HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Light Novel v1 Illustrations

Light Novel Illustrations

TLN: These are the light novel illustrations for the only volume there is. The light novel is the same up until the end of the Medusa arc, where it then goes into an entirely new arc not in the web novel. Unfortunately, there is no eBook version of the novel, so these illustrations are all scanned from a physical copy. Anyways, click the arrows below to see them.

These illustrations are from the inside front cover
HP1 Color 1
HP1 Color 2A
HP1 Color 2B
HP1 Color 2C
HP1 Color 3
These illustrations cover chapters 1-14 of the web novel
HP1 1
HP1 2
HP1 3
HP1 4
HP1 5
HP1 6
HP1 7
These illustrations are not in the web novel at all and are part of an arc exclusive to the light novel, spoil yourself at your own risk
HP1 8
HP1 9
HP1 10


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13 thoughts on “HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Light Novel v1 Illustrations”

  1. Looking around for more news on this series I found (again) the author’s 2 twitter accounts (old and new), as well as the original title 「メタルはぐれ最強伝説 ~ステータスバグ状態で異世界トリップしたら無双だった件~」

    From what I see, the novel is not dropped, and some info about it is in the latest twitters, but I can’t make head or tails from them:

    1. OK, the twitter seems to be a bot that picks tweets from the original twitter account and botches them. Nevermind. But it seems that the plagiarized novel is still HP1.

  2. MC is that guy in Medusa pic? And I guess they put a LN original arc to end the LN, or axed the LN…
    Hmm…seeing the MC doesn’t look that weird though….I swear my imagination for this guy is much more weird…
    Thanks for the pictures.

    1. The guy in the Medusa pic isn’t the MC, that’s the blind boy. The second picture with him is the part where he regains his eyesight and bad juju happens.

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