Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v5 Illustrations


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These illustrations are from the inside front cover


These are the general B&W illustrations, spoil yourself at your own risk


These are here too for some reason. They’re not that important. I assume they’re for the back cover



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23 thoughts on “Is it Tough Being a Friend? v5 Illustrations”

  1. Volume 4 had a bonus side story attached to it, exclusive to the eBook version, but it is seriously cursed. I don’t even know if I should post it on the site. So instead, I’ll let you guys look at it and judge whether it should even have its own dedicated page like all the other chapters.

      1. Who’s this Taotie you talking about, does he was in the illustration above? Didn’t Taotie was a boy? Ty

    1. Wow. He just ‘Brap’ posted in his own novel. I’m almost impressed, but I think I’ll pretend this never happened and move on with my life.

      1. I almost feel as if the publishing company forced the author to do this eBook exclusive side story against his will or at the very last minute, and so he passive-aggressively sent them this cursed text just to spite them. Because there has never been another eBook exclusive side story after this.

    2. Baron Ichirou is amazing. A true man of culture and many languages. To think he could translate gas as well…

  2. is that sebas?
    and the young man, tanned silver hair, and yandere black long hair is a new character?
    bet the young man is qiongqi…
    sigh…. human is greedy, even this site translate very fast, we will never get enough,

  3. I was sure the vessel of one of the remaining two gods will be someone from the past of Ichirou that resents him for some reason like beause he found out that he never really want to be his friend but just make him a MC or something like that, to shame the author let that go to waste.

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