Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v3 Chapter 3 Part 1

Non-Stop Encounters

It was the day after the third conference had somehow ended.

I headed towards the school in the morning, where Yukimiya was diligently practicing her sword. The kendo club wasn’t practicing today, so the kendo hall was vacant.

“Eh! Tah!”

Nearly two hours passed, but Yukimiya continued swinging a bamboo sword without a break. The temperature was much high today, causing the room to heat like a sauna.

(Yukimiya for practice today and Elmira for tomorrow…I’ve already adjusted my agenda after reflecting on past events, but this is still a pretty tight schedule…)

While thinking as such, I continued dodging Yukimiya’s strikes.

She’s pretty weak with a sword, so I could easily handle her without thinking too much about it. Just like Ryuuga, it seems that she plans to attend the match while sealing her supernatural body strengthening.

Therefore, the current Yukimiya has the strength of the average long-haired high school girl. Given the situation, having her challenge Getsushiyoukan’s powerful figures…honestly makes me a little uneasy.

“Yukimiya, let’s take a break.”

“N, no. I’m not that fragile…I can handle this much.”

Rejecting my proposal, Yukimiya clenched her teeth and adjusted her stance with the bamboo sword.

…I’ve been thinking about this before, but I’d prefer if she didn’t make remarks that a handsome man would say.

She’s supposed to be the sweet, tidy, idol-like existence within the school. The righteous, orthodox heroine who one in five boys within the school admire. I’d prefer if that character were preserved.

(Ryuga should be the one accompanying her for practice…this isn’t my role…)

My role as a friend character is to see the protagonist and heroine practice alone, and then make a fuss about it. My role is to grumble something like “Hey, Ryuga! The nerve you have to flirt with Yukimiya again!” or “I’ll get in on this too! I’ll pay attention to Yukimiya’s movements, and guide her waist and behind!” and then be driven away.

(I wonder if I’ll be able to return to that position. It’s already impossible for that to happen during summer vacation…)

While I was feeling nostalgic, Yukimiya wiped the sweat on her forehead and spoke.

“There are four days until the battle…there’s not much time. I have to do what I can until then.”

“You’re thinking like a footman, Yukimiya.”

“W, well…it’s just that I understand a bit of Rei’s hardships. As an only child, I too receive frequent proposals for marriage interviews.”

Yukimiya is the daughter of the chairman to a large corporate group. Perhaps she receives more marriage proposals than Aogasaki does.

“Besides, I’ve always wanted to apologize to Rei.”


“I knew about the Aogasaki dojo’s financial situation. So at one point, I said ‘The Yukimiya Group will sponsor the dojo’ to Rei.

Yukimiya then slightly bit her lip.

“Rei was grateful, but she firmly refused. She said that she didn’t want to carry such ties of obligation with me.”

It seems that the heroines have a lot going on between each other behind the scenes.

Indeed, talks of financial backing from the Yukimiya Group would probably be welcomed by the Aogasaki dojo. However, I can understand Aogasaki’s feelings for rejecting it.

To Aogasaki Rei, Yukimiya Shiori is a genuine “companion.” Whether she’s rich or poor is irrelevant. Due to that event, Yukimiya is gladly lending a hand towards this match.

“Now that I think about it, it was very arrogant of me to propose financial assistance. That wouldn’t be my power, but the power of the Yukimiya household…so I’m happy that I can help during this matter. If I could apologize to Rei for my impoliteness, even for just a bit…”

Yukimiya was on the brink of finishing her sentence. However, she suddenly collapsed right then.

In a panic, I rushed over to her and checked her condition. It seemed to be a minor heat stroke. Did she overwork herself?

“Yukimiya. Let’s wrap things up today and head to the school infirmary.”

“I, I’m fine. If you could hand me some water…”

“No. Even if you continue in this state, you won’t improve. I’m your ‘exclusive advisor.’ Follow my instructions.”

If her physical condition deteriorated here, it would have an effect on the match.

Yukimiya, who has the “White Tiger” as a guardian deity, possesses supernatural healing powers. However, that power only works for injuries. It can’t cure a heat stroke.

“If something happened to you, Sebastian would scold you as well, Yukimiya.”

While smiling, I carried Yukimiya in my arms. She’s now the third person I’ve done a princess carry with, after Ryuuga and Elmira.

“…I’m sorry, Kobayashi. Heh heh, I feel like I got something out of it, though.”

Yukimiya’s shy smile was lovely, like that of a princess’.

So, I carried Yukimiya to the school building while also holding onto her bag.

In the sports ground, there were a variety of athletic members who were devoting themselves to practice. If Aogasaki, King Arthur, and the student council members entered the kendo club, they’d be more than capable of…conquering the national championship.

“Is the infirmary open…?”

“Since people from the club would come here as well, wouldn’t it be open?”

Despite my response, Yukimiya had a worried face while saying “But.”

“The school nurse, Iijima, retired for the entire semester. I wonder if a teacher to take over has arrived…”

I didn’t know that. Actually, that’s first time I heard of a teacher named Iijima.

(Thinking about it, perhaps they were a teacher without any motivation. They were always absent from the school infirmary, after all.)

Once arriving at the school infirmary while a little uneasy, I tried knocking on the door. Since I was carrying Yukimiya in my arms, I knocked using the side of my head.

…Upon which, there were signs of someone approaching, and the door soon opened.

What a relief. It seemed they got a teacher to take over──but something occurred right as I thought that.

“Oh, welcome.”

I stiffened upon seeing the school nurse who appeared. My thought process halted.

(Huh…what? Why?)

Standing there was a blonde-haired woman with enormous breasts, wearing a white coat.

friendv3 (10)

She lived with me, I’d find her in my bed nude whenever I woke up, and she was a king cobra-type apostle in charge of the erotic tasks.

That’s right. She’s a freeloader in my home. One of the “Three Princesses of Hell,” Jyuri.

“Oh dear, a patient? Come on in. I’ve got a bed prepared.”


“I’m Hebizuka, newly appointed. An I-cup.”


Yukimiya was puzzled by my threatening attitude. However, I had no leeway to worry about that.

I immediately barged into the infirmary and lowered Yukimiya onto a bed for the time being. Next, I brought Jyuri to a corner of the room and furiously questioned her in a whisper.

“Why are you here?! What are you here for?! Don’t tell me that your place of work is…”

“It took some trouble. I brainwashed a couple of people, including the principal…the art of suggestion is my specialty. It’s especially effective on greasy, overweight, middle-aged men, twice as much.”

“That’s not what I mean! Also, don’t just use twice your power!”

What the heck. A nurse more problematic than Iijima has arrived. An apostle has infiltrated the school that the protagonist attends!

While I was getting dizzy and had a headache, Jyuri whispered into my ear.

“With this, I can help a bit with household finances. As the eldest daughter-like person of the three princesses…I don’t feel content with being a freeloader.”

What a pointless sense of duty she had. Now that it’s come to this, being a hostess or a promotional model would’ve been better.

..Suddenly I felt a gaze and turned around, finding Yukimiya sitting on the bed while staring at Jyuri in suspicion. She stared not at her face, but her breasts.

(I beg of you, don’t notice! She’s not an apostle! She’s the new teacher, Hebizuka!)

My frantic hopes were in vain.

Before long, Yukimiya raised her line of sight, then suddenly got up from the bed.

“That provoking I-cup…it must be you, Jyuri!”

At least detect her ill will! Don’t see through her via her breasts!

“Oh my, have I already been exposed? You’re quite keen, small-breasted girl.”

Jyuri folded her arms while appearing unabashed. When she raised her chest using her arms, Yukimiya’s shoulders began to tremble. She’s angry…no wait, maybe she’s jealous.

“How foul of you to intrude into the school…I’ll make you regret your cunningness!”

Once again speaking something a handsome guy would say, Yukimiya pulled out her Kagura suzu from her pocket.

By ringing that bell, she can seal an apostle’s movements. It wasn’t that effective on Jyuri last time, though.

“Prepare yourself! In the name of the ‘Shrine Maiden of Life,’ I’ll slay──”

Though she said that, Yukimiya had no power and sank down to the floor.

Of course. She came in the first place because her condition was bad.

“Hahaha. Stop your malice, small-breasted girl. I’m not here to eat you.”

“Guh, how dare you be so shameless…!”

“Unless ordered by my ruler, Taotie, I won’t be inclined to pick a fight again. There’s something else as well.”

Jyuri slowly approached Yukimiya. At the same time, her long blonde hair rustled as it quickly coiled around the shrine maiden’s limbs.

“Your physical condition is bad, right? Lie down.”


She restricted Yukimiya’s body, lifted her up, and then proceeded to throw her onto a bed.

Next, she turned around, quickly prepared an ice pack, returned to the bed once more, and gently applied it to Yukimiya’s neck. It was a surprisingly decent medical treatment.

“…What are you planning?”

Still not letting her guard down, Yukimiya understandably spoke bluntly towards the king cobra apostle.

“Right now, I’m the school nurse Hebizuka. And you’re my student. What’s strange about it?”

“More importantly than that, we’re supposed to be mutual enemies.”

“I’ll nurse those who visit the school infirmary, even if they’re an enemy. I’m faithful to my duties. Do you not understand that, student?”

The enemy character spoke like a working adult towards the protagonist’s companion character. What a surreal sight.

At any rate, Jyuri didn’t seem to have any malicious intent…and having judged that, I set aside the problem of “an apostle being the school nurse” and decided to calm Yukimiya.

“Yukimiya. Let’s just go with it. She’s Taotie’s subordinate, and Taotie is under my control. She wouldn’t do anything bad.”

“B, but.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s true that she’s faithful to her duties. I know that for a fact. I can’t go into detail, but I know that fact to the point that I’m sick of it.”

Jyuri smiled in response to what I said. Or rather, Hebizuka did.

“As expected of Ichirou. This makes things easier. Now, you should lie down as well.”

“No, I’m not really in poor health.”

“I’m the one who gets to decide that. Anyways, unzip your pants.”


“If there are talks about a beautiful teacher in a white coat who does things with a schoolboy who visits the infirmary, my reputation will definitely be in good shape. Now then, your private area.”

“What do you think a school nurse is?! Don’t mouth off about my privates so persistently!”

“No. Today’s the day I’ll get to mouth it, for sure.”

“You changed the meaning of my words!”

Yukimiya listened to our bickering while turning red…Crap. I went and spoke about vulgar things in front of the pure heroine.

Yukimiya could no longer summon her fighting spirit, nor could she even lift her head. Unable to calm down, she fiddled with the Kagura suzu while her legs were squirming.

Now that I think about it, these two have a bad affinity, and not just in the breasts department. It’s like putting a white lily and a pitcher-plant together.

“By the way, small-chested girl.”

As Jyuri said that, her long hair rustled once more. Her blonde hair grew as if they were tentacles, and snatched the bag near Yukimiya.

“Ah, give that back.”

“There’s something that’s been on my mind for a while. You brought a boxed lunch, right? Though it isn’t at the level of Kiki’s, my nose is pretty good as well.”

Holding the bag, Jyuri retrieved the object she was looking for. It was a lovely, smallish lunch box covered with a flower pattern.

“It’s about time for lunch, and I’ve gotten hungry. I wonder if I can have a small bite.”

“Wait. That’s for Kobayashi…”

“You don’t want to be indebted to me, right? How about I consider this as repayment? I’d like to save as much money as possible.”

…Wait a minute.

That’s a boxed lunch from Yukimiya, right? Don’t do it, that’s dangerous.

Jyuri wasn’t aware of it. The righteous heroine, Yukimiya Shiori, had a wickedness to her, that being her “meal disaster attribute.” Time’s running out, Hebizuka! That’s not food! It’s something that’s not even edible!

“Oh, doesn’t it look rather tasty? I had a slightly unique color, though.”

My inner screams having no effect, Jyuri placed a richly colored rolled egg into her mouth. Then──

In the next moment, she collapsed. Its effect was immediate.

(Just as I thought it would turn out…)

Yukimiya looked at the fainting Hebizuka with bewilderment.

Before long, she placed a hand on her cheek and interpreted the situation in her own way.

“It seems that an apostle’s sense of taste is different from a human’s. Perhaps what’s tasty to us is unpleasant to them.”

In the end, Yukimiya didn’t notice her own faults.

…Then after about twenty minutes, I managed to somehow confute the shrine maiden.

I entrusted Yukimiya to Sebastian, who came to pick her up, and I carried Jyuri back home.

“If you’re going that far, then I will leave matter of Jyuri to you for now, Kobayashi. If possible, please get her to somehow resign from being a nurse…”

When Yukimiya said that at the end, I could only give a nod of uncertainty.

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