Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v5 Chapter 3 Part 7

Yukimiya suddenly regained awareness and realized she that was on the bed in her room.

As soon as she shook off her grogginess, her memory gradually came back to her. She was certain that she was in the arcade at some point. She remembered talking to Kobayashi Ichirou there.

(My consciousness faded again after that…did Kobayashi perhaps bring me back? If not, did he call Sebastian over…?)

She straightened up and reached towards the telephone near her bedside so that she could summon Sebastian. The phone had a direct line to his room next door.

However, before she could pick up the handset…

There was a knock on her door. Then, she heard the familiar voice of her butler saying “…Miss, are you awake?” to her.

“I just got up. Come in, Sebastian.”

“As you wish. Excuse me.”

After replying, Sebastian opened the door, bowed, and entered the room. He then walked towards Shiori and politely bowed again.

Though he’d been with her for seventeen years, he never failed to maintain his manners as a butler.

Though Shiori respected him for that, she felt it was a bit isolating at the same time.

“Miss Shiori. Are you feeling well?”

“Yes, I’m fine. More importantly, there’s one question I’d like to ask, Sebastian. What did I──”

“In that case, with all due respect, there is something I would like to tell you.”

Shiori held her tongue in response to Sebastian’s calm, but imposing words. She had a feeling that this was the first time he ever interrupted her.

“This may be sudden, but I, Sebastian Renie──am not actually a human.”


“Furthermore, depending on the situation, I may have to resign.”

Shiori couldn’t understand what he meant.

“Sebastian, what are you saying…?”

“Miss Shiori, this is hard to explain, but…it will be difficult for me to continue as Sebastian.”

“Please, wait. Explain in a way I can understand.”

“I have──a lord more important that you. For my lord’s sake, I’m willing to use you and perhaps even eliminate you.”


“Yes, I’ve been serving you for the sake of my lord. For that reason, I’ve endured the humiliation of working under a human up until today.”


Shiori couldn’t understand. Was the person in front of her really the graceful Sebastian?

“Sooner or later, Taowu’s longstanding grudges as an ‘Evil Spirit’ will rekindle. She has only just woken up, so she hasn’t remembered yet. When that time comes…you and I will battle. Our fates will be determined, then.”

Sebastian began to slowly speak.

He spoke about his true identity.

He spoke about the “individual” inside Shiori.

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