Apologies About the Downtime


So here’s the rundown.

I moved to a new server host because the previous one was crap. That process ended up taking longer than expected, resulting in some downtime. The new host then shut down and deleted my site without any forewarning, resulting in the site being offline for even longer. Now, I have just set up this site with another new host, but I’m a bit busy w/ IRL today, so I don’t have much time to attend to it.

Though I just transferred all of the previous site data to this new one, I’m still not sure how stable this new host is. Please tell me if there are any problems.

Sorry about all of this.


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9 thoughts on “Apologies About the Downtime”

  1. u need to check ur site, have already have warnings of malicous or unsecured site do to bad domain or bad certificates at least with firefox

  2. I’m just glad that the data was okay. You can always find a new host and we will follow but this data is the proof of your hard work.

  3. Seems fine now. TOC doesn’t have a link to v3 stuff. Thanks for taking care of the site so quickly. Hope the IRL stuff is going well.

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