Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v6 Chapter 3 Part 1

Invitation to the Festival, and Peculiarities

In the blink of an eye, the weekend arrived and it was the day of the school festival.

Yukimiya stayed in the Kobayashi house without any attack from the suspicious Renie. At any rate, she’s been focusing on singing lessons with Mion as her teacher.

Of course, she continued to practice in the studio with Ryuuga and the others after school. The band members were surprised by Yukimiya’s singing ability as she improved day by day.

Ryuuga’s band is scheduled to appear at 3:30 pm. I hope that she can show off the results of her hard work.

(As soon as the school festival ends, Sebastian might reveal his true identity to Ryuga’s team. The first half of part three will proceed in tandem with Yukimiya’s episode.)

Considering when Tao appeared, this ended up being a long episode. Well, she’s the last of the main heroines, so I suppose it’s okay for there to be this much content.

(Unfortunately, we’ll have to cut Kurogame’s main episode. Nobody will probably complain about that. There’s no demand for her.)

With that, I set aside my thoughts.

“Koba! Three of these coffees for table one!”

“And go take table five’s order! Don’t forget to say ‘Welcome, Master,’ to them!”

Class B was working themselves to the bone. Contrary to our expectations, the “boys’ maid cafe” was really popular.

There was a long line in the hallway with a waiting time of more than twenty minutes. Needless to say, there was a reason for how successful it was.

“Hey, that’s him, right? The one from the rumors!”

“Whoa! He really looks like a girl!”

“That’s a boy? And I thought I didn’t swing that way!”

That’s right. It was the star maid, Hinomori Ryuuga.

A large portion of the customers were male, and most of them came for Ryuuga.

“Umm, two coffees and two cookies, you said? Please wait for a moment, Master.”

A crossdressing boy quickly passed orders to the kitchen with the turn of a frilly skirt…or at least, that’s what it looked like, but the person in question was actually a girl disguised as a boy. I’m not sure what to say about that myself.

I’ve seen her as a maid many times, but it still amazes me. Furthermore, her customer service smile was perfect, perhaps deciding to go through the act. Of course, her legs were smooth too.

(I suppose it’s only natural that it would become the talk of the town. Even if people heard that she was a boy, they still would want to give her their phone number.)

Elmira was assigned to the kitchen team for the afternoon. So, she’s taking this morning to enjoy the school festival.

Shifts change just before noon, so those on shift right now plan on wandering around later. In that sense, I guess I’m lucky to have the same shift as Ryuuga.

(Come to think of it, Agito has the same shift as Elmira, doesn’t he? That is to say, he’s free right now…)

Right as that came into my mind, Agito entered the classroom. Not as an employee, but as a customer.

(Tsk, so he really did come.)

Thinking about it, it’s obvious. He was so supportive of the festival solely for the sake of seeing maid Ryuuga. He even made a cease-fire agreement for it.

In a stroke of bad timing, Ryuuga was the one who had to attend to the empty seat Agito took. There are five maids. How can a guy be so lucky…? Perhaps he really does have the qualities of a protagonist?

“Why are you here as a customer…? Didn’t you already see me as a maid in the morning?”

Ryuuga crudely placed a cup of coffee in front of Agito, not even asking for his order. She had a particularly grumpy face.

Not minding the unwelcome reception, the perverted gentleman stared intensely at Ryuuga from head to toe. It seems that Ryuuga with a cat-eared headband was as pleasing as he expected.


“Hinomori, I’ve dreamed of seeing you like this. I no longer care if I die.”

Stop. What will happen to part three if you die?

“There are a lot of guests waiting in the hallway, so just drink your cup and get out. While you’re at it, transfer schools.”

“You’re supposed to start with ‘Welcome, Master.’ You have to carry out your professional duties.”

Unable to argue, Ryuuga grumbled. The way she glared at Agito in contempt made it seem like “that” kind of service.

“W, welcome, Master…”

“Aright, next you say ‘How much sugar do you want in your coffee?'”

“How much sugar…do you want in your coffee?”

“Alright, next you say ‘If you don’t mind, I’ll stir it with a spoon, nyan.'”

“If you don’t mind…I’ll stir it with a spoon…nyan.”

Ryuuga followed protocol with a dejected mood. At the very least, she showed some resistance through her pronouns.1Agito’s directions use the “watashi” pronoun while Ryuuga keeps using “ore.”

“Alright, next you say ‘Or instead, please stir up my insides, Master. Please pour in your thick milk. Mmnn,’ to me.”

“Don’t make me dump coffee onto you!”

This is bad. As I thought, our protagonist is being subjected to sexual harassment.

I want to help, but I need to carry out my duties as a maid. New customers arrived, so I have to get their orders.

(Ryuga, bear with it for a bit longer. Once you take his order, let’s switch customers. I’ll take care of Agito.)

With that in mind, I gave water to the two new customers──and immediately froze.

I knew the two very well. They were a wild kuro gyaru with silver hair, and a giant monk with a muscular body.

“Y, you two…!”

They were part of “Hell’s Top Eight,” Banshou Shima and Kaishou Saihiru.

They were cheetah and beetle apostles who served Qiongqi.

“Hey Kobaichi, nice outfit. Two coffees, please. I brewed a cup for you back at the apartment, so consider returning the favor.”

“Kobayashi Ichirou, I advise against that leg hair.”

I quickly glanced behind me to find that Agito was still keeping Ryuuga busy. It seems that he’s completely unaware of the situation here.

“You guys know that we’re supposed to have a cease-fire during the school festival, right? Why are you here? Did Agito order you to do this?”

“We did get admission tickets from him, but that has nothing to do with this. We just came here for fun.”

“The cease-fire is Qiongqi’s strict order. We will not break it.”

Despite being enemy characters, they came here for fun…could it be that they also got infected with comedy by being involved with me? Did the Kobayashi virus reach their innards?

“Listen, don’t cause any trouble, okay? Also, don’t get involved with Ryuga. If you reveal your true forms, there won’t be a school festival anymore.”

“Haha. We won’t make that kind of mistake. Of course, even Agito was told not to get involved with Hinomori Ryuuga in this school.”

“Also, if you’re going to come here, do it in the afternoon. You’ll get to see maid Agito.”

“I don’t want to see that. Between you and me, I don’t really like that guy. He keeps nitpicking my guitar playing, you see.”

“Stop, Shima. Agito is Qiongqi’s vessel. I advise against that reckless remark.”

As I looked at Qiongqi’s vessel once more, I saw Ryuuga smacking him with her tray. She seemed to discover that he was trying to look under her skirt with a hand mirror attached to the tip of his shoe.

“What are you doing, Hinomori? You’re not supposed to be angry, you’re supposed to be delighted.”

“There’s no way I would be delight! Hurry up and drink, even if it’s scalding!”

“I command you as the master. Feed me mouth-to-mouth.”

“W, who would do that?! Let me say this clearly, I hate you!”

“Again with that half-hearted response…well, how about listening to one request of mine, and then I’ll leave in exchange? No more joking, this is a serious and urgent request.”

“W, what?”

“Give me your panties.”

“Is there a police officer here?!”

While I dejectedly stared at their conversation, the kuro gyaru chuckled with amusement. Before I knew it, she stood on her chair and put her hand around my shoulder in an over-familiar manner.

“Is this the type of store that endorses this kind of conduct? In that case, let me get in on the fun too~.”

“Stop, Shima. I advise against your current level of physical contact.”

“Or perhaps, you want to be on the aggressive, Kobaichi? If you can guess the color of my panties, how about I take them off and give them as a present?”

“Stop, Shima. I advise against that underwear guessing game. One vote for black.”

…About ten minutes passed.

After everything Ryuuga and I had to deal with, the enemy characters of part three finally left the shop. Fortunately, Ryuuga didn’t seem to notice the two apostles.

(Good grief, that sucked away all of my energy…and it’s still morning.)

However, there were still thirty minutes until the end of the shift. There’s no sign of the customers stopping, so there’s no room to take a breather.

Ryuuga readied herself and moved towards the next customer.

This time it was just one young man. For some reason, he wore a concealing hat, had a pair of sunglasses, and was strangely nervous. It’s obvious that he’s a suspicious customer.

“Welcome, Master. Have you decided on an order, nyan?”

Maid Ryuuga regained her customer service smile.

The suspicious man observed her closely and coughed. Wait, could it be…?

“U, um, one coffee…and please add ten servings of love.”

“Understood. How much sugar do you want?”

“Just the love is fine. Also, I heard earlier that…I could get your panties for take-out?”

“We don’t have that kind of service! Or rather, it’s you, isn’t it, Taotie?!”

“H, how did you know?!”

“It’s obvious! That’s the exact same disguise Ichirou had when he and I followed Rei on her date!”

As I thought, it was Taotie. He emerged without me even being aware…

Hey, don’t stick a hand mirror to the end of your shoe. You’ll get smacked with a tray.

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