Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v6 Chapter 1 Part 2

──And that’s the full story of my act with the “Evil Spirit” Qiongqi.

I can’t understand why he wants a somewhat short ceasefire. Though, if that means “Qiongqi won’t do anything in the meantime,” then that’s very reassuring.

(I’d like some time to figure out future measures.)

For the time being, I should work with Elmira to clear things up with Ryuuga and the others. That is, clear up anything about Tao and the three princesses.

At the same time, I need to track down Renie and ask why he contacted Qiongqi without telling anyone.

While I was pondering to myself, I suddenly felt the presence of something ferociously rushing up from behind.


Before I could turn around, I heard the sounds of slashing in the air. The attacker sent a kick.


I noticed the identity of the person while purposely taking a blow to my rear. A sharp pain assaulted my bottom and I fell over.


I screamed while rolling around in an exaggerated manner. I bounced off of the ground, hit a utility pole, and tumbled into a nearby convenience store.

A few seconds later, I bought two canned coffees and left the store as if all was normal.

“Oh, I don’t need a receipt…what are you doing, Agito?! Don’t force me to make pointless purchases!”

After hitting me, Agito sent me a very confused look. I appreciate that he waited for me, but I don’t appreciate the surprise roundhouse kick.

“Again with the surreal reactions…I didn’t even kick you that hard.”

“Liar! I thought you would shatter my behind! Now we’re even on the table!”

When I tried to once again avoid reimbursing him, Agito replied with “I don’t care about that anymore,” in a fed up manner.

Now that I had a closer look, he had his school bag with him. His uniform was still the same, the one from his previous high school, Hakubou Private. With a pure white uniform like that, he probably can’t eat curry udon.

“Kobayashi, Why didn’t you dodge that? You obviously noticed my presence…you should be capable of dealing with it.”

He’s right, but that was my best method of dealing with it.

A mere friend character wouldn’t dodge or defend. They would take the attack. That being said, I didn’t want to get hurt.

That’s why I took the attack on the body part I thought would receive the least damage. I also decided to fall over to create some laughs.

This is who Kobayashi Ichirou is──remember it, Tenryouin Agito. Also, at least laugh a bit. I took the fall, so now you should laugh. At least let out a snicker.

“What do you want now, Agito? For your information, I don’t want to get involved with you anymore. Since you’re Qiongqi’s vessel, you’re a key person in the story.”

I threw a can of coffee at Agito and walked away.

Annoyingly, he walked alongside me. Now I’m the one being followed…our roles have reversed.

“Hey, stop following me.”

“You’re going to school, right? I am too. We’re in the same school and same class, so it wouldn’t be strange for us to be together.”

“I’m a friend character, you know? You think I can be on good terms with someone who works for the final boss? I said it before, I don’t want to be on the front stage.”

“Never mind that. Qiongqi is sleeping inside me now. Currently, we’re just two students going to Oumei High School…to state it in your terms, we’re in ‘the backstage of the story.'”

I feel like that’s a pretty forced excuse, but whatever.

I had something I wanted to ask him anyways. If we’re backstage, then I’ll take advantage of that. We’re off-the-record right now.

“Agito, you’ve…’converted’ Qiongqi, didn’t you?”

That’s the first thing on my mind.

Unlike Yukimiya, he isn’t under the control of the “Evil Spirit.”

Basically, an “Evil Spirit’s” human vessel will get their mind and body taken over. When the “Evil Spirit” manifests, they will undergo a trance-like state and won’t have any memory of the event.

However, just a bit ago, Agito was reading a book despite Qiongqi coming out. He even participated in the conversation.

(There can’t be any other explanation. Like me, he’s gained control over the ‘Evil Spirit.’)

It’s likely that Qiongqi could make an appearance whenever he likes. Just like Taotie and Hundun.

“You should be capable of turning the tables on the ‘Evil Spirit.’ However, Qiongqi called you a ‘faithful marionette.’ Why are doing whatever Qiongqi’s telling you to?”

“I want to see it──the end of humanity.”

After taking a sip from his canned coffee, Agito said that in his usual lifeless tone.

“If I see that spectacle, I feel that I could write the best composition.”

“C, composition? That’s what you’re destroying humanity for?”

“You have no appreciation for the arts. Playing a requiem for humanity is my ultimate dream…I will happily be a tool if it means that Qiongqi can accomplish it.”

This guy really wishes for destruction?

That does make for a solid enemy character, but personally, it seems to be treading on a specific type. That is, a simple villain made easily understandable for younger audiences.

“Alright Agito, I can work with that motive. That reminds me, you’re always alone in class, aren’t you? Is that also part of your role?”

“Unlike you, I’m not playing a role. My desire for humanity’s destruction is genuine. Though now…my mind has changed a little. The girl named Hinomori Ryuuga is the cause of that.”

“R, Ryuga?”

What does Ryuuga have to do with this? I know he was fixated on her, but wasn’t that just a strategic move?

“Kobayashi, there is one thing you’re misunderstanding. My love for Hinomori is genuine. That’s why I went all the way to Oumei High School.”

That’s an issue.

If he’s aggressively trying to get involved with Ryuuga and he’s particular about her gender, then is he actually in love?

(If he went as far as to transfer schools…then he’s quite the stalker despite being an ikemen…)

While I wasn’t sure how to respond, Agito sipped his coffee again.

Now that I think about, we already drank coffee back at his apartment. Should I have bought black or green tea instead? Now I feel bad for making the wrong choice.

“Qiongqi opposed my transfer to Oumei High School. He didn’t value Hinomori’s presence in the story. I suppose he didn’t want me to get involved with her.”

So that “Evil Spirit” really doesn’t acknowledge Ryuuga as the protagonist?

He wants to switch the story’s main focus to a battle between Agito and me?

(We really aren’t compatible. What a sloppy plot he’s brewing…)

His script is way too poor. It would be like ignoring Spectacle Man and having a battle between the monsters. Only the bobbed-haired girl at my house would like it.

“I have no interest in the ‘story’ that Qiongqi wants to paint. However, I do approve of taking Hinomori off of the battlefield.”

“Don’t joke about that. That’s the one thing you shouldn’t touch.”

Agito stared at me while I openly showed a displeased face.

He had a look of scorn that he would never show to other classmates. This guy only shows his emotions when Ryuuga’s involved. A glimpse of his humanity.

“Kobayashi, do you not feel anything? You’re forcing Hinomori, a woman, to fight.”


“I don’t understand why you’re so obsessed with being a ‘friend character.’ I don’t want to understand either. However, while you hold great power, you’re letting Hinomori get hurt for the sake of your own ego. You’re exposing such a helpless girl to danger.”

“T, that’s not true.”

“I will be frank. You──are not qualified to be beside Hinomori Ryuuga.”

…I was at a loss for words.

Agito had a point.

I refused to play an active role in any battle scene. I would wait for Ryuuga to arrive and let her do the fighting.

Sometimes she would get hurt, but I would only send out a worried yell. I reassured myself by remembering Ryuuga’s healing abilities.

(Ryuga doesn’t like to fight. She has a fairly normal personality for a girl. If it wasn’t for the Hinomori household’s fate, she would be enjoying her life as a normal schoolgirl…she wouldn’t wear a sarashi around her E-cup.)

However, I’ve tried to make Ryuuga a man. While being in the position of her “semi-boyfriend,” I made a wish at a shrine to see if she would grow a male member.

(Am I really…Hinomori Ryuuga’s ‘friend’?)

Agito continued speaking while I remain frozen like a Jizo statue.

“I am not like you. I love Hinomori for being a woman. I want to be a ‘lover character,’ not a ‘friend character.’ That’s why I requested a week-long ceasefire.”

Come to think of it, I remember hearing that the ceasefire was Agito’s wish.

Though I felt beaten down, I needed ask for his reasoning. Now’s not the time for self-loathing. That can come later.

“Is the ceasefire related to Ryuga?”

“That’s right. You probably have a guess already…it’s because of the school festival.”

“I couldn’t have guessed that!”

Before I knew it, I retorted to him. I wasn’t in the right mood to retort, but I couldn’t help it.

“Why’s a school event so important to you?! You’re the one who wants humanity’s destruction!”

“Since you ask, class B is doing a maid cafe. Furthermore, there’s talk of Hinomori being a maid.”

Now that he mentions it, I think I’ve heard that too. It seems that my classmates were excitedly claiming that they “wanted to see Hinomori crossdress.”

I don’t know if “crossdress” was the exact word they used, but…well, it’s no wonder. To everyone else, Ryuuga’s a pretty androgynous boy.

“You wonder why I’m so obsessive about the school festival? You probably have a guess already…that’s right, I want to enjoy seeing Hinomori in a maid outfit.”

“Again, I couldn’t have guessed that!”

Despite his remarks, Agito remained calm and collected.

His eyes were sparkling like a young boy’s. He only reveals his emotions when Ryuuga’s involved. A needless glimpse of his humanity.

“I will see maid Hinomori, even if it means resorting to evil.”

“Don’t act like you’re anything else! You’re already evil!”

“To see Hinomori wearing an Alice band, a frilled apron, and knee socks…and to hear her say ‘Welcome back, Master.’ Just imaging it puts me at the edge of my seat.”

“Stop talking! You’re acting out of character!”

“If she wore cat ears…would I be able to maintain my sense of reason?”

“Hey! Stop leaning forward while saying that! Please don’t give me anything else to retort to! This story’s already full of idiots!”

After begging in tears, Agito eventually straightened himself. It seems that he settled down…I should have just headed straight to the station without getting involved with him.

“Anyhow, I’m serious about Hinomori. I’ve been sending messages of love to her everyday after getting her email address. ‘I love you. Come with me,’ and the like.”

He’s still doing that? Even after being rejected already?

“Kobayashi, are you interested? Do you want to know what kind of messages Hinomori and I send?”

“I, I’m not that interested.”

“No need to hold back. For instance, the other day, I sent a message saying ‘I will teach you the pleasures of a woman. I can massage your chest for half a day.'”

“Don’t sexually harass the protagonist!”

“I was so glad that I received an immediate reply. ‘I’m going to hit you!’ were her words.”

“You made Ryuga really angry!”

I was a bit relieved after hearing Ryuuga’s reply. I wouldn’t know what to do if that made her heart flutter.

“Yesterday, I got a suggestive message that read ‘Don’t message me anymore.'”

“How is that suggestive?! It’s plain as day!”

“I got an error when I tried to send her a message this morning.”

“You got blocked!”

“I’m sure that she refused me in bashfulness, dyed red like cherry blossoms. What a cute woman.”

“Damn it! Are you even sane?! Also, once again, Ryuga’s a guy!”

Agito and I headed towards the station while I continued retorting to him.

This guy isn’t going crazy because…he’s involving himself with me, right?

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