Apologies Again

Sorry again about the downtime. The new host wasn’t cutting it either, so I had to find a different one. Hopefully, this is the last time I’ll have to switch hosts

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8 thoughts on “Apologies Again”

  1. well its not cutting it, but its about not trusting malware/security risks/spam/ well since the site doestnt work that often maybe not sell ur sites certictacates or rights to hackers just to keep theicu domain since u transfering means u have been hacked because of ignorance

  2. Life happens. Seems ok now but TOC isn’t showing V3 stuff. Thanks for getting everything back up so quickly. Hope you’re doing well.

  3. if u ever have any problem with the host for ur web again, tell me, i can provide u a good host for free to host this web, as long as this web active for the readers

  4. i think you don’t have to apologize man, since most of the people here (including me) can read this for free and where you sir have to pay to host, we don’t have a privilege to judge you or anything

    but it’s kinda nice to know something happen, thank you

  5. Servers usually have problems at one point or another, its a sad thing that occurs…
    Your thanks itself shows enough sincerity. The fact that you grant us translated content for our satisfaction is what I hope we are all greatful for instead of any complaints you receive (if any existed)~~

  6. well glad the site is working, it still show security issues and possible malware risks (well its because of 3rd partys) , thanks for ur work seems more problems may be in the future, hope for more of the otome trans sooner rather that mob chaps since its more interseting

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