids in the surrounding—were sending looks of jealousy at the three as they stood…leading to the present situation.

“Need something, Saitou?”

Ryuuzaki was eagerly stroking a young vampire loli’s ass while she was clinging to him.

“You look like an Arab king with that harem…What the heck happened?”

“Indeed, I have a harem. So?”

Yuuki looked at each and every maid with a bewildered expression.

There were elves, beast girls, ordinary humans, dark elves, and there also seemed to be a vampire girl with a pale face.

It felt like…a large gathering of otherworldly races.

Furthermore, among all the beautiful women, there were two or three lolis that were extremely adorable.

Looking at them as a whole, they all had hearts in their eyes, something felt a bit off.

“Ryuuzaki…what I’m saying is…how did you get into such a situation like this?”

“Saitou, what comes to mind when you think about stories of people being transported to other worlds?”

“Using unrivaled cheat abilities—and getting a harem!”

Then, a beast girl, who looked to be around a junior high school age, dived into Ryuuzaki’s chest.

“Aah! Ryuuzaki! I don’t like how you’re not paying attention to me—!”

“Hey now, we have a guest.”

Although he said that, Ryuuzaki relaxed his face and locked lips with the girl.

There was a sloppy sound as their tongues intertwined.

Yuuki looked at his surroundings, it seemed that the other maids were seething with overwhelming jealousy.

With a cough, Yuuki cleared his throat, and Ryuuzaki stopped his kissing, pulling away from the maid.

“Apologies, I got carried away. Well, as you can see, for both women and men…this is an Arcadia. I’ve obtained it…with my cheat ability. That’s all there is to it.”

Yuuki was able to get a grasp on the situation,

—A man’s dream—a harem…This man has already achieved his dream.

Once Yuuki understood that, tears poured out.

His appearance was completely unattractive, but despite that…no actually, because of that, this became that man’s aim. Yuuki looked at him with respect, but soon his expression was mixed with suspicion.

“A cheat ability, was it? Yet, you were tossed out from the start by that horrid king, right?”

Ryuuzaki let out a sigh as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Saitou…? There’s no rule stating that the ownership of cheat abilities has anything to do with the point at which you are transported here, you know.”

“…In other words?”

“As a result of my training, I was able to obtain a cheat ability. So in other words…this harem is the fruits my labor, sweat, and tears.”

“I see…”

Saying that, Yuuki was impressed.

There were the kinds of cliché stories where, well, once being transported here, someone would have an overwhelming power and be popular with the ladies because of it.

Though, it was different in Ryuuzaki’s case.

He earned power after working for it, and then obtained his cheat ability, finally arriving at him getting a harem.

Right, just like Yuuki (even though he’s only under that impression), he was not strong from the beginning…but there’s more to it.

“I see…it’s a big deal for you, Ryuuzaki. Anyways, I get that you have a cheat ability, but how did you get this large amount of women…? Are you saying that they fell in love with you in the middle of helping them out?”

For a while, Ryuuzaki thought about something, and for a moment, there was an apparent wrinkle between his eyebrows.

Afterwards, he soon made a smile and turned his line of sight to Lydia, who was waiting near him.

“I’ll leave that to your imagination. By the way, Saitou?”


“Are you by any chance also aiming for a harem?”

“Yeah! It would be great to have harem like yours…”

Without waiting for Yuuki to finish speaking, Ryuuzaki had nodded head deeply.

“There’s a bond between us since we’ve had the same circumstances…you can feel up this girl’s breasts.”

“No joke?!”

At the sudden turn of events, Yuuki cried that out while surprised.

“Yes, no joke. If you want to, you can stuff your hand under her clothes and tease her bare breasts.”

“What!? It’s fine for me to touch her bare breasts?!”

He got the OK to touch her breasts in the raw.

It was quite strange for a woman he didn’t even know to be okay with him doing as he pleased to her breasts, almost like it was a brothel.

Since there was a lack of response from Lydia’s expression, it seemed that unreasonable requests were an everyday thing for her.

In all honesty, Yuuki was holding back considerably.

Saitou…what are you doing making that strange face…could you perhaps find this unpleasant?”

“I gracefully accept your offer!”

On the other hand, breasts were a man’s dream.

He got permission to do as he liked to a beautiful woman’s breasts, so he’ll do as he likes. He wanted to fondle them.

“Ryuuzaki…actually, let me call you my pal!”

“Do as you may. Tonight…I don’t mind lending you Lydia as well.”

As Ryuuzaki exchanged glances with her, Lydia pulled up her skirt on the spot.

“If we’re doing that…then take a gander at her underwear! See how outrageous they are! Lydia!”

With that being said, Yuuki’s went ‘Yahoo!’ in his heart.

It’s still mysterious why the situation turned into something like this, but he was ultimately down for doing perverted things.

He could see something akin to underwear under the skirt.

“Um…this is…? A chastity belt?”

It was—a kinky, black leather chastity belt, the kind found in SM shops.

It seems there was a lock mechanism prevent it from being taken off, the type that uses a large padlock.

“Here, it’s better to unlock it with this.”

Ryuuzaki tossed over the key while having a vulgar smile.

“What were you doing with the chastity belt…? Also, I’ve overlooked this because of my panic earlier, but are you letting other people touch these girls’ bare breasts…and letting those people borrow them for one night…?”

With that, Ryuuzaki pushed up his glasses with his finger.

“This person has already finished her training.”

“Finished…her training…you say?”

“As you can see from the chastity belt, my desire to dominate is strong…Under normal circumstances, I’d never give up anyone to anybody except for you, Saitou. I’ve made a special exception for you to be able to borrow someone for one night.”

Then Yuuki turned his eyes towards Lydia.

“Are you really okay with this, Lydia?”

Her facial expression had some sorrow mixed in with it, but Lydia immediately gave Yuuki a smile.

“If it’s my master’s request.”


Without even having to think carefully, Yuuki’s exposed figure made him seem like a suspicious person.

He was a masked mantle-wearer with half-petrified trunks. In front such a man, Lydia felt like she an object being thrown away.

He was able to understand the meaning of the sorrow in her expression from earlier.

Yuuki thought for a while, then shook his head sideways.

“Hmm…Ryuuzaki. It’s a nice offer, but I humbly decline.”

“You decline? Why is that?”

Ryuuzaki’s big mouth was left agape in surprise.

“Yeah, it’s because…it’s unpleasant forcing someone to do something against their will.”

“Doing something against their will..?”

“Well, if Lydia was fine with any man…such as a lecherous pervert…then I might be fine with it, but it definitely doesn’t look like that’s the case…Besides…”


“It’s the same deal with the chastity belt…How do I say it, it turns me off. If you’re saying things like finishing her training…then perhaps my vision for a harem is a little different from yours. That’s what I think at least.”

“…Your vision for a harem? Sorry, I don’t get what you’re saying.”

“My motto is to be a bright, happy pervert, but this is…how do I say it…too much.

While talking, Yuuki hit palm with a fist.

“Anyhow, I also want my first time…to be with a woman who loves me, I guess…That’s how I feel about it.”

Yuuki continued giving his thoughts to Ryuuzaki,

“I wonder why I feel a lot better now. Anyways, I decline your offer to give me women…”

“Oh right, I’d like to…borrow your power.”

“My power…?”

“I’ve been watching what you were doing ever since you were transported to this world…”

“You’ve been watching from the beginning? How did you even do that?”

Ryuuzaki pointed to his left eye. Upon which, the black color of his eye turned to a gold color.

“Skill: Clairvoyance…Originally, I got this skill to look for harem members, and well, it was all fine and good for that.”

“Clairvoyance…it seems anything can happen in this other world…”

“So, as far as I can see…you hold a special power, a vast power…I don’t know how much power you have, but it’s enough to surpass the Demon Lord. It seems that power is beyond imagination.”

“Demon Lord?”

Thinking about it for a short while, Yuuki finally came to understand.

It appears that Ryuuzaki was talking about how magic doesn’t on metal slimes, he was referring to that ability.

“Well, indeed, my ability is effective against sorcerers or things or like that. You could say I’m almost invincible to them.”

“Sorcerers? Well, it would be effective against sorcerers too. So…right, although you talked about how you’re invincible in this world, it would not be an exaggeration to say that that’s the kind of power you have.”

“Hmmm…I won’t deny it, but what do you need?”

At that moment, Ryuuzaki’s pupils lit up with pure rage.

“That horrid Noranouk king, it seems you’ve also suffered from him.”

“Aah, that bearded guy…He definitely…lacks common courtesy.”

“Like you…I was stripped naked and tossed outside the country, chased by a pack of stray dogs…To stave off my hunger I had to do things like eating raw garbage or stealing from others…until I was able to gain power…I did anything necessary to in order to live…Yes, anything…”

Yuuki felt something slightly cold in the pupils of Ryuuzaki, who gave a distant look while remembering something.

“That’s why I hold a grudge against him. I want to crush him. You see? I’ve obtained power, but…I feel uneasy doing this alone. So, I want to ask for your help.”


Yuuki was silent.

—That king…definitely…has an army, doesn’t he?! He’s an idiot if he thinks he can go against such an opponent—

Ryuuzaki doesn’t know the exact details of it, but for now he does understand that Yuuki held some kind of cheat ability.

However, his special skill was just his agility and nullification of magic, that’s all to it.

In general, when sorcerers appear, they usually have shields or something…If that happened, he wondered what he could do if an arrow came flying out from somewhere.

“…Partner! That being said…I want you and I to attack that horrid king together. And, together with me, you can also make a harem here. With the two of us…let’s build an even grander Arcadia here.”

He held his palm out to Yuuki.

It seemed he wanted a handshake, but Yuuki shook his head sideways at that point.

“I want to think about it for a bit…”

For just a moment, Ryuuzaki sent a dreadfully cold glare towards Yuuki.

“Are you saying that…you’re refusing me?”

After saying that, he thought about it again and let out a grin.

“I see. Why don’t you think about it for a while then?”


“Oh, that reminds me.”

Ryuuzaki struck his palm with his fist.

“If you’re not going to be with Lydia…tonight, everyone’s all going to have some fun together, so won’t you join too? There’s thirty people, so there’s bound to be at least one person that’s your type.”

“No, didn’t I explain myself earlier? I’m sure you were listening.”


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