Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v4 Chapter 4 Part 4

Despite being weakened, Hundun’s strength was overwhelming.

He intercepted a fist the monster unleashed with the flick of a finger. The opponent, who even Elmira and Kiki couldn’t face, was like child’s play to him.

Though Hundun was smaller in size…the difference in their status was clear.

“You’re really something, Uncle Hundun…are you sure that you only regained thirty percent of your power?”

“I’m sure. Normally, it would take me thirty years to recover this amount. To think that I would be able to fight again without having to fall asleep.”

Hundun’s deep voice was full of delight. That’s fine and all, but as his host, this is very grave.

After all, I’ve been near their feet. While the giants were attacking and defending, I continued running around, trying not to get trampled on.

Compared to Taotie, he’s quite an inconvenient ‘Evil Spirit’. However, if I swap them now, he’ll probably get angry…

(See Boss, I’m the better one, right? Aren’t I easier to work with?)

I almost subconsciously agreed to Taotie’s prideful statement.

(This guy hasn’t regained his power yet, and it hasn’t been long since he’s possessed you. It takes nearly a year to get used to a new vessel. So it’s recommended not to switch hosts if possible.)

Is that so? It takes time for them to get used to a new host, similar to how it takes time getting used to a new pair of jeans.

(So Boss, let me have a go! I’ve already warmed myself up at the bullpen! You’re the referee, so tell him to switch!)

Who is he calling a referee? Or rather, is there really a bullpen inside me?

Before I could retort to him, Taotie ordered his fellowman to fall back.

(Hey Hundun, let’s swap! I’ll be the relief pitcher! I’ll settle the score!)

“I don’t need a substitute.”

(What?! I’m saying that I’ll be the closing pitcher!)

“You’re only going to fall apart if you show up.”

(I, in that case…hey monster, hang in there! Knock down this ‘Lolicon Evil Spirit’! You’ve got some ultimate move, right?! Maybe a rocket punch?! The Dempsey Roll?!)
[TLN: The Dempsey Roll is a boxing technique. Though, I believe it was popularized in Japan via the manga Hajime no Ippo]

I don’t think it’ll be able to respond to Taotie’s cheering though.

More arms grew from the monster’s body. Not just one or two, but an enormous amount.

The monster had countless arms, as if it was the thousand-armed Kannon. It really did unleash its ultimate move!
[TLN: Kannon is a religious figure depicted with a thousand arms. Also known as Avalokitesvara in some other countries]

“What a foolish trick.”

It unleashed a storm of a hundred fists, but Hundun swept them all away with the swing of his hand. He then grabbed one of its arms, smashed it, tore it off, and threw it away.

“I’m starting to lose interest in you. Die.”

It happened in the next moment. With a loud sound, the monster’s faces fell right down in front of me. Hundun had punched it, slamming it right into the ground.

Taotie said “Yikes! That startled me!”, relaying my own thoughts as well.

Hundun continued punching it, not letting it even stand up. With each punch, the monster’s body sunk further into the ground…it had turned into a punching bag.

“W, wait a minute, Hundun! That’s enough! It’s going to die if you keep going! The monster’s at death’s door!”

“What’s the problem? It bared its fangs at an ‘Evil Spirit’. It’s only getting what it deserves.”

“That won’t do! You’ve done enough! You can go back now!”

I can’t bear to watch the monster dying here.

If the protagonist finally rushes in and says “That’s as far as you’ll go!” when the foe is already dead…seriously, if that actually happens…Ryuuga will end up looking stupid.

I need to avoid such a scenario. What kind of friend character would make the protagonist lose face?!

“Hundun! I’m begging you, fall back! Get off the mound!”

“I don’t agree to leaving the mound. I’ll continue to pitch.”

“Don’t talk like you’re some mischievous foreign pitcher! This is an order from your manager! Swap players! Tie’s taking your place!”

“I never asked you for help. I don’t need a relief pitcher!”

Hundun ignored the orders of Manager Kobayashi and continued beating up the monster. The enemy no longer moved, and its countless arms went limp. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time until it vanishes.

(This isn’t good! Someone needs to tell the referee, maybe Kittaka, about the need to swap!)
[TLN: Some searching reveals that Kittaka is the name of a baseball referee, who I believe is being referenced here]

I was in a panicked state. Behind me, Elmira and Kiki were suddenly making a commotion.

When I turned around to check──there stood an apostle.

Without me noticing, a lizard apostle had appeared and was now approaching them.

“T, the arm! The arm he threw away earlier turned into an apostle…”

“T, that’s Gazari! A soldier who was in Higaia’s unit!”

“I remember killing this apostle before…there was definitely a lizard among the apostles attacking Reida…”

The monster’s arm──turned into an apostle?

(What’s the meaning of this? Could this monster be an amalgamation of many apostles? Is that the cause of its…numerous faces and arms?)

Either way, I need to help them. Elmira’s out of fuel and Kiki’s arms are broken…neither of them are in any state to fight.

“Hey, Hundun! That lizard needs to die! I’m not taking no for an answer!”

I turned around, rushing towards Elmira and Kiki.

──Then suddenly, there was a faint light next to them.

There was dim glow in the riverbank during a dark night. Before long, it disappeared, but in its place was a small figure that rose up and stood in the way of the lizard apostle.

(W, what?)

The figure was smaller than even Kiki, and would only reach up to around my waist. The figure did their best to spread their arms out. It was as if they were protecting Elmira and Kiki.

“…I won’t let anybody touch my mother and sister.”

The small figure let out a voice. It was a clear and dignified voice, but a young one.

“If you’re going to harm either of them, then you will face me. I am a ‘Blood-kin of Eternal Darkness’ and an ‘Apostle of Hell’──Kobayashi Shizuma.”


──What the hell. It was Shizuma.

The beloved angel of my home wasn’t fumbling with his words, but was already speaking fluently. Furthermore, he gave himself the family name of Kobayashi.

(Did Shizuma…awaken to the Force?)

Seriously, what kind of night is this turning into?

How many shocking events are being crammed into this night?

TLN: There’s a lot of baseball terminology being thrown around here. I hope that doesn’t confuse you guys, because as someone who knows little to nothing about it, I had to look up what all of these terms meant.

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