Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v5 Chapter 1 Part 1

Yukimiya’s Long Build-Up

Yukimiya Shiori, second year class C.

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know her in Oumei High School.

She has an attractive figure, an honest personality, and furthermore, she’s the daughter of the president owning the worldwide company Yukimiya Group…she’s the idol of the school with a perfect background to the point of being overly cliche. That is who Yukimiya Shiori is.

However, she has another side that ordinary students don’t know of.

Holding one of four gods, she’s a companion character of the protagonist Hinomori Ryuuga. Responsible for the “White Tiger”, she is the “Shrine Maiden of Life” who specializes in supernatural healing──that is Yukimiya Shiori’s true identity.

(Thinking about it, it’s not strange that Yukimiya has been in the main episodes since the very beginning. I even heard that she was the first one to become Ryuga’s companion…is her modest nature to blame for her being neglected?)

The righteous, orthodox heroine tends be overshadowed by the other companion characters.

It’s inevitable in this kind of story, but characters added later on tend to be more fleshed out.

The four gods members are no exception. The “Azure Dragon” Aogasaki Rei, “Vermilion Bird” Elmira McCartney, and the “Black Tortoise” Kurogame Rina…looking at the order they joined the crew, the newer characters are the deeper ones. They’ve gotten stranger and stranger.

Yukimiya, the first companion and the orthodox one, has the short end of the stick. I always found that pitiful.

(Though I wouldn’t want to get involved in it, Yukimiya should have her own main episode. She must have a chance to make herself known, even if just once.)

Of course, without my involvement. I can’t afford to make the same mistake thrice now.

With that in mind, should I do some investigating…? While pondering about it, Ryuuga and I went our separate ways, and my legs took me to Aogasaki’s swordsmanship dojo.

For the first order of business, I’ll see what the other members have to say about Yukimiya.

Has anything changed? Did she say anything interesting recently? Has she gotten involved with any strange characters…? It would be nice if I could find answers to at least those questions.

(Well, it would be best if it was just a common cold though.)

Before long, I approached the Aogasaki residence and spotted a group of walking elementary school students ahead of me.

Each of the kids carried a bamboo sword in a pouch. I recognized the group. They were the Aogasaki dojo’s pupils. I once stayed with them while they were training.

“Oh, Ichirou.”

Before I could call out to them, a young boy noticed me, waved his hands, and rushed over.

He was Kobayashi Keita, a second grader. Since our family names were the same, he called me by my first name. Quite bluntly as well.

“Hey Keita. Are you guys done with practice?”

“Yep. Ichirou, come to practice sometime. Let me hit you again.”

When Keita said that, the other kids energetically raised their hands and said “I also want to hit Ichirou!” or “I want to strike Ichirou too!” At some point in the past, everyone decided to address me casually.

It seems I’m popular with the children. However, I’d like to avoid being their punching bag. Since they’re pupils of the Aogasaki style, their slashes would be quite painful. Also, children show no mercy.

“Well, I’ll show up when I have the free time. Is Rei in the dojo?”

“She is! She’s still practicing with Chizuru!”


Hearing that name gave me a shock.

Miyamoto Chizuru’s training in the Aogasaki dojo for a short period.

She’s the vice president of the student council, excels in both academia and sports, and is a talented woman who’s sure to be the next president. She and Aogasaki are the two major swordswomen at Oumei High School with their swordsmanship at a national level.

(Oh boy, so Miyamoto’s there as well…? Perhaps I’ll come back some other day.)

Miyamoto’s originally from a swordsmanship dojo named Getsushiyoukan. However, after the battle between dojos a while back, she came to study under Aogasaki Rei, who she was a long-time fan of.

That’s fine and all, but I have a reason to avoid contact with her whenever possible. It seems that I’ve raised a flag with Miyamoto due to the battle.

(In the first place, I’ve also raised a flag with Aogasaki. If I show up while the two are together, then in a worst case scenario, there will be a fight. A clash between two major swordswomen.)

To be honest though, I’m concerned about what kind of conversation those two are having.

In particular, I’m worried about Aogasaki speaking fondly of me in front of Miyamoto.

(Should I take a quick peek?)

So, I parted with the group of kids and…snuck into the Aogasaki residence, approaching the dojo while removing all traces of my presence.

I didn’t hear the sounds of clashing blows from inside. Instead, I heard some music playing. It was a pop song that didn’t suit the serious dojo.

(What’s going on? What in the world are those two doing…?)

Clinging to the wall, I peeked through a latticed window. Thereupon──

I found that Aogasaki and Miyamoto were both dancing to the music. Furthermore, they weren’t wearing martial arts uniforms, but gym suits.

“One, two! One, two! Now raise your arms! Now eight phases! Pay attention to your sides!”

Led by Miyamoto, the “Swordswoman of the Beheading Dance” rhythmically swung her sword. Her G cup bounced up, down, and all around.

…Could this be swordbics? The rumored swordsmanship exercise devised by Getsushiyoukan that eighty percent of its pupils take?

“T, this is a pretty good workout. It seems this can help with weight loss.”

“Right. Because of my position in Getsushiyoukan, I can’t do this in public…so I’ve been doing it in my home.”

Miyamoto Chizuru took light steps while adjusting her glasses. She went from here to there with vigor, causing her chest to jiggle as well. E…no, an F cup?

“Still, I never would have guessed that this audio’s made in-house.”

“Asao made this. Getsushiyoukan even sells CDs of it.”

“That’s surprising. To think that Asao has this much talent…”

I’m also surprised by that. To think that Yamanashi Asao still has some tricks up his sleeve.

Anyways, I really shouldn’t show my face there now. With that in mind, I quietly left the wall and decided to leave the Aogasaki dojo.

“Maybe I should teach Ryuu about this next time. I’m worried about her arms getting flabby.”

“Huh? Who’s that?”

“Oh err, nobody.”

“Now, swing down! Now an upwards diagonal! As expected, your swordsmanship is nimble, Aogasaki!”

While hearing such voices, I left the gates.

The “Ryuu” Aogasaki referred to was Ryuuga. That’s what she calls Ryuuga when they’re alone. And when that happens, Hinomori Ryuuga will be in her girl version.

(Perhaps Ryuga will end up adding a leotard to her cosplay selection.)

I made a deep sigh while thinking about the protagonist dancing to swordbics.

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  3. Of course, without my involvement. I can’t afford to make the same mistake thrice now.

    With that in mind, should I do some investigating…?

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