I Reincarnated Into Another World After Being Hit By a Truck, But the Truck Followed Me There Prologue

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Standing in front of me was the Demon Lord himself, a formidable foe who had created countless disasters within this world.

“It’s no use, you should’ve realized that yourself by now.”

The Demon Lord summoned countless spheres emitting a black aura, hurling them at me.

However, I nimbly dodged each one, strafing to the left or right to prevent any of them from touching me. Occasionally, I would use my weapon to deflect some.

“Why did the holy sword choose you as the hero? Even with it, you have no fighting power.”

I’m not sure about the answer to that myself. Ever since I reincarnated into this world, I’ve only been upgrading my agility stat and nothing else. Obviously, someone with severely imbalanced stats like me shouldn’t have been chosen by the holy sword.

“Strength, Defense, Health, Mana. I far surpass you in every single aspect.”

I made a daring smile as I dodged the Demon Lord’s magic attacks. I focused on my legs and ran in circles around the Demon Lord’s throne in a matter of a mere milliseconds in order to avoid the barrage of dark orbs.

The Demon Lord scoffed, as if looking down at me.

“Hmm, but it seems that you possess quite the agility. Though, there’s no point if you can’t even lay as much as a scratch on me.”

I ignored his taunts and continued dodging.

He may be right, but that doesn’t mean I can’t win. All I have to do is stay long enough, and then victory will be guaranteed. So, I just need to keep dodging his attacks.

It’s quite simple, really. He tosses some relatively slow-moving balls, and I just jump away. It’s like a game of high school dodgeball.

He then tried out different attacks with different elements, darkness, electric, fire, water, earth, and so on. However, they’re all fundamentally the same. I just run away when he tosses them at me.

For each attack that I dodge, the Demon Lord’s complexion warps further and further.

Eventually, he seems fed up with using magic and pulls out a sword from his waist. The blade is made of a jet black steel and is wrapped with thorny, deep crimson vines.

“Enough, it seems I underestimated your legwork. You should be thankful. I’ve never had to pull out this curséd sword for anyone in such a long time.”

The Demon Lord, obviously infuriated by his previous failed attempts to kill me, immediately thrust his sword, aiming for my torso.

Though his swinging is faster than the magic he had been hurling, his range of attack is severely hindered. That being the case, I simply ran outside of his sword’s reach whenever he approached. Since I had the higher agility, he couldn’t catch up to me.

As this game of cat and mouse continued on, the Demon Lord kept switching between using magic and swinging his sword, sometimes doing both at the same time. However, it was fruitless. I was able to dodge each and every trick he tried to pull.

I glared at my watch. About two hours have passed since I’ve been in this location. It shouldn’t be any longer now before the “God of Death” appears.

“You insolent insect!”

There’s a reason why I’ve only been upgrading my agility stat.

“You cannot hurt me! I’m the ultimate victor in this battle! So why aren’t you giving up?”

If I didn’t upgrade my agility this much, then there would have been no way for me to escape the clutches of the “God of Death.”

“Enough! Do you seriously intend to keep this up?”

The “God of Death” has been following me around ever since I died in my previous world. I don’t know how it followed me here, but I all I can do is run from it.

“It’s only a matter of time before you misstep and fall to your doom!”

I sensed a light rumble along the ground. That rumble amplified with each passing second. It seems that the time has finally arrived.

“You’ve been silent this whole time! Speak! Why bother resisting when you can’t hurt me?!”

I jumped towards the Demon Lord and looked at him directly in the eyes. I then opened my mouth for the first time.

“Behind you.”

I pointed to a wall behind the Demon Lord.

Suddenly, a zooming figure crashed through the wall from the outside, revealing itself. It was a massive truck.

Yes, a truck.

It steered straight towards me, and by extension, the Demon Lord as well.

I utilized my agility to jump away from the deadly vehicle, its charging body narrowly missing me.

The Demon Lord, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. He only turned around once he heard the sound of the crash. However, it was too late by then. Due to him being in a state of surprise, he wasn’t able to adequately react to the hunk of metal heading his way. Even if he could, he probably wouldn’t be able to move out of the way in time anyways.

The truck struck the Demon Lord at supersonic speeds, pulverizing his entire body before crashing through the other wall of the room and leaving. And just like that, the automobile left as quickly as it had entered.

I had been upgrading my agility in order to run away from this truck, the very same truck that sent me into this world in the first place. It has been constantly following me, trying to run me over again ever since I’ve reincarnated here.

It would enter into view, attempt to hit me, and exit out of view once it failed, only to come back at a later date.

After its countless assaults, I’ve been referring to this truck under one name, the “God of Death.”

TLN: Happy April Fools’, by the way. No, this is not a real novel, and those other two posts weren’t real either.

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  1. Ahahahaha i told you guys that this is a novel hahahahaha that title cracked up my stomach. Hahahaha thanks
    Now then, all must dodge truck-kun.
    Am i first?

  2. I actually want to read this one. Maybe you have a future as a novel writer? Can’t be worse than most of the light novel writers these days…

  3. this look interesting. I wonder how you’ll filling the detail about the truck origin if make this longer.

    not sure if this the right place to ask but any plan to translate otome mobs vol3? some ppl mention it already out

      1. Stop translating and be a novelist instead. Just kidding… but seriously, if I had the money, I’d pay to read your own novels.

  4. That reminds me of a certain train-chan that came running to you with a bunch of monsters if you farmed in one location too long

  5. This… is gold. Gotta say, if this was a real story, that’d be nice~
    Although, gotta wonder… if he had any, did his companions(and/or everyone he met in the castle) get trucked?

    1. Probably…

      King: You are our hero. Please sa-

      then the king got reincarnated to Earth.

  6. So this is basically the story of the hero who did not skip leg day running from a threat more dangerous than a thing the world summoned him to stop.

    Also when are you going to do lonely assault on another world?

    1. Probably once I finish “The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs” volume 3.

  7. Funny. Must be the only hero to indirectly slay Demon Lords by arranging an accident on purpose. 🙂 Too bad I would have been interested in reading the rest of the volume. Maybe you should try adding some chapters to this when you’re not translating Is It Tough to be a Friend? and World of Otome Game is Tough on Mobs. Forgot to mention how he knew the truck would show up after two hours had passed although guess could chalk it up to experience after multiple attempts. Should try arranging a lift device trap to shove the truck in the air so all it can do is spin it’s wheels without getting anywhere. Poor truck-san, doomed to always send the main character to another world but never to be the MC itself. Probably why it has so much road rage.

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