HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou Chapter 20

Glutton of Demise Part 5

―These guys…had the nerve to sell me out…and steal from me!

He had understood it in his head, but even so…Yuuki still had some feelings of trust towards Momo.

“Momo…about the cruel things Igarashi did…to you…”

“Hmm? We have quite the normal relationship. Could you not make any strange accusations?”

Momo had responded to Yuuki with a devil’s smile while sticking out her tongue.

“…I see, it was to throw me off guard. Guards, please hear me out! I’ve been falsely accused!”

“A false accusation…is it?!”

The chief soldier sent a glance towards Yuuki and Momo and roughened his voice,

“The words of a hero… and that of a suspicious person with a single mantle and trunks. It would be commonsense when thinking about who’s words to listen to.”

“Guh…you must lack proper ears then…you meathead!”

The guards eyed the approximate distance between themselves and him. It was about 2 meters…that was ideal for them.

Yuuki let out a daring grin.

“You think I’ll just quietly let myself get arrested like this? The one thing I’m confident in is my ability to run!”

As if he had just remembered this, Igarashi smiled a wicked grin.

“Saitou, now that you mention it, your agility was your only strong suit, wasn’t it?”

And there, Momo noted the coming of Yuuki’s death sentence.

“Still, sorry. Hypothetically…even if you did get away, you wouldn’t have a place to take refuge, you know. Right now, the security guards have a crystal ball…everything is being recorded with image-preservation magic. Your crimes will be well-known to all the humans in this continent’s countries.”

“Hey, just now…what did you say?! Ugh…damn it!”

Towards Yuuki’s declaration to flee just now, the soldiers faces turned to those of resentment.

They had to vigor to throw themselves at Yuuki on a moment’s notice.

There was no more time for questions.

“Aaaaah, jeez, what the hell’s with this?!”

There, Yuuki turned his heel and began running towards the window.

The soldiers tried to spring at Yuuki―but nobody could trace him to begin with.

A windstorm blew violently indoors, and after that moment, the sound of glass breaking could be heard.

It was a feat of escape that couldn’t be compared to anything other than teleportation.

There was silence for a brief moment.

Igarashi was dumbfounded, but before long he was clapping his hands as if in understanding.

“…He disappeared…did he? Indeed, that guy had a very abnormal agility…it was a stat that went up to 66556…an ability fitting for a thief.”

In terms of Igarashi’s current status, although his level had risen and his HP went up to 3 digits, he had yet to reach those final 2 digits.

Early on, Yuuki had as many as 5000 bonus points, which was overwhelmingly out of the norm―but due to excessive bad luck, instead of becoming a broken character, he only became a Metal Slime―Igarashi made a face of admiration towards that crazy agility.

Anyways, Momo opened her mouth to speak,

“It’s been three-dimensionally recorded by the image-preservation magic…we have no choice but to send his mugshot throughout the continent, huh.

A bit, just a tiny bit, of pity shows up on Igarashi’s face.

“With this he…can’t live the life of a regular human. Anyways, as is…it can’t be helped but to report this to that noble, but…”

Momo responded to Igarashi with a cold tone,

“…We can’t live a normal life either, you know. Saitou, who was able to escape being a hero from the beginning, has only experienced a tenth of our suffering…”



With the feeling that…he had barely escaped with his life, Yuuki had arrived outside the Lindahl country.

After he jumped out of the inn, he immediately entered a back alley.

Fortunately for the city, rather than dashing at full force, he decided to exit the gates in a stealthy manner.

“Damn it. Igarashi and Momo…so that’s why I had a displeasing thoughts about them when I met them in the beginning…”

He shifted his gaze to his trunks.

And he thought,

At least―when the king was stripping him of his possessions, Igarashi defended his trunks until the end.

The kindness of Igarashi at that time…he wanted to believe it wasn’t a deception.

“To go that far…their lives as heroes…”

Their desperate lives as heroes had perhaps resulted in them closing off their hearts.

His trunks were already half-petrified.

Those trunks that Igarashi protected were already in ruins, just like the heart of Igarashi.

Feeling miserable, when Yuuki grasped tightly onto his trunks…they finally had reached the end of their lifespan.

With the sound of a crack, a fissure had run through the area of the nether regions.

A stone piece fell onto the ground, his trunks had fallen into a state where his ‘junior’ would be exposed if he didn’t cover them with his hand

“Damn…I really have no luck…my gems were snatched away in the end…and now I’m nude with only a mantle and mask…”

While talking to himself, Yuuki walks down the road.

He was not wishfully thinking that the soldiers will stop pursuing him outside country.

Although he was nude―he couldn’t afford to stop walking.

And there, Yuuki had discovered a worn-out copper sword laying beside the road.

“This was…Igarashi’s…”

Yesterday, Igarashi had thrown his copper sword away.

And, another item was discovered nearby.

“This was also…Igarashi’s…”

They were the briefs that Igarashi had tossed out.

The elastic band snapped, and there’s the stench of ammonia near the nether regions.

During his travels, it seems Yuuki had kept them on for a long time. They were dirty, and a considerable yellow tint could be seen.

From this, the heroic nature of the path Igarashi walked was pulled into question.

Igarashi had said that they became useless after the elastic band broke.

He didn’t say they became useless because they became dirty.

Despite them being briefs that were bordering on being mere rubbish…to Igarashi they were a pair of underwear that were acceptable to use.

So, to go that far, Igarashi and Momo’s journey must have been a very stringent one.

“…They must have had a hard time too…”

The dirty briefs that Yuuki held in his hand.

These might also―be a display of the how dirtied Igarashi’s heart has become.

At that spot, Yuuki took off his trunks and extracted the elastic band.

And, he exchanged it with the broken band in Igarashi’s briefs.

“Alright…it somehow managed to work.”

Fundamentally, Yuuki had a medium build.

And on close inspection, Igarashi was quite fit.

In other words, since there was a size difference, there was some pressure on his junior near the nether regions. To be blunt, it was a horribly bulging.

“Those two had thrown away various things…like these briefs. I want to treasure those things. If something no longer becomes useful―then in that case, recycle it…Those two most likely…”

For a brief moment…Yuuki thought about whether or not to forgive the actions of Igarashi and Momo.

But then, in Yuuki’s mind, the snickering faces of Igarashi and Momo pop up.

‘Even if you did get away, you wouldn’t have a place to take refuge, you know. Right now, the security guards have a crystal ball…everything is being recorded with image-preservation magic. Your crimes will be well-known to all the humans in this continent’s countries.’

Yuuki remembered those words.

His mark has been spread around the whole world. The mark of a thief. Now―he would no longer be able to live a decent life.

“I won’t forgive you, you little shits!”

He roared as he vented his anger.

“Damn iiiiiiiiiit!!! Why do I have to suffer like this?!”

Instantly, the sword flies in a straight line towards some random place.

With the power from Yuuki’s anger―the weapon flew with the force of his Nayuta-level strength.

Even the kilometers per second were unknown, it was thrown at full throttle.

A shock wave had gouged out the earth’s surface, craters in the shape of semi-circles stretched on above a radius…Since Yuuki turned away right as he did it, he did not notice what happened.

In any case, the copper sword kept flying at a tremendous speed.

“Anyways…what’s a good place to head to next…”

While sighing deeply, Yuuki began to advance on the road towards the west.



On the road Yuuki walked on, a large desert spread in the west.



About 2 weeks ago, a woman had arrived at an oasis in the desert.

Originally, that oasis held a prospering commerce town.

And in the trade conventions, thieves had often gathered―from the feat of a single demon woman who helped out, new gears in history had started to turn.

That woman―was the former demon lord: Natasha Erigaul.

She was the woman who would later be called the Oil Baron.





Back to the present.

At an altitude of 6000 m, despite it being early summer, the temperature was remarkably low.

A great sage was walking through the steep hills of a mountain range.

With white long hair protruding from an insulated outfit, that sage was Signum. (TLN: He was in chapter 4, for those of you who don’t remember from 2.5 years ago.)

About 2 weeks ago, he noticed “something of a peculiar phenomenon” in the large forest he called his home.

And, he sensed that the spirit force of the Demon Lord and the spirit force of the “peculiar phenomenon” collided with each other.

He could see many mushroom clouds in the distance. Afterwards, the spirit force of the Demon Lord had suddenly weakened―her defeat had come instantly.

―That king. Just what did he do?

That “peculiar phenomenon” was likely caused by the summoning of heroes from another world.

The “peculiar phenomenon” had a secret power. There were the four spiritual elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind.

It did not belong to any of them, it was a chaotic ability―resembling that of the Chaos Element.

And now, as he advanced his steps, in the world’s highest mountain about 60 km beyond, there’s said to be someone buried within.

It was the Glutton of Demise.

According to the revelations he received from the god while in Alszard…that being was the one who gave the Demon Lord a portion of the Chaos Element’s power.

The Great Sage Signum had suspected as much.

Once the Demon Lord falls, that being will wake up, and this world will fall into the calamity of a nightmare.

―The summoned heroes, do not abuse them. If abused, a calamity of the likes humanity has never experienced before will befall.

It was a matter that had been passed down since ancient times.

The indiscriminate summoning of heroes from another world, the appearance of the “peculiar phenomenon”, and next―the appearance of the Glutton of Demise will occur.

Although he didn’t know what to do, he knew as a Great Sage to warn the world of this peril.

To do that―he started off with a detailed investigation.

If there’s a change in the mountain where the Glutton of Demise is buried, then necessary measures have to be taken.

But…the Great Sage Signum laughed in self-ridicule.

According to the revelation from god, that being was the one who gave the Demon Lord a “portion of his power.”

What would happen if the people, who couldn’t even leave a dent on the Demon Lord, were told about this peril?

If not the humans, then he could possibly tell the demons…When thinking again, he shook his head.

It was said that the single Demon Lord had a power comparable to the entire Demon Lord’s army.

No matter how many times he went through this line of thinking, he reached the same conclusion.

A fate of absolute inevitable ruin…

He wondered if there was any time left for humanity, and if he was powerless to delay it even by a little.

While letting out a sigh, Signum opened his eyes.

Glancing forwards, he eyed what was about 60 kilometers ahead.

A mountain with an elevation of 7000 meters, and on the vicinity near at summit…there was no snow.

Seeing the bare surface of the mountain being exposed, he murmured with a sore voice,

“…This is…”

And then Signum saw it.

The scene marking the beginning of this world’s end.

In a 700 meter radius, a lump of flesh a crept out of the mountain, tossing up earth and sand.

It had dozens to hundreds of feet, and more than half of its body was one large mouth.

The lump of flesh, when emerging from the mountain, protruded its large mouth toward the surface of the earth.

Appearing like he was digging a hole, he used his absurd force to gouge out and take the entire volume of the mountain.

The lump of flesh began to consume the mountain.

“…Ahhh…what is that?”

The event took about 20 seconds.

In a flash, the mountain had “disappeared.”

In place of the mountain, a 7000 meter lump of flesh lingered on that spot.

It seems like the mountain had added to the lump of flesh’s volume.

Next, that lump of flesh pushed on towards the neighboring mountains, enlarging his mouth.

“…Is this…the end of the world…?”

The lump of flesh had multiplied its own volume by two.

How many days…or rather, how many hours would it take…until the entire planet was swallowed?

At that spot, Signum had crumbled down, feeling exhausted.

What on earth had he been doing?

As a start―

―he had to take measures to alert this danger towards the humans, or perhaps the demons, and in those places, they had to make plans on what to do with that lump of flesh.

At that time, Signum felt a spirit force of an unbelievable scale.

Far south of 1400 kilometers―a distinct attack had flashed by―filled with a spirit force of anger.

Far too late, the lump of flesh, who had reached a radius of 1000 meters now―the Glutton of Demise―took notice as well and halted.

Grinning, the lump of flesh seemed to have laughed.

It was as if he was a child who found a new toy.

And then, Signum spotted it.

Something that pushed forward at an extremely high speed.

Gouging the earth with its shock waves, something was coming this way while blowing away dirt and sand.

That thing was headed towards the Glutton of Demise, firing a dazzling white light produced by the frictional heat with the air.

As the lump of flesh took a direct hit, there was a moment of silence.

Instantly―the lump of flesh had burst.

Without leaving a single trace, completely, and thoroughly―the lump of flesh had burst.

A copper sword.

That was the sacred sword that dealt the blow to the hidden boss.

Author’s Note:

I’ll explain.

The Glutton of Demise is the strongest being in this work.

By all means, he was also stronger than Yuuki.

When asking why things turned out the way they did, it was because he was dealt with before he could eat and transform into his enormous full-scale size…something like that.

Two hours after rising, Yuuki had wasted him.



That being said, next time, the harem members…along with the plot, will advance forward, and the the story of the Noranouk kingdom will also be involved.

What’s the aim of that horrid king in having the heroes make these assaults?

The Demon Lord has already been defeated, but are Igarashi and Co. really going to launch an assault without realizing that?

Although they annoyingly seem to be picking a fight with their main enemy, can the regular status’ of Igarashi and Momo, …not speaking of Yuuki’s, oppose the Oil Baron?

Next time, we’ll cover those questions.

Saying so, here’s a preview until then:

“The Making Of A Broken Character ~The Chimera (Synthetic Beast) Hero~”

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