Announcement: Redirects?

I’d like to ask if anybody has been getting redirected to spam sites recently. I’m very concerned about this since this is a problem that I’ve noticed on my end, but cannot find a way to reliably replicate. I believe it has something to do with the ads on the site (which I think means they won’t happen if adblock is on), but it could be anything. I need more information about it. If anyone has been getting these, please say so and if possible, tell me under what circumstances they happen in.

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13 thoughts on “Announcement: Redirects?”

  1. It doesn’t happen to me.

    I think your browser is being hijack because of some extension and notification.

    Have you consider disabling notification and trying it again.

    Try to see which “Program” and “Startup” are running in Task Manager (if you are running Windows) when you try to run the program.

    Maybe installing a clean browser may fix it.

    Maybe you could share a screenshot of the problem and I can try to find a solution for you.

      1. Im sorry but I can’t remember when was the last time it happened but I will keep an eye for if it happens again

        1. Soi just got a redirect and it took me to. Facebook like page saying congratulations and you get something. I would post the link but it has info about where I am so I can’t

  2. It happened to me on other wp sites. They’re mostly Facebook ads, i just skip, so no problem.
    In other browsers i use, Firefox and Brave, it does not happen thanks to adblock and popup blocker

  3. Might be a current problem with WP itself? I’ve heard some friends complain about being unable to access sites or being redirected. And I have experienced it personally, just not on this particular site.

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