Is it Tough Being a Friend?

Is it Tough Being a Friend? v3 Chapter 2 Part 4

After separating for a short while, we regrouped in front of a station and took the train to a pool in a neighboring town.

At first, Aogasaki and Mion had faces of disapproval in response to the method of the duel. However, I eventually managed to coax them through the power of persuasion.

It’s not that difficult for me if I exploit their feelings of opposition towards each other. “No matter how much I win in might, it turns out that I’m losing in charm,” is what I got them to think…and by stirring up such feelings, the two instantly displayed their fighting spirit.

“Aogasaki. I’ll teach you our difference in status. With my looks, I’ve gained a fan club in the spirit world.”

“I could say the same. With my looks, I’ve been scouted by public arts offices more than just once or twice.”

“Hmph. Can you, someone with only large breasts, beat me?”

“That’s absurd. Do you think you can beat me in swimsuit selection?”

…As such, I managed to barely avoid plunging into the battle part.

(No wait, I can’t be sure yet. It’s possible that a battle might happen in the changing rooms…)

While having such worries, I went to the poolside while wearing swim shorts.

As expected, the venue was crowded with visitors.

It was built only five years ago and is fully equipped with things like a large waterslide or a hot tub. People who live in neighborhood have probably been here at least once.

It’s been three years since I’ve last visited. This is only my second time here.

After becoming a high school student and being acquainted with Ryuuga, I haven’t been swimming much. Of course, the reason was that Ryuuga would refuse whenever I suggested it. She couldn’t afford to let herself be seen in a swimsuit, after all.

(I wonder if this counts as fulfilling that promise to go to a pool with Aogasaki.)

Though I thought that things would end in a disappointing manner, under the pressure, it turned out that she would actually show off her swimsuit. In addition, an opponent from the upper echelons would be joining too.

(Actually, did Mion even have a swimsuit? It didn’t seem like she went back home during that time we all separated, though…)

While Aogasaki went home to get a swimsuit, Mion forced her shopping bag into my arms and went somewhere. Having no other choice, I went back home, took my swim shorts, and soon left.

(Since she’s a steadfast person, she’d probably tell me before she buys a swimsuit, though.)

I was in the midst of thinking about such things when…

“Thanks for waiting, Kobayashi.”

“I’ve kept you waiting, Ichirou.”

I heard voices call out to me from behind, causing me to halt my thought process and turn around.

Aogasaki and Mion were walking towards me while glaring at each other, as usual. I unintentionally let out a voice of admiration towards the two, who were approaching me.

──Aogasaki was wearing a yellow-green bikini.

She wore a see-though pareo around her waist and a ring-shaped anklet on her left ankle. She had long, slender limbs and a lean waist…but above all, the most eye-catching aspect was her bursting bust. These large breasts could be called “twin mountains” by some.

(I can’t help but give her navel full marks as well. Who would have thought that it would be this amazing after removing some layers?!)

──Mion was wearing a chic black swimsuit dress.

Her nuances contrasted with Aogasaki’s, but her proportions were no less excellent. Her chest was nice in its own way. However, her abdomen was worthy of special mention…despite wearing a dress, there was a rhombus-shaped opening that revealed her navel. I’m surprised at how much of a navel appraiser I am.

(Her navel is also quite lovely. Wearing something chic and bold is no small feat!)

Not just me, but other guys around also couldn’t take their eyes off of the two.

That’s how it was. I wasn’t the only one enjoying the scene. Our culture unites everyone together under the same umbrella.

“What do you think, Kobayashi? Take a look at the swimwear I selected. Be amazed!”

“How’s this, Ichirou? Pretty stylish for something I took in a rush, right? I bought it with my secret savings.”

The apostle kept a secret savings. She’s a steadfast person and a shrewd one too.

That was quite unexpected, but with that being the case, it seems that she didn’t just take a swimsuit and cut a hole in the navel area.

“Now then, make a choice, Kobayashi.”

“Who’s more attractive?”

Aogasaki and Mion immediately pressed me for an answer. The two were saying “You have to choose yourself,” with their eyes.

“I, it’s a bit too early to judge. The inspection will continue. With that, um…say something that will strike home with a guy. Of course, make sure your words are appropriate for the situation.”

Mion immediately placed a hand over her chest in response to my request.

“Mm~, this might be a little too tight. Maybe my chest got bigger again.”

“One hundred points for Mion!”

Aogasaki looked up towards the sun, holding her hand over her eyes to block the shade.

“The sun’s stronger than I thought…could you apply some suntan lotion for me?”

“One hundred points for Aogasaki!”

As expected, the fated rivals were an even match in this battle.

“Ichirou. You can hear the sound of waves from this seashell…”

“One hundred points for Mion! There’s no seashell here, though!”

“Hey Kobayashi, let’s have a race to that unpopulated island!”

“One hundred points for Aogasaki! That island is just made of polyethylene, though!”

The two spoke some more phrases, but they were still even. This was gradually becoming fun for me.

“Guh, I’ll be the victor, Aogasaki.”

“I could say the same to you, Mion.”

As the rivals kept earning points, they were quickly getting irritated at each other.

Next was a sexy pose showdown, then a competition over who could go down the water slide the most gracefully, then a match over who could play around with an inflatable orca the most innocently, then a battle over who could eat a popsicle the most erotically, but even with those it was a close match. If only I had a video camera with me.

“Look, Kobayashi! I can cut the surface of the water!”

“Minus one hundred points for Aogasaki! Behave as a member of the general public!”

“Look, look Ichirou! I can run on water!”

“Minus one hundred points for Mion! Behave as a human!”

…By the time they both scored three thousand points, I was not sure what I was here for.

As expected, Aogasaki and Mion were a little tired. If I don’t make a decision soon, they’ll be washed ashore.

“Kobayashi, I think this is enough…who’s the girl with more charm…?”

“I have to prepare dinner after this…decide now.”

I can’t prolong this anymore. A lot of spectators have gathered as well.

That being said, having to judge is pretty frightening. I don’t feel like I’ll be safe if I choose either one. In the end, I can see myself being the one washed ashore at the pool.

(I got carried away and overdid it…which option will give me the least injures after getting lynched?)

I completely forgot, but I still have a fracture in my left arm. Since there’s that match against Getsushiyoukan, I want to avoid any further bone damage.

“Kobayashi! Make me a woman!”

“Ichirou! dive into my chest!”

“If we’re talking about chests, then mine is larger and softer!”

“I’m still a D-cup and can sandwich most things!”

When the two were saying such things without any regard──I made up my mind and spoke.

“I, it’s a draw!”

At that moment, it felt as if the mood had warped. The mood of those two, that is.

“This match will be carried over for next time! Next will be a lingerie──”

Before I could finish speaking, I was thrown into the pool.

“Don’t joke around! Even after we went this far!”

“Right! What purpose did my secret savings have?!”

When I got out of the water, I received a barrage of kicks.

First was Aogasaki’s foot, then Mion’s foot, then Aogasaki, then Mion, and then Mion again with a feint…as expected of fellow rivals, they had good coordination.

“Mion, now that it’s come to this, let’s have a stone skipping competition! A contest to see who can make Kobayashi bounce the most times!”

“That’s what I was about to ask, Aogasaki! We should have done this from the beginning!”

Nevertheless, they were still on par with each other, even during a stone skipping match where I was the stone.

In the end, I was washed ashore in the pool.


“…Aogasaki Rei. I’m worn out for today, but we’ll settle things next time for sure. Be prepared.”

It was about an hour later.

Once the three of us left the pool, Mion left a parting remark and departed. It’s likely that she was in a hurry to get back home and prepare dinner.

The heron apostle spoke just as she left.

“However, well…I’ll recognize your figure and taste in swimsuits. It’s not to the level of mine, though──”

Hearing that, Aogasaki muttered “Hmph. What a sore loser,” while making just the slightest of a smile.

Though she had been enraged after I decided that it was a draw, she spoke to me like normal during the train ride on the way back. Although not approving of the result, she seemed to have at least some sense of fulfillment.

“It’s frustrating to say this, but Mion’s swimsuit was also to my taste. I thought she was just a violent apostle, but…maybe, just maybe, she might be my rival.”

Is it really okay to recognize someone after that kind of match?

While I was feeling complicated, Aogasaki smiled at me. The evening sun peeking in from the train window made her face look more beautiful than usual.

“How strange. I’ve been gloomy for these past few days, but I feel a bit better. Even with the match against Getsushiyoukan happening a week from now──I feel refreshed.”

Afterwards, I sent Aogasaki home, as usual. We were only a few meters near the residence when she requested that we hold hands.

Then on the way home, I bought some juice from a vending machine and held it to my face to cool off. Thanks to the two kicking me, it was a little swollen. If I were a handsome guy, would they have still done that?

(Well, it’s a relief that it ended with only this much. Since I got to see some nice things, I won’t deduct anything from them.)

Once I returned home while holding such thoughts, Mion was working to prepare dinner.

It was rare for Jyuri and Kiki to help out without voicing any complaints. When the eldest daughter and third daughter looked at me and came near, they glanced at the second daughter in the kitchen with fear.

“Mion’s a little scary today.”

“Ichirou, please be careful. Our boss is in a bad mood.”

At that moment, Taotie, who had been sleeping all day long, had appeared from within me. Sensing Mion’s unusual anger as well, he quickly began helping out.

“Boss. Did something happen? She seems a little mad.”

“…It seems that the head of this house is neither the ‘Evil Spirit,’ nor me.”

That day, my side dishes had been reduced by two servings, not just one.

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