Short Break

Quick status update.
Now that the “Is it Tough Being a Friend?” V3 is finished, I’ll be doing “The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs” V3 next. I’m going to take a short break first though.

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    1. Yeah you earned it. I wanted to know if you will continue “a lonely attack in a different world”

  1. Thanks for the hardwork. I’ll probs catch up to toughfriend soon but I always appreciate your hard work.

    It’s hard to find really good translation works.

  2. Thanks for the translations!
    Enjoy the break. Make sure to relax a little, get some rest and fresh air. Looking forward to Otome when you resume.

    Enjoy your time to take a brake bro
    And thanks for the info.

  4. While I mostly read Otome (I’m considering picking “Is it Tough Being a Friend?” because it seems fun) you really earned the break, I wouldn’t even complain if you took 3 weeks or even a month after doing so many daily releases after all this time.

  5. Woot!? Who said you can take a break!? Keep laboring, slave!

    Seriously though, thanks for all the flags and Ichirou. Go get some rest. Watch Avengers or something. And come back whenever you’re ready.

  6. Thank you for all your hard work. Gotta say though, I thought it would be way longer before Vol.3 for Otome Game was released. All in all this is great news for me! 🙂

      1. Well, that’s a tough request actually. I’ve read so many, and everyone’s tastes are different. Well, some of the LNs I’m reading right now are: The Unwanted Undead Adventurer, The Realist Hero Who Rebuilt The Kingdom, Infinite Dendrogram, Overlord, An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How To Love Your Elf Bride, Arifureta, So I’m A Spider, So What?, Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles, That Time I got Reincarnated As A Slime, and The Faraway Paladin.
        All of these are licensed and have an official English translation; and this is only a small number of the entire list I’m reading. Most of everything else is fan translated and not as good in quality like this site. The only other fan translation site I like is because his translations are just as good as this site’s – essentially good enough to be an official English published work.

          1. Try everyone else is a returnee, I just finished reading it, if you like an mc that aware of the story plot you would love this novel

            1. EER was definitely great, holds a special place in my heart since it was one of the novels which got me into reading LNs and WNs.

        1. I hope you’ve read Sevens because the WN was a trip.
          Now that the LN is being translated I’m reliving the adventure all over again.

          1. Time for another perfect Lyle contest right? 🙂 Yeah I’ve read Sevens, EER, and all the other novels people have listed in the comments. I’m worried about the LN’s translation though. I know I can’t ask for anything perfect, but I often find it difficult to make sense of what I’m reading on BakaPervert’s translations.

  7. I want to read both novels so much but you should take your break.
    While we are at it , anyone recommend me some novel please anyone read my comment and recommend me some novels like both otome games and tough being a friend. Pleaseeeeee

      1. Better yet go to Yoraikun and read the WN for Sevens, then read the LN because there are changes (and both versions are great)

    1. You earned it bro. Idc how long your break is, as long you promise you will return to us. 🙂 Ill wait for you

  8. Have a good rest, and thanks for continuing to translate, I became interested in LN yesterday, after thinking that I could have some elements similar to ‘Ore no Shibou Flag’, I started to read and I did not stop until completing the two volumes, this personality of the protagonist is incredible, I’m really looking forward to seeing more of this plot ..

  9. By all means.
    I am looking forward to The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs V3 translation. Can’t wait to find out what happens next. Too bad it’ll be quite a while till V4 is available. Such is life.

  10. Here are some LN I liked with characters who also display strength and idiotcy in areas like being OP yet incapable of realizing how others, especially girls, highly rate them. If like great, if don’t read something else. Just no whining if don’t like it. People’s tastes vary so no guarantees if like it or not. Some only have a few chapters in English and some several volumes translated. Novel updates has links to all the titles although some will have alt title displayed when page loads. Here are some titles: Madan no Ou To Vanadis. To Be a Power in the Shadows. That time I got reincarnated as a slime. Arms Otome. Using gatcha to increase my companions… Sevens.

  11. Thanks bro for all the hardwork
    I love both Otome and Tough Friend
    I am happy that fun series are being constantly translated, you deserve the break man ?????

  12. I don’t usually comment, but I’ll give you an exception…

    Thank you for your hard work, the releases/content were a tad bit messy but I couldn’t have done it any better. You’ve shown us readers that you are dedicated on doing what you do to the extreme, and should deserve a break. I also commend you for not taking the break sooner, which again shows your dedication on the site.

    Thank you for your hard work, you’ve earned more than a break.
    My respects to thee, translator.

    This is too long isn’t it…

      1. dude, calm down. Do you want to piss him off and make him drop the whole thing? He said he’s taking a break, let him take this goddamn break and calm your titties man. It’s not like he went to buy cigarettes

        1. Oh, so I seem that desperate. Sorry for the misunderstanding, actually I always check the website so I thought why not just write this and show that I’m a huge fan but it caused the opposite

        2. I’m not saying he shouldn’t take a break I’m just reporting that’s all, he can even take a 6 month or 1 year break but he just shouldn’t drop the series that’s all

          1. Sorry if i came abouta bit forceful, but a series i am really enjoying just got dropped because people pissed off the translator , pestering him for faster releases ( he was releasing 12hours after raws), so i am a bit on edge.

                1. A returner’s magic should be special? The one with a webtoon? I didn’t even knew it had a novel version much less that it was dropped. The translated chapters for it are still there right?

        1. Thanks bro loved the illustrations

          I don’t know if I’m the only one but I really like the flute girl (the girl with black hair and red eyes in the cover page) I wish she was included in the harem (I’m begging actually)

          1. You welcome, and I am curious about the two pictures of angie and Olivia especially the one where they are face to face with that heart shaped door at the background. Judging by the picture of their wedding I think they my might be going to a threesome route with leon as they not only have feeling for him but also for each other.

            1. Yay I was curious about that too. I don’t want the fiancees of the capture boys be included in the harem. I want the flute girl, Anjie and Olivia

        2. thanks for the link to v3 illustration. didnt mean to rude or anything but I’m trying to read v3 Indonesian translation and it something… look like they just use google translate, copy-paste and barely edit them. trying to read the prologue and it pretty hard to understand despite it my country language. suddenly libya, irl country name mention in prologue, trying to racking my brain and then realize that should be Livia. tfw angie become anger too. I know she kinda short temper but that not how it work. I just…. wait for english translation I guess…

      1. Good to hear man. One of your subscripts, “If I suddenly vanish, I probably died.” worries me.

        1. I’m not affiliated with that website, and I had no idea about it until you pointed it out. As for why I’m linked there, I don’t know. Though a sizeable amount of my visitors are Indonesian, I do not know the language at all.

          1. I was curious about this, and I went to search with ‘similarweb’, and I saw that Brazil is the second country with the most visits, I’m certainly contributing to it kkkk, but it certainly surprised me a lot, well, since I did not see any translation in portuguese, I think people are looking in english, please correct me if the data is wrong ..

  13. hi, I’m a luinovel website owner.I apologize in advance for translating this novel without permission from this website. but I linked this website to my site. Please Update this novel. :):):)

    1. It’s not like I own the novel, so you’re fine. I’m a bit busy right now, but I will update the novel when I have time.

      1. Hope things lighten up for you soon. Glad you’re doing ok but next time please let us know every now and then that are alright and still resting or busy. Was starting to worry something bad happened after no word after couple weeks.

  14. I love the this site and the novel’s here.I know you are busy bit can you give us an approximate date when you can release the next chapters of Rion’s.

  15. Even if the break takes months, as long as “The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs” is eventually translated it will all be worth it.

    1. Translator just responded to the comment above that they’ll post around the end of May.

  16. I need i little bit of spoilers please.
    I saw the illustration of Volume 3. So can i expect of Marriage scene?

    1. With google translate, kanji recognizer & book for japanes self-study i think following is happend (But there is high chance, that i’m totally wrong):

      There will be scene where Leon is engaged to Anji and Olivia. But my assumption based on sentences and kanji 婚約 from this illustaration:

      1. I’ve now seen Volume 3 illustrations, and I’m happy to see “Dierdre” illustration there with Livia and Anjie. I just didn’t expect her to get one since she only appeared for a few chapters, but still i was happy to see her in Volume 3. I kinda like her mischievousness type of character, so i hope she’ll become part of the harem and hoping to see more of her in the future.

  17. I’ve now seen Volume 3 illustrations, and I’m happy to see “Dierdre” illustration there with Livia and Anjie. I just didn’t expect her to get one since she only appeared for a few chapters, but still i was happy to see her in Volume 3. I kinda like her mischievousness type of character, so i hope she’ll become part of the harem and hoping to see more of her in the future.

  18. Ok it’s been a month i no longer classify this as a short break and more like a extended long one.

  19. I cant wait to read volume 3 and im curious did Anjie and Livia really merry with Leon?

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