HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 21

The Making Of A Broken Character Prologue

My name is Takane Ruri

A young maiden of 15―a 3rd year middle school student who’s beauty would make even flowers shy away.

A height of 154 cm, a weight of 52 kg, right handed, and adorned with a pony tail.

My family consists of my father, my mother, my older sister, and myself.

Born in Tokyo and raised downtown.

I spent my childhood in the nightmare that was my father’s martial arts dojo.

And nowadays, I rank 3rd best in swordsmanship and 2nd in hand-to-hand combat for the Yagami School of Shinkage-Ryu Arts. (TLN: Shinkage-Ryu is a style of Japanese Swordsmanship)

I can run 100 meters in ten seconds flat.

1500 meters in 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

A grip strength of 149 kilograms.

My best record for pull-ups was 52 times.

I’m also quite exceptional at ancient martial arts, so even when my friends get into a fight with delinquents, I can win against 100 opponents.

I mean, I’ve always been thinking about trying out for the Olympics…and to be frank, though I never learned judo, I’m confident that I can earn a gold medal just by following the rules.

Yep, I know it myself.

I’m a women who nearly surpasses what can be called human.

According to my friend, I’m like a martial arts girl who you’d likely find in a manga.

The kinds of manga like “Air Master” or “Grappler Baki.” (TLN: Next few lines reference characters from Grappler Baki)

No wait, I feel my rank is good enough that I’d even be able to win against Kyosumi Katou.

Huh? Kaoru Hanayama? That’s too unreasonable. I honestly wouldn’t be able to last 10 seconds. Though it might be possible the first time if I pull off some cheap tricks.

And well, for someone who supposedly gives off the impression of a ‘female gorilla’, my figure quite is nice.

My face…hmm, I also think isn’t that bad. I’ve gotten love letters everyday.

Although, they come from the school’s female juniors…

I think that about a year ago in middle school, I was quite popular with the guys, but after my peculiarity became known, nobody approached me.

How did things turn out like this…


Whatever, that’s fine.

Time to get the main topic.

I’ve been transported to a different world.


At that time, my older sister and I were walking along a highway. As an aside, my older sister has similar circumstances to me, and behind her back, she’s been called the ‘Boss Gorilla’.

No, she’s definitely a beautiful woman, but…when her grip strength exceeds 150 kilograms, she’s certainly a monster, isn’t she.

I’ve gone off-topic again.

Anyways, a reckless truck going 80 kilometers per hour rammed into us, and then we were informed that we were transported to another world.

However, up to that point, I had my suspicion.

First of all, why were not able to avoid the truck?

After being rammed into, my head hit the ground…but, why was I unable to break my fall?

To put it bluntly, if I properly acted, then I would only receive something on the level of a bone fracture.

Well, whatever, that’s also fine.

Anyhow, my sister and I encountered a goddess.

According to what she said, the ‘ability value’ that I’ve trained in Japan would get converted into bonus points early on. For reference, she said that the average person has 20-60 points.

And so, we had quite the substantial values, I had 3462 and my sister had 3580.

Furthermore, we were granted the bonus skill Martial Arts: Swordsmanship Level 10 (MAX).

And, there was also an attribute that I didn’t understand well attached to me.


Attribute: The Conqueror of Century’s End (TLN: Fist of the North Star reference; had to look it up)

Explanation: By releasing an overwhelming, fist-champion class, aura, just glancing at low-level monsters can kill them.


No, I really don’t understand what this means…Sorry, that’s a lie.

I actually understand a bit of it.

In short, us sisters possess an overwhelming characteristic.

This kind of system in place had…something related to the end of the century, something related to reincarnation, and if I may be frank…something that resembled Fist of the North Star.

I was exhausted at that point…I wished for at least some kind of saving grace.

If I actually reached the ranks of a conqueror, then my appearance might really be that of a gorilla.

Whatever, back to the main topic.

So, since I don’t know what magic or skills are, I dedicated all of my bonus points to agility, defense, and attack.

This is my status as of level 1-


HP 14320
Attack 8540
Defense 6434
Agility 4939


It seems my sister had something similar as well.

I was told that the average person has a status of 10-50 points, meaning that us two really did reincarnate into a pair of gorilla sisters.

No, no matter how many times I say that, our looks aren’t bad…probably.


And like that, we had an audience with the king of Noranouk.

Once we announced our status’, the reception of the people was staggering.

The king, his flunkies that looked like magicians, and all of the soldiers made a standing ovation.

The applause and cheers didn’t stop, and by closing time we where being lifted into the air.

After that, the king gathered his citizens into the national plaza and started making a speech saying, “The heroes of legend have finally appeared.”

As young maidens, we were honestly a little embarrassed, but…it wasn’t a bad feeling.



On that note, we started our venture to exterminate the Demon Lord…but things turned brutal.

The “Attribute: The Conqueror of Century’s End” was tremendous.

Even if monsters appeared, they would run away.

And also, they were running away with a tremendous force.

Rabbit-type monsters trembled, frozen in place, just by looking at us.

The pupils of their round eyes lost their color, and they just repeatedly quivered.

A frog being stared at by a snake. A mohawk-wearing outlaw being stared at by Raoh. (TLN: More Fist of the North Star references that I had to look up)

-Those poor rabbits we encountered.

My sister and I wept.



Well, half a year later, we arrive at the Demon Realm.

Although all of the monsters fled in the beginning, those at  the Demon Realm were at a mid-boss class, and were seriously dangerous.

And, to put it bluntly, they kind of felt like strong enemies.

If my level didn’t go up, if my status remained how it was early on, I definitely would have died.

So, my sister and I pushed onward through the Demon Realm.

We put an Ouroboros (Enormous Snake) in a headlock, then did a suplex on it.

We did a sweeping leg throw on the devil Loki as we encountered him―and going with the flow, we straddled him, threw waves of mounted punches, and continued beating him until he was unrecognizable.

The God of Hell, Hades, was really strong.

I took the back and my sister took the front.

Going with a pincer attack, we unleashed an infinite number of strikes―if we didn’t use such an unfair technique, we might have lost.


And then, the Demon Lord: Natasha Erigaul.

Her face…was the only one I absolutely couldn’t forget.

Anyhow, us sisters had our heads handed to us.

To speak frankly, she was able to put pressure on our openings…I think.

Close quarters combat was our domain, but she was releasing magic from her hands and feet at a medium to long distance away.

We received several hundreds to thousands of blows, broke our joints, and fractured our bones.

But she had not taken any damage at all.

Due to her cheat abilities, and to our amazement..she defied the laws of physics.

Actually, the devil Loki and God of Hell Hades seemed to have had a similar power too, but she was somehow able to forcibly push against the laws of physics.

I thought of her as frightfully…tough.

Whatever, that’s fine

In any case, we didn’t do any damage to the Demon Lord at all.

I heard this later on, but if you tried to use a weapon to deal direct damage to that astral body (spiritual body), an attack might just pass right through the Demon Lord.

I was thinking at that time,

―I wish I was equipped with weapons!

Thinking carefully, the ancient martial arts we learned also included weapon techniques, but since we were raised in a Japanese society, the Swords and Firearms Control Law made them seem unattractive…I think that was the line of thought we had.


…Although we managed to escape from the Demon Lord’s castle, there was a price to pay.

My right arm and my sister’s left leg.

Although it’s possible for heroes to restore their bodies by resurrecting, that doesn’t seem to be the case when facing the Demon Lord.

So, for the time being, we returned back to the Noranouk Kingdom where we started.

Although we were burning for revenge on the Demon Lord, that horrid king wouldn’t let us.

You heard me.

―He didn’t let us.

We, who have now been labeled as defective goods, were no longer his favorites.

And because our mana was being drained from us, we had no means to oppose him.

Shockingly―his aim from the start was not the extermination of the Demon Lord.

It was to study us people who had traveled to this other world.

And some good ingredients to cook up something like that involved launching journeys for assaulting the Demon Lord’s castle.

During those journeys, he had been constantly observing the heroes, and were measuring them.


And after that, for a number of reasons, my right arm had a monkey’s arm transplanted into it, and a horse’s leg for my sister.

We were dragged to a dangerous facility.

There was a display noting that this was the Laboratory of Forbidden Arts.

There were complete disregards for human rights, human experimentation, abuse, lobotomy operations, anything was approved…it was really a facility you wouldn’t be able to smile at.


There were a total of 80 heroes here.

Everyone had their bodies tampered with in one way or another…The effects of such tampering resulted in the people having power comparable to ours.

On that day, we became the pawns of one big game, and were removed from the side of our former benefactors. And there, we were greatly surprised. There seemed to only be people…with broken statuses.


That’s how it was.

The game began on that day.

That day, we were gathered into a large room in the facility.

And, the start of the game was declared.


The rules were simple.

There could only be one victor. The time period was one month. The limit would be within 5 square kilometers of the laboratory facility.


―We were forced to kill other fellow heroes.

Author’s Note:

With this, the harem members and story line are both being advanced at the same time.

I’m thinking of changing up the plot this time by making Yuuki become more OP diligently, but doing the preliminary free writing is relatively hard.

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