The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Got Licensed

It’s come to my attention recently that “The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs” has been licensed by Seven Seas. As such, I will soon be taking down my translations for the series to avoid any issues with the publisher. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you like the series, I suggest you support the official releases when they’re available.

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28 thoughts on “The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Got Licensed”

  1. Nooo :(, i’m happy for the official releases but that just means that the translations will take forever and might not even be as good

    1. Not really, 7sea is as fast as JNovel in terms of translation speed. Give it some time and they will catch up to the newest volume before you know it.

      Be thankful that it was 7sea that got it licensed and not fucking YP with their lame translations.

      1. My only problem with Seven Seas is that they’re not doing a translation of the Re:monster novels even though they have the rights to the series (instead only doing the manga).

  2. Another sad ending of a good novel. Experienced it before but it is the same as the novel disappearing from the world for students like me. Hope I still remember this novel once I become a working adult who can pay for books from amazon or what not.

  3. Search for a certain corner of novel, you’ll be happy on their selections. Sorry that I can’t really say the name here, and no body should too so it stays up and doesn’t get DCMA’ed. Go search for it, I already said some keywords here.

  4. they should just pay you to use your translation so that we could get all the volumes in a timely manner

  5. God damn it, got taken down while I was reading. Was left wondering if the “next” button was a broken link but then I saw the entire thing was removed and checked announcements. The official version will take forever even if it might possibly be better in quality, but that’s hard to know, it’s always 50/50 with official translations, but one thing we do know is that they love to take their sweet time translating, which kind of sucks since it’s a job for them and I feel like things should be quicker if that’s the case. Well, no matter, I’ll just go to some aggregator novel site instead then. It’s not as if taking novels down from your site will remove it from the internet nowadays, it’s kind of futile as it’ll still be available to everyone with a search, but I guess it’s a matter of showing your stand on the matter and avoid conflict. Hard to do anything about all of these piracy sites, or rather it’s pretty much impossible, but at times like these I’m thankful they exist. Was reading the part about the bike race and things were just getting interesting, would’ve left a truly bad taste to have to drop it there.

    1. If you go to JustLightNovel, they have an EPUB and PDF Copy for volume 1 to Volume 5. Just dl it so u can read without having to worry about anything. If u cant access it, use VPN.

      Though, in the future, you might want to purchase volume 6 and so on to give support to the author.

  6. Thank you for all the hard work this novel help me pass time in this current situation.

  7. thanks for your hardwork, looks like this novel will be forgotten by many, to catch up it will be needed like 3 years aprox and not many are willing t wait that longer

  8. Thanks for translating the chaps out there and introducing the novel to us. Gotta say I’ll miss reading them on the site but hope the future prospects of the project goes well.

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  10. Estaban traduciendo la light novel pude leer la web novel completa y esta es muy diferente al punto que el antagonista principal es otra persona

  11. I’m glad I made a copy while reading it here so I can re-read it~
    tho it’s sad that I can’t read it here anymore~

      1. I actually put it on a docx so I can edit it anytime and it’s up to Volume 5~
        I can send it to you if you want +the images~

        1. Would i be too forward if i asked the same? Sharing the translation you saved that is? Thanks in advance!

          1. Idk if link is ok to this site but just in case, I put some spaces~
            That’s it~!

            https : // drive . google . com/file/d/1iNfTzBqvBWQw033La7PnakWxgljBOv9v/view?usp=sharing

  12. Well… I’m fucked up. I just checked the cost for Vol 1 once it is ready… 60 614 CLP (around 76,60 USD) It means im not gonna buy Vol 1-4 and just wait for Vol 5 onwards. Y-Y

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