Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v5 Chapter 2 Part 3

Yukimiya Shiori was the vessel of the “Evil Spirit” Taowu──

Sebastian was one of “Hell’s Top Eight” and serves Taowu──

The sudden realization made me freeze in place. I was like a marble statue in the corner of the room.

(To think that there would be someone other than me who hosted two beings…)

Furthermore, such a person was one of the main characters, someone of the four gods.

Indeed, the successor of the “White Tiger” and the one who specializes in healing abilities would have a much higher life force than the rest. A heroine being the vessel of an “Evil Spirit” could work.

However, that might not be as effective for this story. This kind of development is a little predictable.

Kyouka and I have been revealed as vessels of “Evil Spirits.”

That is, “the protagonist’s sister” and “the protagonist’s best friend” have been vessels.

If the next one is “the protagonist’s companion,” then the only people who have been final bosses are those close to the protagonist. The audience would think that the author’s lacking originality.

(Furthermore, if Yukimiya ends up being their enemy, Ryuga and the others won’t have their ultimate technique available.)

They won’t be able to use the technique which requires the five guardian deities to combine, the “Everyone’s Kaboom (I really hope that name gets changed)” that finished off Hundun in part one and Taotie in part two.

I mean, not everyone needs to be present for the “Everyone’s Kaboom” to activate. In part one, they succeeded in defeating Hundun without Kurogame. However…

(Who wants to see an incomplete ‘Everyone’s Kaboom’ at this point? Usually, the ultimate techniques scale up as the series goes on, right?)

This may require some significant rescheduling.

We might need to change the final boss of part three from Qiongqi to Taowu. We would also need Yukimiya to come back to our side quickly.

(To think that Elmira won’t be the one betraying the team, but Yukimiya…)

While shaken, I racked my brains trying to adjust my plans.

Nearby, Jyuri let out an intense ill will.

“Whoa! You too?!”

It was an ominous ill will that rivaled Sebastian’s, or should I say Renie’s. The wind pressure blew me to the corner of the room, causing me to reflexively latch onto a marble statue.

The two ill wills were like ocean currents inside the room. A whirlpool of blatant hostility, malice, and killing intent swirled around.

“Me, a hostage? Don’t make light of me. You think someone from the top eight can stop the eldest daughter among the three princesses?”

“I can, Jyuri. You cannot beat me. A prideless apostle like you is no match for me.”

“Prideless? Quite bold words.”

“I mean what I say. You apostles change lords according to which ‘Evil Spirit’ has revived during a given era…that tells me that you lack pride.”

“It’s natural for apostles to serve whichever ‘Evil Spirit’ has revived.”

“Not for me. I, Rikushou Renie, will always serve Taowu──that is my pride.”

“Doesn’t that just make you a stubborn old geezer? You’re more of a stalker than a subordinate.”

Talking it out wasn’t working and the two were getting ready to lunge at each other from the floor.

I used what little time I had to barge in and stop any battle from happening.

“Wait! Don’t fight here! You two are a school nurse and a butler!”

The two generals stared at one another, telling each other that they weren’t finished yet. I believe there are around thirty servants living in this mansion. If they made a fuss, someone would probably come running here.

So, Yukimiya, or rather the “Evil Spirit” Taowu, wants to meet me. I don’t know what to expect, but it’s too quick to jump to conclusions about who is and isn’t an enemy.

Really though, why can’t Ryuga take this role right now? Does it really have to be an “Evil Spirit” vessel like me?

“Jyuri, please just wait patiently. I’m going to meet with Yukimiya either way.”

“But, Ichirou…”

“That’s what you want, right Renie? So in exchange, how about serving Jyuri some tea?”

After a brief moment, Renie retracted his ill will.

He glanced at Jyuri for a split second and then politely nodded towards me.

“…Certainly. If it means granting my lord’s request, then I will oblige.”

His lord.

I had an eerie suspicion that he wasn’t referring to Yukimiya Shiori when he said that.


I soon took off to head towards Yukimiya’s room.

Though it was the next room over, this was no ordinary house. It took about ten seconds to even reach the door.

(Yukimiya’s in that room right now, but at the same time, she isn’t. It’s the ‘Evil Spirit’ Taowu.)

As a host, Yukimiya certainly has a large life force and force of will. However, Renie has already confirmed that it isn’t enough to “convert” the “Evil Spirit” inside.

In other words, Yukimiya’s consciousness has been hijacked right now.

It seems that those rumors of her being “an entirely different person” were true. Taowu is likely the cause of it.

(I don’t know what my involvement in this is, but…now that we’re here, I’d like to talk with Taowu as well.)

First of all, I’d like to ask why Taowu’s so eager to resurrect. Next, I’d like to know what this means for the future. Then, I’d like to see if we can get the “Evil Spirit” to support Ryuuga’s side upon losing to her.

(If Yukimiya’s poor condition is a sign of the ‘Evil Spirit’ resurrecting…then that means Taowu has just woken up. I’m going to make demands to Taowu until Yukimiya gets better!)

For caution’s sake, I called out to Taotie and Hundun inside me, but it seems that they’re sleeping.

Why are they so careless at a critical moment like this…? Well, whatever. If we end up battling, I’ll get them on their feet against their will. Probably.

(Alright, it’s go time.)

With a somewhat nervous expression, I knocked on the door.

I soon heard someone say “Come in,” from the other side. It was Yukimiya’s voice, but it was likely the “Evil Spirit” Taowu saying that.

Nervously opening the door, I stepped inside…and just as I imagined, the room was shockingly spacious and gaudy. It looked like the room of an oil tycoon.

There were three chandeliers above that each seemed like their own town. The king-size bed had a canopy. The TV was nearly twice as big as the blackboards used in classrooms and the desk was large enough for not just studying, but also managing the affairs of the state.

(I’ve been to this mansion many times, but this is the first time I’ve been in Yukimiya’s private room. She was this wealthy…? There’s even a water fountain and pond in the room…)

Though I was already overwhelmed, I did notice the person three meters in front of me.

In the very center of the room stood Yukimiya. She was wearing her school uniform while seeming to look downwards.

I waited for a while, but there was no reaction. When I closed the door, I prepared myself and took a few steps towards her.

“Um, Taowu, is it? Or perhaps…it’s you, Yukimiya?”

I ended up asking that since the one in front of me didn’t seem like an “Evil Spirit” at all.

To be honest, this is kind of anticlimactic. I was ready for Yukimiya to grab me by the collar and shout “I am the ‘Evil Spirit’ Taowu! Are you Kobayashi?! Answer me!” Deep down, I was hoping that would happen.

However, the girl in front of me seemed to be as gentle as ever at first glance.

She held her hands together in front of her and frequently fidgeted. She seemed a bit blushed for some reason while looking downwards.

“Which one…are you?”

When I asked again, Yukimiya finally raised her head.

However, her eyes darted around without making contact with mine. Her fidgeting worsened and she bit her lip.

Am I really looking at an “Evil Spirit” right now? I sense no ill will, vigor, or energy. No wait, I shouldn’t be careless. Perhaps this is a trap to lure me in.

“Then I’ll introduce myself first. I’m Kobayashi──”

“H, howdy…I’m the ‘Evil Spirit’ Taowu.”


While Yukimiya politely bowed, I remained frozen. It seems I’m indeed speaking with Taowu, but something’s off. I think I hear some kind of dialect.

“Pleased to meet ya. Feel free to call me ‘Tao.'”

That wasn’t my imagination. I definitely hear some kind of dialect. I was really hoping that I was just hearing things.

(I have a bad feeling about this, but for a different reason now…)

It seems that Taowu is a female “Evil Spirit.” Perhaps she’s the sole female among the four fiends?

That itself would be fine, but this isn’t what I expected. I would have preferred a more domineering “Female Evil Spirit.” The kind who feels ecstatic about destruction and slaughter.

“I felt two ill wills in the room over yonder…did Renie do something rude? Was the other ill will Jyuri’s?”

Again, this isn’t what I expected. I mean, Taotie and Hundun weren’t entirely within my predictions either, but this is taking it to a whole other level.

I felt a cold sweat travel down my back…This isn’t what you would hear from an “Evil Spirit.” For an “Evil Spirit,” the way she referred to Jyuri was a bit odd as well.1Some Googling seems to point to Taowu speaking with a Tohoku/countryside dialect. Also, Taowu referred to Jyuri as Jyuri-chan.

This is the last “Evil Spirit”? This rustic, cow-raising girl? I entrusted this person to be the final boss of part four?

I remembered what I came here for and with a dry throat, I asked a question.



“You’re…the ‘Evil Spirit’ Taowu?”


“Where are you from?”

“The Spirit World.”

The “Evil Spirit” bowed her head each time. Don’t reply so inelegantly with Yukimiya’s appearance! Her popularity will go down!

“You’re one of the four fiends? Someone who wields the strength to destroy humanity and has been terrorizing mankind since ancient times, even if you have to do it alone?”

“Right. But I’ve long since grown past that. I ain’t fightin’ humans no more.”


“I plan to live quietly with humans. Ya approve of that, right Ichirou? So let’s be pals.”

…This is bad. This is a huge problem.

The last “Evil Spirit” is the weakest one.

Furthermore, she’s the least motivated.

(This is a difficult situation…this can’t be good. This really can’t be good…)

Feeling a bit dizzy, I staggered a little.

Suddenly, Taotie and Hundun manifested from my back. As usual, since they both appeared, only their upper halves manifested though.

Unexpectedly, three “Evil Spirits” met together. The rulers stared at each other blankly for a while.

“Oh? Is that you, Tao?”

After several seconds, Taotie spoke. Then, Hundun nodded while stroking his stubble.

“There’s no doubt about it. I recognize a familiar face when I see one. It seems that all four fiends are here in this era.”

Taowu looked at the “middle-aged man” with her round, cute eyes and an expression of astonishment. Since she was doing this with Yukimiya’s appearance, it was quite confusing.

“Um, Dun?! Whatcha doin’ in a place like this?! Ain’t Ichirou Tie’s vessel?!”

“Some circumstances popped up and now I’m sharing with Tie. This sonny’s quite something, you know? Hosting two ‘Evil Spirits’ is unheard of. He’s the first and probably the last to do this.”

“Huh~…yer full of surprises, Ichirou…”

“Things have been going fine for me. Tao, do you want to try joining in with us?”

“N, no way! I can’t live together with the two of ya!”

“Gahahaha. You’re as shy as ever.”

I was a bit worried about what would happen, but this doesn’t really seem like a conversation between “Evil Spirits.” It’s a big difference from the bloodthirsty subordinates in the other room.

I mean, these guys were calling each other by their nicknames, right? Also, I’d like it if Taowu, or Tao, would adjust the way she says my name.2Taowu calls Ichirou “Ichirou-don.” I believe the -don honorific is a countryside version of -san.

“So Dun and Tie, have ya really reconciled? Maybe yer pals with Qiong too?”

Taotie bluntly gave Tao an answer.

“That’s a different matter. That rascal is after Shizuma and even attacked our house.”

“I’m not good with fights. Why don’t ya try askin’ Qiong to move in with ya instead of me? Ichirou can host three of y’all.”

What an outrageous suggestion this “Inelegant Evil Spirit” made. Stop that! Don’t just say reckless things about someone else’s problem! Also, don’t give Qiongqi the same name as a pickle!3There’s a brand of pickles in Japan by the name of Kyu-chan. It sounds similar to Qiongqi’s nickname in the original text because of the way the Chinese names are pronounced in Japanese (if you didn’t already realize, the four fiends’ names are Chinese).

Then, Taotie stared at Tao and returned to the main topic by saying “Anyways.”

“Tao, why are you possessing Yukimiya? Do you know how terrible her cooking is?”

“That doesn’t matter. I have a big reason for doin’ this. One as big as a manure tank. In the beginning, I didn’t have Shiori as my vessel──”

At that moment, the entire mansion shook.

I thought it was an earthquake at first, but that wasn’t the case. The place only shook once. Furthermore──it was obvious that the source came from the next room.

Tao and I were both taken aback. I didn’t need to guess what happened. It was obvious from the ferocious ill wills in the air.

“Jyuri and Sebastian are at it again…!”

“W, we should stop ’em.”

We paused our conversation for the time being and hurried to the next room.

“Dagnabbit, Renie should get along with ’em other apostles…”

Yukimiya Tao, who puffed her cheeks, still didn’t seem like an “Evil Spirit” when angry.

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