Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v6 Chapter 3 Part 4

“Man, that was tough. Goutokuji just wouldn’t let me go…”

It just turned to noon.

Ryuuga and I were finally able to meet up again, so the two of us walked down the hallway towards the schoolyard.

Yukimiya woke up around ten minutes after I brought her to the school infirmary. She knew that Tao came out, and she didn’t seem to have any physical problems.

Since she has to work as part of the staff for the “matchmaking game” starting from noon, she hurried towards class C. Immediately afterwards, I luckily came across Ryuuga.

“That reminds me, where did Mion go? I couldn’t speak with her in the end…”

“I, I also looked around for her, but I couldn’t find her. Well, it seems that she’s with Elmira, so it should be fine, right? I’ll let Tie look for her.”

“Alright. Leaving that aside, let’s go, Ichirou. Rei’s hero show is about to begin.”

We were heading to the schoolyard so that we could see Aogasaki’s performance.

Third-year class A was doing a “costumed hero show,” and the performance would begin soon. Apparently, the show’s about twenty minutes long and occurs every hour.

(Aogasaki’s also the leading hero, right? Combine that with the band practice, and these past few days must have been tough for her.)

For Aogasaki, a third-year student, this is her last school festival. I suppose she decided to go all out so that she wouldn’t leave behind any regrets.

(If her acting ability is good, the path to being an actress might open up for her as well…her looks are perfect, anyhow.)

While arbitrarily considering the “Swordswoman of the Beheading Dance’s” career paths, we arrived at the special stage in the schoolyard.

A large audience had already gathered at the seats. Nearly two hundred folding chairs were filled.

Even after we managed to secure two seats, more people still came in. There seemed to be repeat customers as well.

(It’s quite popular…I suppose it’s thanks to Aogasaki that many of the guests are male, isn’t it?)

Finally, even standees appeared, and at the front row, a group of small children eagerly waited for the show to start.

“Rei says that they’re pulling out all the stops. Her classmates have connections with an event company and managed to borrow monster costumes.”

“Huh…as expected of the third-years.”

Thereupon, with the sound of rich music, the curtains opened.

Immediately, four monsters appeared, kicking down miniature towns and causing a rampage. The children were excited by the quality of the costumes, as they exceeded the level expected of a school festival.

There wasn’t really a story, but I suppose that’s asking for too much. I guess you can call the event a success, given that they managed to prepare four monsters.

(What’s left are the hero’s action scenes. No matter what, the most important thing is the how cool the main character is.)

I was on the edge of my seat, thinking that now would be a good time for an appearance.

“That’s as far as you’ll go, monsters! I will not tolerate your violence any longer!”

With a gallant shout, smoke grandly appeared on the stage.

The audience muttered “Ooh,” in astonishment. Ryuuga and I did the same as well.

Before long, the smoke cleared away──and there stood the tall, well-proportioned figure of a hero.

The hero wore a full face helmet and a bodysuit with armor covering the shoulders and limbs. With the flip of a cloak, a hand revealed the familiar “Blade of the Sacred Tree.”

Yep. No matter how I look at it, it’s Aogasaki. Her distinct body shape makes it apparent, not to mention the weapon she’s carrying. Even bikini models wouldn’t have a bust and waist that admirable.

“The Masked Azure Dragon has arrived! Invaders of Earth, become but mere rust on my blade!”

Masked Azure Dragon…that sounds a little too familiar. Was there no time to come up with a better name?

Well, I probably think it’s lousy since I know Aogasaki’s true identity.

In fact, the kids were cheering. Their fathers and older brothers were also applauding. Though, perhaps they were just delighted to see the Masked Azure Dragon’s body.

“Here we go! Hiyah!”

With a graceful leap, the Masked Azure Dragon slashed one monster. There was the sound effect of a slash accompanied by heroic background music.


Next, the Masked Azure Dragon tossed her wooden sword high into the sky. She kicked two approaching monsters while doing a backflip, did another flip, and landed right on her feet.

Immediately following, she raised her right arm out and grabbed the wooden sword as it fell. Seeing the rhythmic gymnastics-like feat, the audience was in an uproar.

“A, amazing! This is better than any hero show!”

“Who is that girl?! Is she a genuine stunt performer?!”

“Her breasts were all over the place! They jiggled here and there!”

The audience gave a standing ovation. Ryuuga and I stood up and clapped as well.

“That’s the Rei I know! How nimble!”

“The action was perfect. They certainly didn’t pick Aogasaki for the leading role just for her chest…there’s no denying her superhuman abilities.”

Aogasaki continued fighting the swarming monsters with brisk movements and grandiose poses. Whoops, I mean the Masked Azure Dragon did that.

…I suddenly noticed that three rows ahead of us, there were two people wearing the Oumei High School uniform.

“Nice, Rei! Do your best!”

“Even though it’s a show, that’s some fascinating swordsmanship. As expected of Aogasaki…”

One of them was Yamanashi Asao, son of the swordsmanship dojo Getsushiyoukan. He’s the student council president and an ikemen who was once possessed by Kanshou Balon to approach Aogasaki for marriage.

The other was Miyamoto Chizuru, who was appointed as the next student council president, starting from November. She’s a talented swordswoman who’s also affiliated with Getsushiyoukan, but she’s also entering the Aogasaki dojo for now.

(At first glance, they seem like a well-suited couple, but I believe they’re actually cousins, aren’t they?)

While recalling such things, I turned my focus towards the show.

Among the children near the front row, I saw a little girl who was especially frantic.

Namely, a bobbed-haired girl who wore rainboots despite it being sunny outside and carried a red pouch around her shoulder. There’s a girl in my house who looks just like her. I even ate breakfast with her today.

(Is that…Kiki?!)

There’s no mistaking it. She’s the Hokkaido wolf apostle from my home. Listening closely, it was clear that she wasn’t rooting for the Masked Azure Dragon, but for the monsters.

“Don’t go one at a time! There are more of you, so work together!”

Seeing the monsters unable to do anything to the Masked Azure Dragon, the bobbed-haired girl leaned forward while throwing criticism at them. She’s just like a general.

“Now! A kick! The eyes!”

However, such advice was fruitless, and the monsters continued to get knocked down. With the death cry of “Geeeeeh!” as a cue, they dropped down near the stage wings.

“Have you realized it, monsters?! As long as the Masked Azure Dragon is here, peace will remain on this──”

As the show neared its finale, Aogasaki began to shout her closing words.

“Don’t celebrate yet, Masked Azure Dragon! The fight isn’t over!”

Losing her temper over the state of the monsters, Kiki ended up entering the stage.

The third daughter stared at Aogasaki while breathing roughly. Of all things, she thrust her finger towards the Masked Azure Dragon, challenging her.

“The Masked Wolf will defeat the enemy of my comrades! Let’s have a fair fight!”

“K, Kiki?! You don’t even have a mask on!”

Retorting to her for whatever reason, Aogasaki hurriedly tried to seize Kiki.

“Anyways, Kiki, come to the backstage for now! There’s something I want to ask you three princesses!”

“I am called the Masked Wolf! You have no grace as a hero, you’re trying to reveal my real identity! So, who are you?!”

“Did you come up without even realizing that it’s me? I’m, Aoga──”

“Stop talking!”

“You’re the who asked me a question!”

Kiki immediately kicked her feet off the ground. In an instant, she circled around to Aogasaki’s back and unleashed her fists.

“Y, you’re quick…!”

Dodging the attacks by a paper-thin margin, the “Swordswoman of the Beheading Dance” took a step back to gain some distance.

Closing that distance, Boushou continued to attack.

…Seeing the show suddenly start a second act, the audience members were all confused. I was also flabbergasted. Next to me, Ryuuga was the same as well.

“That’s enough, Kiki! Are the three princesses really turning against humanity?!”

“No! I won’t forgive you for bullying my subordinates!”

“Those aren’t your subordinates, those are my classmates! Listen, this is just a play!”

“The children won’t accept that!”

“Guh, what is your guardian doing?!”

My apologies. I guess I’m her guardian, aren’t I? I was careless.

Ryuuga, still shocked, absentmindedly muttered “Hey Ichirou…was Kiki a third-year class A student?”

In contrast to us, the audience’s excitement heightened once more. It seems that they think this battle is part of the show.

“Hey, this is greater than before!”

“Who is that little girl?! Is this the birth of a new stunt performer?!”

“She’s moving too fast to take a video!”

The audience’s enthusiasm rose in proportion to the intensifying battle on the stage. In the end, people began chanting “Azure Dragon! Azure Dragon!” and “Wolf! Wolf!”

“That little girl is capable…! I need her for Getsushiyoukan!”

“Let’s scout her later! While we’re at it, let’s kick out Sasaki!”

Yamanashi and Miyamoto both raised their voices in admiration. The monsters on the stage wings were also amazed. Those two also nonchalantly ridiculed my Sasaki.

…Of course, I know. I know that I need to stop the battle.

Meanwhile, the spectators continued making a racket. At this rate, this year’s “hero show” will turn into an urban legend in Oumei High School.

(I don’t really want to stand out, but I need to intervene. For now, I’ll introduce myself as the Masked Friend. Though, I won’t be wearing a mask.)

Making up my mind, I was about to run towards the stage.

Though, at that moment, Kiki slipped through the swing of a wooden sword and leapt towards Aogasaki. The Masked Wolf clung to the Masked Azure Dragon, causing the latter to shake uncontrollably.

“W, what are you doing?! Get off, Kiki!”

“Not a chance! Prepare yourself, Azure Dragon…hmm?”

Thereupon, Kiki began to rub Aogasaki’s breasts suspiciously. She stubbornly squished and pressed them.

“This chest…you’re Aogasaki?!”


“Just to make sure, I’m checking your rear too…yeah, it’s Aogasaki.”


The gallant Masked Azure Dragon, or rather Aogasaki, let out an unfamiliar shriek. At that moment, her helmet came off and her identity was revealed.


──Afterwards, rumors of “the Masked Azure Dragon vs. the Masked Wolf” spread across the whole school instantly.

Sure enough, it turned into an urban legend at Oumei High School.

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