An Announcement and a Question

Okay, so I’ve got a three-week period of tests coming up, so chapter releases are going to either be really slow or halt entirely until said test period is done. This means that there won’t be much activity on here until around the end of May. My apologies about that. I know three-weeks is a pretty long time frame to be taking tests for, but there’s not much I can do. I’m taking the IB Diploma Programme and the school decided for us to take all IB tests during year two, so things will get pretty hectic at around this time.


Onto the next topic:

I never realized how tiny these things are. They’re like the size of a phablet.

So I just got the light novel in the mail the other day and it seems that the content is the same up until the end of the Medusa arc. Afterwards, the the light novel’s timeline branches off into entirely different direction away from web novel.

I’ll upload illustrations once I unbind the novel and scan them, but before that, I’d like to ask something.

I just finished translating the end of an arc in the web novel and I was thinking of halting progress on it to translate the new content in the light novel. Also, reading a bit into the next web novel arc, I think this is a good place to introduce the stuff that’s in the light novel. I could try to translate them both simultaneously if you guys really want me to, but it would get a bit confusing (and it would also be slower) posting two continuities of the story at once.

What do you guys think?

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4 thoughts on “An Announcement and a Question”

  1. I want to read the ln part too, thought the posting is slower but im not problem with it.

    And hope you success your test

  2. Hey good luck on your test, I would like to see the LN material, as that normally tends to be better. The whole battle royale infinite defense arc thing wasn’t as interesting as the stuff before it. If they cut that out in the LN I would like to see that timeline.

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